Doctors Make the “Choice” Not to Do Abortions

Doctors Make the “Choice” Not to Do Abortions
There’s more to the story of last week’s announcement from Planned Parenthood to shut down abortion services at seven locations rather than meet the new safety standards under the Abortion Consent Act.

Planned Parenthood Arizona is running into the same roadblock the abortion industry is facing across the country: fewer doctors want to be a part of their life-destroying work.

Initial reports from a survey of 1,800 practicing ob/gyn doctors published in Obstetrics and Gynecology found that 97% of these doctors encountered patients seeking abortions, but only 14% performed them.

This finding tracks with the ongoing and growing pro-life trends throughout the country. According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans increasingly support laws to protect women from the dangerous practices of the abortion industry. The pro-life wave can also be seen in state legislatures. Americans United for Life reports that there were more than 80 pro-life laws passed this year!

On the Foundations blog, CAP Legal Counsel Deborah Sheasby looks deeper into this trend and reveals the bleak reality the abortion industry faces in Arizona.


Community Colleges Consider “Gender Identity” Policy

This week, the Maricopa County Community College Board heard testimony on a proposal to add “gender identity” to the district’s non-discrimination policy. You may recall proponents failed a few years ago when they tried to promote a similar policy.
Read my letter to the Board opposing the policy change here. The policy’s vagueness would create confusion among faculty and students. Further, it would have a serious impact on their right to freely express their sincerely held religious or moral beliefs. This policy could also put the colleges in conflict with the new University Student Religious Liberty Act, which was drafted and supported by CAP and became law on July 20.


New Pro-Life Laws to Take Effect

Maricopa County Judge Richard Gama signed off on an agreement this week between the state and Planned Parenthood to allow many of the recently passed CAP-supported pro-life laws to take effect on September 12! The agreement lifts the temporary injunction Planned Parenthood filed in July to block the laws from being enacted.

While this is not the final decision on whether Planned Parenthood’s arguments will be completely dismissed, it is great news that these important provisions will be in place soon. They include:

  • Applying health and safety standards to the distribution of the dangerous abortion pill.
  • Ensuring that only doctors dispense the abortion pill.

These laws are vital to the protection of Arizona’s women. According to the FDA, 14 women have now died from taking this medication. Read more on the Foundations blog.


Do You Have a Heart for Education?
CAP is preparing to launch our newest initiative: School Action Teams. We’re only one piece away – we need our School Action Team Coordinator. Is this you? Do you know someone with a heart for education and foundational principles? If so, check out the job description on Career Builder.


An “Invaluable Experience”
We are currently looking for fall interns for our policy team. Our internship provides students a frontlines perspective of the battle to promote and defend Arizona families. In a letter from summer intern Michal Bates, he wrote “My practical experiences in meetings, the court, writing briefs, research, prayer, and community have allowed me to cast a vision for a future career.” If you’d like to join the team this fall, click here.
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  1. Blatantly biased news. “Life destroying work”? Come on…

    • Yeah, Bill, life destroying work. Abortion kills a developing child. That’s a definition of life, you idiot.

      • I still cannot fathom how so many people consider abortion to be okay. Many will say it’s the woman’s body and hence her choice. (wont get into that debate) They are so indifferent to what is actually murder. Killing an innocent child before he/she gets to develop in the womb is nothing short of murder. it is very serious because u are preventing life before it starts. many will argue, “they are cells nothing more. it’s not a person.” Unless nature causes the miscarriage, chances are those “cells” will become a person in nine months. In fact, life starts at conception. millions and millions of babies are aborted each year. if this is not the dark age, i dont know what it is. if you choose not to wait until marriage or in a committed relationship,then do not have sex and have an abortion because of ur mistake. i used to be “pro-choice” thank God i was enlightened.

      • Agreed. Bill is a doink. . .

    • Erse. . .

    • Jim Kearney says

      Is there a more Orwellian term you’d be more comfortable with? You know……. something to make it more palatable, the sucking a mangled dead baby out a Mommy’s womb? Maybe something like “Alternative to Birth option”? Hows that?

  2. This is a welcoming sign! Pro-RH Filipino politicians and countrymen, listen to these brave doctors who stand up for their faith in God. With faith and grace from the Lord, we can together fight the goliaths of our times who threaten our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Lord has won the battle once and for all on the cross, who can be against us!

  3. Read the messages of Our Blessed Mother They have been on the web 25 yeasrs.
    We all just need good guidance!

  4. Theoretical: A doctor stops providing abortion. A woman walks in with a life threatening pregnancy and is denied a life saving abortion. She dies because she was denied a legal medical procedure.
    This piece of biased news fails to account for the life of the mother and the doctor’s obligation to do no harm to the patient. Now THAT’S what I call life destroying work.
    This article is ridiculously biased and badly written. At first glance, it looks like a news piece or an even-keeled opinion article, but it is unsigned and overtly one-sided. I am fine with reading opposing viewpoints, but this one fails to use simple logic and demand political maxims.
    I clicked on this because it was in my feed reader. Im replying now because I’ve got to ask, do conservatives really enjoy reading badly written propaganda? In general, conservatives are smart – but this article is the bottom of the barrel. Are you really defending this article because you vaguely identify with an adjunct point of view?

    • Bill, I have heard this argument before, but I’m curious as to what would be some examples of medical conditions caused by a pregnancy, that would be life-threatening to the mother?

    • Let’s look at the stats:

      With USA FIRMLY in the lowest maternal mortalities world-wide, and probably lower than UAE and Granada which are lying about their stats, it is very very very very very RARE to have a circumstance in the USA that the doctors can’t manage to preserve the mother’s life.

      Seems one of the leading percentages in the maternal mortality is … botched abortions. 13% of maternal deaths are directly resulting form botched abortions:
      Why do mothers die?
      Women die from a wide range of complications in pregnancy, childbirth or the postpartum period. Most of these complications develop because of their pregnant status and some because pregnancy aggravated an existing disease. The four major killers are: severe bleeding (mostly bleeding postpartum), infections (also mostly soon after delivery), hypertensive disorders in pregnancy (eclampsia) and obstructed labour. Complications after unsafe abortion cause 13% of maternal deaths. Globally, about 80% of maternal deaths are due to these causes. Among the indirect causes (20%) of maternal death are diseases that complicate pregnancy or are aggravated by pregnancy, such as malaria, anaemia and HIV.(2) Women also die because of poor health at conception and a lack of adequate care needed for the healthy outcome of the pregnancy for themselves and their babies.

      Most of the above causes are competently treated with success in US hospitals – thus the low mortality rates , but are common in Third World inadequate medical facilties. Botched abortions would then have a higher statistical effect in US maternal mortality stats than in the Third World.

      SO, it’s a peculiar argument to claim abortion is needed to prevent maternal deaths when it alone is significant percentage of maternal deaths.

      How amoral to advise distraught women that abortions are safer than live births. There’s nothing safe about killing a body inside another body.

      • @debbie & wanumba,
        Our former State Treasurer’s wife Carry died in connection with “Child Birth” right here in Phoenix in one of the best equipped Hospitals

        • What’s up with that Horst? How does THAT somehow make abortion okay? How?

          Life isn’t perfect, but the medical situation in the USA provides women the world’s best chances for survival when complications arise with pregnancy and delivery. MOST pregnancies don’t have complications. Proof: Women have had babies in taxi cabs, on the living room rug, at home, at neighbors, in the closet-sized AIRPLANE toilet – think how hard THAT was at 40,000 feet OOPS! and apart from the embarrassment and mess, all worked out fine. Mother and child perfectly healthy, nothing wrong. It will happen, but it’s RARE and it would be LESS RARE if ABORTION was removed from the prmary causes of maternal mortality in the USA.

          “Child Birth” is NOT unnatural. Abortion is. The chances for bad outcomes with abortion are absolutely higher because of the unnatural core of it. It always results in one death, and often TWO deaths so its mortality rates actually exceed 100%, don’t they?

          All these people who claim they are soooo “caring” yet they get aggressive to make sure there aren’t any brakes on killing babies, even if the mother herself is at higher risk of dying along with what chillingly cold Liberals call her “problem.”

          • It’s appalling that a significant percentage of maternal mortality in the USA is ARTIFICIALLY SELF-INFLICTED.

            Let’s say it SHOULD be appalling.

          • USA Maternal Mortality per 100,000 live births:
            8 per 100,000
            That means 99,992 women out of 100,000 survive childbirth. If complications from abortions were taken out of the mix, less than 8 American women per 100,000 would of die of childbirth complications.

            The abortion industry is lying to claim “safer than natural childbirth” as a selling point.

    • WE all die at some point. Abortion does not allow the child any chance at life. The mother had life.

  5. Some call it pro-choice, how about the Baby’s choice? call it what you want , abortion is murder.
    any one having sex should be responsible for their actions, meaning if you get pregnant, you pay the consequences, you step up to the plate and fulfill your obligations. We have to respect what God has created, and he created life, He created each and everyone of us, who are we to destroy His creation.
    We owe our God respect and reverence. If you can’t handle having a child, than it’s better for you not to have sex. Sooner or later the wrong doings will catch up with us, We need to have a Good relationship with God, The Lord says, if you seek me with your whole heart and soul you will find me. Think about that.

  6. I still can’t believe the pro-life argument. Many posters are calling it a “baby”, but then use scientific terms to justify their position. A “fetus” is in utero, a “baby” has exited the pregnant patient. Fetus the correct scientific term. If you use science for your position, use it all.
    By your arguments, life starts at conception. How can anybody use your definition in litigation or in a court? The Constitution doesn’t support your view. Your argument that abortion should be illegal because it kills a potential life is moot. The third word in the Fourteenth Amendment declares that in this case, the patient has due process protection, the fetus does not because it isn’t a citizen – it must be born.
    These arguments that “life begins at conception” is simply mental masturbation. No academic, doctor, or politician worth their salt will accept your maxim.

    • You still didn’t answer the question Bill, just like a liberal. So name the reasons an abortion saves the life of the mother. This was your own hypothetical scenario….

    • OK,Bill, I’m not going to argue when life begins and since you want to defend doctors who do abortions, consider this…Abortionists are the “bottom feeders” of the medical profession. A highly skilled physician who worked his/her ass off to become competent in their field wouldn’t waste their time and talent on such a ghastly profession. Only now is some of the truth coming out about these abortion clinics and those that work there. Many of the doctors are drug and alchohol abusers, have been seriously disciplined and lost privleges at hospitals and use shoddy sterile techniques. They try to hide the patients that they had to rush to the closest ER because of hemoraging or returned with a raging infection. Or how about the waste management company on Long Island, NY who refused to pick up the trash at a local clinic because they were finding BABIES in with the rest of the garbage.
      I worked at the New York Foundling Hospital before abortion was legal, and I can tell you, adoption for the baby and support for the birth mother have it way over the alternative.

    • Okay. So, then will abortion promotors stop calling a heart-beatin’ fetus with lungs, head, eyes, mouth ears, arms, legs, hands feet, fingers toes, intestines, liver, kidneys a brain and a functioning nervous system to go with it that registers PAIN … “just a blob of tissue”

      Seems “scientific” isn’t the word to describe THAT caveman-like analysis.

      Sorry, cave men knew better than that, our abortion promotors have ultrasound, in-utereo surgery and internal CAMERAS so they have to be incredibly stupid or LYING that they don’t know EXACTLY MINUTE BY MINUTE what’s going on inside that belly.
      Not to mention that caveman valued children, unlike our “enlightened” Liberal Left.

      Sounds like the purpose has been to “dehumanize” the child, a classic method to get rid of “inconvenient people.” What a twisted world-view to preach that any human is worthless, especially gross while holding on tooth and nail to one’s OWN survival.

      Invokiing the Constitution without invoking the intent of the Founders who left COPIOUS explanations as to what they meant, in the case of abortion is sleazy. The Founding Fathers wrote they knew damn well people would try to torque their plain meaning and purpose out of whack for political purposes, but not in their wildest nightmares did they suspect people would use their words to justify killing of infants. They lost so many kids from disease and accidents, every single one who survived was priceless. Abortion was evil insanity to them.

  7. To doctors who perform abortion…

    Goodluck at Judgment.

    Simple as that.

  8. Hey Bill you are a moron

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