Do liberals and conservatives really hate each other?

By Janet Contreras

Janet ContrerasLiberals and conservatives are at war.  I hear liberals say America is great or that this is a great country.  I wonder what America they think is great, because we could not possibly be farther apart ideologically and both think America is a great country.  And don’t say that what makes her great is that we can disagree; because we are tearing our country apart, and there is no greatness in that.

Do you love the America that gives almost two years of unemployment, food stamps and Medicaid to growing numbers of the population that is fit to work?  Do you love the America whose government takes on all the charity work that used to be done by local churches and clubs that you are too busy or too self-involved to join?  Do you love the America whose government decides which industries will be rewarded and which will be punished?  Do you love the America that educates our children about sustainable communities and non-consumption instead of the three R’s; that produces each generation more illiterate than the one before?  Do you love the America where classes of people are defined and pitted against one another like social gladiators?  Do you love the America that promises to mandate and engineer every aspect of life and society because people are too stupid to make the right decisions?  Do you love the America where the free press is so corrupt that most of the population only knows what the government wants them to know?  Do you love this democracy?

Just what does a liberal mean when you say you love America, because that’s NOT America.   That’s some castle in the sky and fantasy utopia you are trying to create. Once the makers have been fleeced of everything, the takers will be without again and all will live in poverty, except for government.  That’s democracy!  (If you don’t believe me, see Greece).

I say I love America.  Which America is that?  Do I love the America where property rights are protected and guaranteed?  Do I love the America where I make my own choices and own the results, good or bad?  Do I love the America where success is rewarded and not despised?  Do I love the America where personal responsibility is a virtue?  Do I love the America where being honest about everything is more important than being nice to everyone?  Do I love the America where neighbors and churches help people in times of need so they don’t have to look to the government?  Do I love the America where people actually get themselves back on their feet after a hardship or failure?  Do I love the America where Judeo-Christian principles guide public policy?  Do I love the America where I hardly knew the government was there and didn’t look for them to solve all my problems?  Do I love the America where the free press is the fourth arm of the government and the watchdog of the people?  Do I love this constitutional republic governed by the rule of law?

Just what do I mean when I say I love America, because my America is being fundamentally transformed?  The American constitutional republic (not a democracy), founded by those wise “old white men” that cause you so much shame, is slipping away from me in your hands.

So if America is not yet your America and no longer my America, who is she and what will become of her and her people?  How in the world can both of us profess love for a country that is a different ideal to each of us?  Who is America?

If you tell me you love America, please tell me how we can be Americans together, because my America of a constitutional republic is being destroyed, and your American democracy is doomed to fail.  So back to the original question:  Do liberals and conservatives really hate each other?  What fuels the contentious relationship we have is that you hate my America, and I hate yours; and there can be no compromise, because we have no common ground.



  1. Americans have been fundamentally disagreeing about the direction of the country since its founding and yet we carry on every year, stronger than the year before, because we can work together without killing each other (mostly). So spare me the drama queen theatrics and tell me what your plans are for serving in Congress City Council.

  2. Janet,

    Parks, police, fire, libraries, small business that is what city voters care about. stop trying to court Glenn Becks vote and tell us where you stand. If not you will get 30% of the vote and lose.

  3. Janet,
    Maybe your should contrast your background and beleifs with the La Raza/ Radio Campesina leader that is currently on the City Council. He ran and won with signs that said ” Enforcing the Law”. Yes, that was his slogan, and he had the endorsement of Police. You may know that his agenda was completely the opposite but the people in south phoenix didnt know. They still dont know.
    And Janet, you are obviously too stupid to tell them. You will make the mistake of courting the Tea Party and you will lose miserably. Not lose a close race, you will lose miserably.
    Be an honest candidate and go out and meet the people and get the votes. Be responsive, be prudent and fiscally responsible and show people that you give a damn about serving that district, and maybe you have a sliver of a chance.
    The only poeple that vote less often than Latinos are the Republicans in District 7. Thats why Mary Rose and Ed Pastor use that area as the core of their base.

  4. JJ, Lisa, Fred….and all the other “seminar” commentators,
    Thanks for that erudite analysis of Janet’s open letter to the community.
    Calling Janet “Stupid,” “Theater Queen,” or accusing her of trying to court from Glenn Beck fans or Tea Party members hardly rises to the level of intellectual discourse.
    Until we can reach people as individuals, instead of members of “constituencies” who must be catered to in terms that only represent their special interests, nothing will change.
    What do residents of District 7 desire to see Phoenix do to become the 4th largest city in the US? What city would they like Phoenix to emulate? Detroit? Dallas?
    What policies have these cities implemented to create their current state?
    What underlying philosophy of Government is practiced by their leaders?
    Who in this race for District 7 is advocating a vision and policies to implement that vision that will help Phoenix achieve greater prosperity instead of greater dependence upon State/Federal handouts?
    In the immortal words of Forest Gump, “Stupid is as Stupid does.”
    Just keep voting for the same people, but expect different results?
    Or as Dr. Phil asks, “How’s that working out for you?”
    A vote for Janet is a vote for someone who will not just throw money at problems, but call for changes that let Phoenicians take control of their own future.
    What future do residents of District 7 want?
    More of the same? or a better future?
    Vote for Janet!

    • SuzanneC says

      Thank you dutch, they sound like nasty losers. Comentary to them is only comentary when it is who they support

  5. Did you go to college?

  6. Wow. Seldom does a politican publicly front a stance that’s basically “Give in to your hatred, young Skywalker – embrace your destiny!”, so BRAvo, Janet. I’ll be reading this tonight down at the Conspire’s open mic tonight with musical accompaniment. Should be a good way of illustrating the importance of voting to the crowd.

    • And it was a big hit.

      I did add at the end “Now witness the power of this fully operation battle station” as a flourish.

      You’re welcome, Janet. I’m just getting your message out to the people.

  7. Andy Bernard says

    This is embarrassing. Please stop running for offices as a caricature of political division. You don’t get to decide what the righteous version of America is.

  8. SuzanneC says

    I think Janet stuck to what the constitution has guaranteed, not what pie in the sky utopia you get with other peoples money, but like Margaret Thatcher said the money always runs out then you have nothing but ignorant people who were never allowed to florish on their own and have no clue how to become productive citizens.

  9. I certainly don’t support many leftists views or desires for this country, although I’ve tried to keep an open ear, if not open mind.

    However, lately that view has hardened considerably. I DO consider some liberals as out-right traitors to this republic, and I don’t feel that view will now change for the rest of my lifetime. So to answer your question: yeah, I have a LOT of hate for many liberals.

  10. This is the first glimmer of hope I have seen in years that there may actually BE a common ground between Republicans and Democrats. Before now, I did not believe it was still possible to find any Democrat who had survived the progressive takeover of their party. Finally, a common enemy we both want to defeat…Agenda 21.

  11. obama does not care about the poor he only uses the poor and middle class as campaign rhetoric to paint the rebublicans as bad rich people that dont care about them. obama will divide anyone divide and conquer to get elected. more people are on food stamps and welfare on his watch than any president in history. if his massive goverment programs worked with borrowed money from china to pay form them worked than why do we have a real unemployment rate of 17.6% who cant find full time work who want to work full time. obama is not qualified to run a mcdonalds let alone be the president. its time americans wake up and focus on the failure of obamas policies and not his class warfare political re-election Rhetoric. Can you afford 4 more years of Obama Really? Really?

    • Newt Gingrich was wrong when he claimed that “more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history.”

      Under, President George W. Bush, the number of recipients rose by nearly 14.7 million. Nothing before comes close to that, and under Obama, the increase so far has been 14.2 million. To be exact, the program has so far grown by 444,574 fewer recipients during Obama’s time in office than during Bush’s.

      Also the economy was already plummeting before President Obama took office.


      Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 243,000 in January, and the
      unemployment rate decreased to 8.3 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor
      Statistics reported today. Job growth was widespread in the private
      sector, with large employment gains in professional and business
      services, leisure and hospitality, and manufacturing. Government
      employment changed little over the month.

      Part-time is better than unemployed, and I agree that all able-bodied Americans should work and stay off of food stamps.

      Obama 2012 Yes! Yes!

      My reference:

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