Diversity Lane visits Notre Dame

Imagine a world where your mother had been Pro-Choice.

Imagine a world where women simply wouldn’t consider destroying the life within them, even though it was perfectly legal to do so.

Imagine a world where the most innocent among us was the most precious and protected class of citizens.

Imagine a culture that celebrated life rather than artificial diversity.

Imagine a society in which children had both their father and their mother … AND their grandparents!

Imagine a society that wasn’t so totally wrapped in narcissism and self obsession with youth.

There’s a goal worthy of striving for, a time when abortions are legal and no woman would want one.

Shouldn’t this be what we’re working towards?

Isn’t this the world you would want for your children and your children’s children?

Shouldn’t this be our goal?

… Selah and Shalom.