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diversity lane

Public Service Announcement:  ACORN is hiring canvassers for work in low income Phoenix neighborhoods.  Craigslist has the details.  Who knows, these may be the 2010 census takers in training.


  1. Deconstructing this, we can obviously tell the artist is making a brutal indictment of the post-Reconstruction South.

    First, we see the segregation of the camp in that all the Anglo kids are playing in a seperate part of the camp.

    Second, we see Diversity Lane herself, with a hand raised in Nazi-salute, representing the KKK, trying to get the attention of other white southerners. Some of the kids are paying attention while others run about, willfully ignorant of radicalization of their fellow Southerners.

    Third, we see the African-American kid that looks like a young Marcus Garvey with the “Change” shirt representing the beginnings of the civil rights movement.

    The African-American kid in the glasses represents W.E.B Dubois or Booker T. Washington, who is ignoring the dangerous reality of the South surrounding him (represented by the shadow of Diversity Lane “Seig Heil”ing).

    I didn’t realize Zach Rawsthorne was such a radical… But good for him!

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    TaDAAAaaa! Only a true racist would see racism where none exists. Thanks Klute!

  3. VV,

    You may want to end your humor strike before you become irreversibly insufferable.

    Right now, the docs are giving you at least a 50/50 chance.

    We’re all pulling for you.

  4. Also, you may want to take a class in irony. IRO101 may be just what you need.

  5. Veritas Vino Blanco says

    Only a true racist would see racism where none exists. Really?

    Let’s look at a different picture.

    Here it is: 2008 election exit polls, broken down by race.

    African Amerians: Obama 95%, McCain 4%.

    Hispanics: Obama 67%, McCain 31%

    Asian Americans: Obama 62%, McCain 35%

    Native Americans: Obama 66%, McCain 31%.

    Now, class, does anyone see a racial problem in this picture? Can anyone offer us an explanation of why the Republican party got its butt whipped, and whipped hard, amongst every group of non-White voters?

    Can anyone tell us about prominent African Americans in the Republican party? No, Jimmy, JC Watts was too long ago. Michael Steele? One term as a lieutenant governor, in a state where the lieutenant governor is packaged with the governor on a single ticket, meaning Mr. Steele did not actually run for and win the office in his own right. Anyone else? Class? ANYONE?

    Tell us about Hispanics in the Republican party? The only prominent Hispanic Republican was (past tense, please note, past tense) Senator Mel Martinez of Florida. He voted to confirm Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court and then walked away from his job the next day. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Anyone else? ANYONE?

    It’s truly amazing. Diversity lane. From the party of unhappy old white people. Get a clue. Or keep it up and keep getting your butts whipped. Welcome to America in the 21st century. If you don’t like it here, your mixture of politics and religion drenched with hatred will probably be welcome in Iran. Have a nice trip.

  6. Klute Dubois/Washington nice!

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Wino, “Can anyone tell us about prominent African Americans in the Republican party?”

    Get your head out of a Black Studies curriculum and visit your public library and begin self-educating yourself.

    Begin with Elizabeth Wright or Larry Elders.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    This is for Wino Blanco…

    Contact Augustus Shaw or Teresa Martinez to begin your education. You can reach Teresa at 602-957-7770.

    In your case, get to know Augustus. He’ll be a great place to begin your real education in facts.

  9. “Begin with Elizabeth Wright or Larry Elders.”

    I wasn’t aware either of them had been elected to anything…

    I have learned alot from you, VV.

    For instance, there’s an alternate universe where the senior most elected Black Republican isn’t the Texas Railroad Commissoner (as it is in this, Universe A).

  10. Veritas Vino Blanco says

    I had never heard of either of these people. I asked nearly a dozen African Americans who they were–my co-workers, a neighbor, the guys I play basketball with. None of them had ever heard of either of them. Neither did any of the white or Hispanic people I asked.

    I did manage to quickly learn through Google that Larry Elder is a radio and television personality and the author of several books. It took me quite a while on Google to figure out that Ms. Wright writes columns for an online magazine that I’d never heard of. My local library does carry all three of Mr. Elder’s books. I hunted for quite awhile trying to find anything published by Ms. Wright. There’s a book about surviving the first year of motherhood by an Elizabeth Wright. There’s another book by another Elizabeth Wright about Lope de Vega, a Spanish poet who lived from 1562 to 1635, and his relationship with King Philip II. Someone names Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright translates old German poetry. A British woman named Elizabeth Wright who has written extensively on the use of Freudian psychoanalysis in literary criticism. If you’re sending me to the library, Veritas, which one of these Elizabeth Wright books should I start with?

    Um, I think my point was missed, Veritas. The word “obscure” comes to mind here more than the word “prominent.”

    The library WOULD have a dictionary. Prominent:

    Etymology: Middle English promynent, from Latin prominent-, prominens, from present participle of prominēre to jut forward, from pro- forward + -minēre (akin to mont-, mons mountain) — more at mount
    Date: 15th century
    1 : standing out or projecting beyond a surface or line : protuberant
    2 a : readily noticeable : conspicuous b : widely and popularly known : leading
    synonyms see noticeable
    — prom·i·nent·ly adverb

    You failed your vocabulary test, Veritas. Go back to school.

  11. Veritas Vincit says

    re: #10 [we’ll ignore Klute again because as usual he’s using the fallacy, non-sequitur in his ramble in #9 and, unless he can complete a coherent thought – well, he can’t so never mind.]

    Vino Blanco: Thomas Sowell would be an excellent place to begin. He’s over at Stanford University last I knew. Try reading “Marxism” by Sowell, or “Basic Economics” by same.

    Elizabeth Wright: http://www.issues-views.com/

    I’d also suggest reading some of C. Mason Weaver’s work. Begin with “Its OK to Leave the Plantation” http://www.masonweaver.com/about.html

    These are just a few of the excellent African-American minds that “don’t feel like an oppressed minority.”

  12. Veritas Vincit says

    Veritas Vino Blanco, now you have no reason not to look these 3 great minds up, do some homework and educate your “… co-workers, a neighbor, the guys I play basketball with. None of them had ever heard of either of them. Neither did any of the white or Hispanic people I asked.”

    Education is a beautiful thing.

  13. Veritas Vino Blanco says

    Education is indeed a beautiful thing. Let’s begin our education together right here. I asked you to name prominent African American Republicans. You gave me two names. Larry Elders and Elizabeth Wright. You suggested I visit my library to begin.

    Let’s take a book by Larry Elders off the shelf and read. Start with the front cover and then the back cover. Hmm, I see some trouble here. Mr. Elders clearly identifies himself as a Libertarian. Not as a Republican. Educate me, please, VV. Is a Libertarian a Republican? Would the readers of your blog agree that this is so?

    It’s hard to know where to even begin with Elizabeth Wright. VV, have you actually read the blog you linked me to? Really? Tell the truth. My hunch is that when I challenged you to name political prominent African American Republicans, you couldn’t come up with any names. You did a very fast internet search and found a Libertarian who I guess is as good as a Republican. Then you found Elizabeth Wright. You had your two names, good enough, bravo for you.

    Did you read Ms. Wright’s blog? Let’s begin with June 30, 2009:

    “Yet every now and then a despot comes along, an Abraham Lincoln or a George W. Bush, who decides that, not only does his bountiful wisdom place him above all law, it also grants him the right to contrive his own laws.”

    VV, I apologize for my ignorance. But I’m going to need a LOT of education here. This is someone you’ve named for me as a prominent African American Republican. This person is telling me, in no uncertain terms, that they consider both George W. Bush and Abraham Lincoln to be despots?

    Please educate me here, VV, please. This is a prominent African American Republican labeling Republican President George W. Bush and Republican President Abraham Lincoln as despots? Do you agree? Please state your case. If you need help building a case for W., let me know. I’ll forward you some good material. As for Abe Lincoln being a Republican despot, you’re on your own. This absurd statement from this prominent African American Republican didn’t attract much attention. Blog comments: 0.

    I spent some time tying to hunt down Ms. Wright on the internet. She’s pretty hard to track down. Her blog only identifies her as the “founding editor” of Issues & Views, a “hard copy newsletter.” That’s it. Where is she from, where was she educated, what else has this founding editor written, what kind of work does she do, when and where has she appeared in public? How about an actual picture of her? The link to the archive of this hard copy newsletter brings you to a pathetically amateurish webpage, featuring words over the top of other words and multiple links to nowhere. It appears to have been done on web publishing software that’s at least ten years old, by a person who did not know how to use it. This hard copy newsletter appears to be the work of one person without much education.

    I read a great deal of the blog by “Elizabeth Wright.” I became more and more troubled by the absence of any other evidence of her actual existence, combined with extremist views on almost anything and everything. I’ve come to one conclusion. The author who writes under the name “Elizabeth Wright is not an African American female. He is a very lonely, isolated, angry, and bitter white man, who blogs pages of extremist nonsense, which almost nobody reads. He should at least stop pretending to be a black woman.

    Feel free to prove I’m wrong about this. Link me to any legitimate source of biographical information and a photograph of Elizabeth Wright, the author of this material. If you find it, I’ll gladly admit that I’m wrong and I’ll send you a six pack of your favorite beer. Go to work, VV, it’s time for some real education.

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