Disenfranchised Voters and Le Morte d’Arthur

   What if a political advisory panel feels their candidate might be in for a close race in the upcoming election?  Crystal balls are notoriously cloudy and tea leaves tend to stain. So to secure  the future with the ‘inevitable’ party nominee, make sure your advising voodoo spin doctors brew the alchemy Merlin would envy when they start to “Rock the Vote”.
   I can feel Terry McAullife’s far reaching boney Wraith-like hand resting on the shoulder of the popular voters; he created this disenfranchised voter debacle well before Hillary offered up her  Blue State Kool-Aid. Jonesing for a sip, the liberal media took the bait.  It’s all about naughty state party members trying to get their way, they broke the rules, and now they pay.    Poor voters.  Poor Democracy. I smell a rat, and a touch of poison too. 
   Was it not Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee Chair, who said prior to the 2004 election:
“Move your primary too early, Terry McAuliffe warned, and Michigan will lose half its delegates to the 2004 Democratic convention…The closest they’ll get to Boston will be watching it on television…I will not let you break this entire nominating process for one state. The rules are the rules.”(http://blogs.tampabay.com/buzz/2007/10/plenty-of-blame.html)
   Clinton’s team saw an out:  Create a delegate disenfranchisement exit plan to help gobble up valuable delegates if Hillary starts to get heat from competition.  Make sure all of the votes are invalid, get the candidates to agree to not run or campaign in these huge states with mondo delegate counts, and if lucky, make sure only your candidate is on the ballot.  If all goes south, one can either claim the rules are the rules, or let the vote count, or just shout- “Do Over!”  This whole mess began the day the democrats nashed teeth about Al Gore not getting his win in 2000.  The democrats vowed retribution then.  But none really suspected the crazy fervor of lovestruck idolatry for Mr. Barack Obama. The Clinton Alchemists forgot about how important faith, worship, and a need for a hero really play with voters.  
   So now, with at least three mastermindful exit strategies, what to do?  Lawyers never ask a question nor make an exit without a planned move.  Really, the voter disenfrancised makes perfect sense on paper.  But as I suspected months ago, the DNC and the Clinton machine cannot see beyond the strategy and science of brewing up witchy woman win.  They missed the boy-king scenario, Obama freeing  the sword from the stone.  Ah, the makings of a new Camelot.
   Yet while Hillary cannot win, she can still destroy.  Do any of these political hacks remember Le Morte d’Arthur?  Sir Thomas Malory did not pull punches.  Arthur’s reign goes down in defeat, death–to Avalon, legend taking back the boy-king to live another day. Everyone betrays Arthur.  I wince when I see the John F. Kennedy comparisons for Barack Obama.  Running for President can be inherently dangerous; just ask Bobby Kennedy’s kids. Pile on a political adversary with virtual sociopathic-like advisors and I am truly afraid what the Clintonian Drones will do to win. They are about played out, desperate, financially strapped, and really angry.  Alas, Merlin is nowhere to be found. 



    A terrific piece of the caliber that inspires certain other bloggers.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for that! I love to write but you never know how it’ll go…


  3. Any post that references Le Morte d’Arthur gets a thumbs up every time.

    Keep in mind, however that much of the blame also lies win the Democratic Party’s decidedly UnDemocratic primary system. The entire system was set up to favor a Hillary over an upstart like Obama or Howard Dean, as well as marginalize unbalanced racial voting. Congratulations for that, glad its working out for them.

    Also keep in mind that Obama is racking up big margins in states that are going to remain red while Hillary is winning needed swing states. Or at least the important swing states that the Democratic party has decided NOT to antagonize. I think if, I mean when, this goes to convention, Hillary will have a strong argument for the nomination, especially if she dominates PA.

  4. Trent,
    Thank you and I say you’re spot on in your take regarding the Democrats. Why any voters would tolerate super delegates such as the likes of Elliot Spitzer– does he still get to vote once out on his ear?? Hmm

    Good Luck Trent with your political run too. I have such respect…

    Gayle Plato-Besley

  5. Isn’t it amazing how the party that would epitomize itself as the voice of the average working American would establish a primary system that allows the power brokers to control the results, truly eliminating any ownership of the masses in the actual selection of the candidate while simulating an open system?

    Let them eat cake!

  6. anonymous says

    “Alas, Merlin is nowhere to be found”

    What if Obama’s “Merlin” is that pastor from the insane asylum yelling “God damn America!”.

    You never know…

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