Did Terry Goddard & Kyrsten Sinema Forget to Resign?

Here is the video released by Republican State Chairman, Randy Pullen, regarding whether or not Attorney General Terry Goddard and State Representative Kyrsten Sinema failed to follow Arizona’s “Resign to Run” law.

Here is the text of the press release issued earlier today:


Phoenix – With 425 days left until the 2010 general election, Attorney General Terry Goddard and State Representative Krysten Sinema apparently have kicked off their respective campaigns for Governor and State Senate. The problem? They are in violation of the state’s “resign-to-run” law.

“I will be formally requesting the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate whether or not he and State Representative Krysten Sinema have violated Arizona’s “resign-to-run” law by publicly declaring their intentions to run for higher office,” said Chairman Pullen.

“You would think that Representative Sinema and the Attorney General would be more observant of the state’s laws, especially ARS Sec. 38-296, the “resign-to-run” law, being that they are constantly campaigning for higher office,” he continued. “Mr. Goddard clearly stated he was running for Governor and Krysten Sinema actually wrote it on her Facebook account. Seems like an open and shut case to me.

“Ms. Sinema, a practicing attorney, cavalier attitude shows either a complete disregard for the law, or ignorance of it. In either case, not something an attorney should be proud of, she should immediately resign.”

Goddard Audio

“Citizens expect lawmakers to abide by the very laws they enact. But these two clearly feel that they don’t apply to them, said the Chairman. “I’m looking forward to the Attorney General Goddard’s response to my request. My guess is that he will try to run out the clock out until January when they can officially announce.”


  1. I dunno. He brought up the Joel Fox issue which totally kills his white hat stature. That was just dumb.

    And please don’t attack peoples’ attitudes. Dumb as well. Really hard to prove.

    Look, don’t make a “request” just go ahead and file the lawsuit.

  2. Crabby Pirate says

    IOKIYAR —-> It’s okay if you’re a republican


  3. Whiskey Jack says

    How can you avoid the Joel Fox issue? That is at the heart of this. Goddard only goes after Republicans! What do Kevin Ross, Sandra Dowling, David Peterson, David Burnell Smith, Doug Quelland and Doug Martin have in common?

    They’re all Republican elected officials, and Goddard went after all of them. But now Goddard ignores clear campaign violations by Democrats when he has been so hot to go after Republicans?

  4. Whiskey Jack,

    Huppenthal is doing the exact same thing. Apparently, he’s already gathering signatures.

    Pullen says it’s ok for Huppenthal so I assume AGTG and Sinema are in the clear, right?

  5. Supporting Conservative for Governor says

    While this seems like a partisan Republican thing to do, I suspect Pullen is drawing a line in the sand to keep Dean Martin from challenging Brewer until January. Then it will be too late to launch an effective campaign for a state-wide election.

  6. Huppenthal isn’t the only Republican you’re giving a free pass to. I was at a Christmas party last year where Tom Horne went around introducing himself to everyone saying, “Hi, I’m Tom Horne and I’m running for Attorney General against Andy Thomas.” Bet none of you Republicans call for an investigation into that either.

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