Did Matt Salmon lobby for pork?

We know Matt Salmon lobbied for Obamacare, but did Matt Salmon also lobby for pork? 

Matt Salmon continues to leave many unanswered questions about his role in lobbying for “access to and coverage of specialty pharmaceuticals” in Obamacare. Mr. Salmon lobbied on behalf of two multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that are members of PhRMA, a group that spent $150 million to help pass Obamacare. These two companies were loyal clients of Mr. Salmon’s, following him from Policy Impact Communications to Upstream Consulting the lobbying firm that Mr. Salmon founded.

Now we learn that during this same time, Matt Salmon entered into a $300,000 lobbying contract to bring pork barrel stimulus money to the city of El Mirage. At a town hall meeting the Mayor of El Mirage explained to residents why the city hired lobbyist Matt Salmon, “$300,000 is also a drop in the bucket compared to the stimulus funds that other cities…receive. The reason they receive that money is because every other city has a lobbyist firm…has representatives that work for them at the state and at the federal level getting money to bring back to their city…we all hear of them as pet projects, those sorts of things.”



  1. CD5 Conservative says

    I don’t like the trend I’m seeing IRT Mr. Salmon. Obamacare and now this. What happened to him? Did he spend too many years in DC?

  2. It looks like Adams is using the same type of smear tactics against Salmon that McCain used against Hayworth.

    By the way, did McCain endorse anyone in this race?

    • Anson Clarkson says

      By smear tactics, do you mean playing unadulterated video and showing unadulterated documents of Salmon’s lobbying ventures for things conservatives hate?

  3. Ghost of Friedman says

    Anson–you forgot the rules of SA. If a candidate supported Pearce during the recall, it doesn’t matter what he/she has done since, or did before. If a candidate did not support Pearce during the recall, he could receive nightly visits from the angel of Ronald Reagan and still not be considered conservative enough.

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