Did Konopnicki just announce for Congress?

Arizona Capital Times
Konopnicki says he’ll need $2.5M to defeat U.S. Rep. Kirkpatrick
By Luige del Puerto
Sunday, May 3, 2009
State Rep. Bill Konopnicki, a Safford Republican, is considering a run for U.S. House in a swing district that just last year elected freshman Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.
Konopnicki decided against running for Congress in the First Congressional District when it was an open seat.  The  Secretary of State’s Office records for last November show the district to be comprised of 159,000 registered Democrats and 134,000 Republicans with nearly 25% registered independents.
But before he plunges into the race, Konopnicki said he wants to see what kind of help is available. Konopnicki said he isn’t interested in serving in Congress unless Republicans take back the majority in the 2010 elections – something that will be difficult to predict in time to mount a serious campaign. I’m not interested, quite honestly, in going and being the minority party,” he said.
Konopnicki complained, “I think that we are out of control in our spending. I think somebody has to put some checks and balances on the spending,” he said.
When did he ever complain about Napolitano’s spending habits??  Pay close attention, this is how a politician morphs and changes his image before the voters.
“It is too early to tell whether I am going to get in.   But I think that will develop relatively quickly in the next few months,” he said.
So, is this going to be a Democratic Primary?
Seriously, is $2.5 million enough to overcome Konopnicki’s enemy list?  The Party would be well advised to think running this horse over very carefully; this BigMac comes with a side order of vindictive and mean-spirited.

… legislators Sen. Jack Brown (D) and Rep. Bill Konopnicki (R), who were instrumental in passing Napolitano’s bloated budget…


  1. What a joke says

    Yes you are correct, let’s keep a D in the seat because $13 trillion of bowering is not enough. Give the President everything he want he wants, $25 trillion in bowering and taxes at 90%. Way to go!!!!!
    Hope the Prez put a tax on bloggers that are like U!

  2. Bowering??

  3. William R. says

    Elect this joker and you will keep a D in the seat.

  4. ain't no joke says

    He voted with Napolitano, he’ll vote with Obama.

  5. “I’m not interested, quite honestly, in going and being the minority party,” he said

    Sounds like Arlen Specter.

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