Did Carolyn Allen really say that?

I was digging through some transcripts of Horizon, KAET’s political show, and stumbled across this very interesting line of thought from the Senator in legislative district 8. I wonder how the East Valley Republicans feel about this.

This is especially relevant after the East Valley Tribune ran an article in which Representative Colette Rosati asserted that Carolyn Allen was closely aligned with Governor Napolitano. Here’s the proof from a 2005 interview – 17 months safely away from the 2006 Primary Election. In context, Allen was bemoaning the state budget:

These are kamikaze missions. There are people who are willing to stay through June and into July. I wonder how the public will feel if we shut down the government because these people are determined. This is not about the money, it’s about the policy. They don’t want her to have anything that she wants. They don’t — she wants Kindergarten, and I believe most of the public wants kindergarten, without vouchers attached to it. She wants the medical school. It’s $7 million. We just saw the amount of money that has come in. It was predicted that it would be about $37 million. It’s over $100 million, and next months the revenues. And it’s going to come even higher. If they cannot give us $7 million for the beginning of this medical school, it’s all political and it’s all about a bunch of people, in my opinion, that belong to the flat earth society. They basically meet in the house, but we have a little subset over here in the senate, and they are prepared to stay down here and they think they can run the same budget up over and over until she signs it. This woman does not bully, and these people are on a fool’s errand.

And they wonder why I keep saying that this woman does not have the temperament to serve in public office.

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