Dems charge GOP violated campaign laws

The Arizona Capital Times is reporting that the Arizona Democratic Party alleges that the Arizona Republican Party has violated campaign laws. At issue is a few large donations to the Republican Party by an organization called SCA. The article quotes Lee Miller as stating the SCA stands for Sheriff’s Command Association. The Democrats are crying foul because the names of contributors to SCA have not been revealed. The Dems further allege that the contributions were earmarked, an additional violation of campaign finance laws.

We do not know if any laws were violated but it is obvious that the Arizona Republican Party in very low on funds compared to the Democrats and what funds they do have are being used primarily for two Maricopa County contests that should have been no brainers for the GOP, the reelections of Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas. Based on current information, scarce resources will not be deployed in swing legislative races. Telegraph to the hinterlands: Hang tough and be strong. Help is NOT on the way.

If this continues right up through election day watch for Randy Pullen to have a tough time getting reelected as party chairman in January 2009, that is if he decides to run again.


  1. kralmajales says

    Another wise post, this is right on. You are more than right about using GOP money in superfulous ways and diverting it from ways that it should be used.

    Not only are funds low, but organization is poor…clearly.

  2. Who am I, why am I here?

  3. I think the DCCC needs to answer the question why they illegally used the Maricopa County seal on a mail piece attacking David Schweikert.

  4. The state party is not helping legislative races handle early balloting but spent money on two county races with their own war chest. Priceless! That beats the state party chair lobbying the legislature for an immigration bill while we have no money and registration numbers are down, a sure sign of leadership in action. No confidence in the elected legislators within the party; he is a legend in his own mind.

    Is that a fiddle I hear?

    Pullen is so arrogant he honestly thinks he could be re-elected. We need someone who understands politics beyond his own personal agenda; how to get things done with respect. Not a party chair that is constantly at war with someone, and always that someone is within the party! A chair that can hire a staff…and keep it…not a group of imbeciles that muddle around telling each other how great they are. That is all they can tell with no communications director…oh wait, isn’t he the political director now…Oh no, he is the ED…Or maybe not; a whole lot of multi-tasking going on with NADA results.

    I’m all for throwin’ the bums out…at the state and then the Maricopa county level! You betcha I’m PO’d; why are we surprised? He never did a thing of value beyond one ballot prop that had so much support Bozo the Clown could have run that campaign and won. The bullies gotta go!

  5. This state GOP administration has been more organized and actively supportive of GOP candidates than any I have seen in over a decade. It is also the first to support all Republicans regardless of ideology or power position. I don’t agree with everything the leadership has done the past two years, but nobody can argue these points. The fact that certain sour ideologues (the losers, I might add) have twisted arms to stop a few big contributors from donating to the state party in order to make point doesn’t detract from the remarkable support the state party has otherwise provided to candidates.

  6. nightcrawler says

    Big Sis,

    That might be a bit harsh. Pullen has worked hard for the past two years. It would be difficult for anyone to conduct the state GOP with a four vote margin. No matter what you say or do, someone, well plenty of folks, will be upset. I agree there have been gaffes along the way. The Saban ad was the blue ribbon winner. All in all, I give Randy a B+.

  7. Saddlebackr says

    I’d take Pullen and $75k over Salmon and $250k, because Salmon will blow it on a race he’s losing by 30 points and let leg candidates die. At least Pullen will put his money where its needed. The State GOP has been very active in LD26 and I’m told in other swing districts as well. We never had that with Salmon, Fannen, or the rest.

  8. Working hard is not the same as working smart

  9. I have read articles on this website for a lon time without commenting. This attack on Randy Pullen is wrong. I personally voted for Lisa James but have been very glad she didn’t win based on her actions since her loss. She left the convention without congratulating the winner and has actively worked against the party since. Randy has done a good job with all the sore losers he has had to deal with. If Lisa had won and Randy’s supporters had acted like Lisa’s have, there would be a BIG outcry.

  10. Randy’s done good. Unfortunately a lot of Republicans with cash refuse to support him.

    The problem is the Rob Haney, Phil Mason gang. That junta is ripping up the party and needs to go.

  11. Rob Haney and team are the dependable champions for the Republican platform. Rob Haney voices his opinion to affect a conservative County, State and National Party. Keep going strong Rob and Friends! This is the Republican Party. Those wanting to move left are free to go their own way.

  12. Mike Kelton says

    Agree Annie. My neighbor was “Mr. Republican” until he ran afoul of Rob Haney a few years ago. Now he just sits on the sidelines. He used to always go to events and ask me for signatures and money for candidates.

    My neighbor will never vote Democratic, but the the Republican Party is missing out when hard-core loyalists are shoved aside.

  13. Of course, the complaint is a campaign tactic by the Democrats. However, the complaint is pretty specific and purports to have some factual support. If the allegations are true, some of the people in Phoenix are in hot water. Moreover, it portends serious financial problems if the money has to be repaid.

    Part of the problem is that the Phoenix crew doesn’t tell anyone else what’s happening. It pretty much ignores the State Executive Committee. That’s no way to run a party.

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