Democrats losing their spokesperson?

We hear that Emily Bittner-DeRose is leaving for a job in D.C. Shouldn’t be a problem, however, since the Democrat Party has had a press spokesperson all along, the Arizona Republic. We thought the Republic was writing the Democrats’ press releases. The Republic’s political reporters arent’t independent, they’re working for the Democrat Party. Emily won’t be missed, the Democrat Party doesn’t need another spokesperson. But she was so extreme we’ll kinda miss her, she made even moderate Dems cringe. Between her mouth and the eerie crAZyspace website the Dems ran, it wasn’t as hard defeating Democrats last year.


  1. What job is she getting?

  2. Will she please take her husband with her?

  3. Goodyear GOP says

    Good riddance. She was objectionably rude.

  4. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    D’s vs. R’s is a policy debate. But that Emily made it personal, negative, and I still can’t get over the fact she accused, on television, Jan Brewer of “rigging” the election.

  5. LiberalWatcher says

    Some of these comments are below the belt. Chris DeRose is a good guy. Emily did her job – what was she supposed to do, be nice to Republicans?
    Aside from all that, she was easy on the eyes.


  1. […] complained about what they thought was an insulting and whiny tone in her press releases by writing an insulting and whiny post. Go figure. My favorite claim on their part was their claim that moderate Democrats were embarassed […]

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