Democrats create fake taxpayers group; post signs opposing ballot initiatives

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Former Arizona Democrat Party chairman Sam Coppersmith and union boss behind fake taxpayers organization

Sham organization posts signs all over Arizona pretending taxpayers oppose the ballot initiatives

submitted by a reader from the website

A couple weeks ago the Yes on Prop 107! Campaign (end “affirmative action”) in Arizona had someone attend a National Organization for Women (NOW) meeting because the opposition group to 107, Protect Arizona’s Freedom which is led by ultra-left state representative Kyrsten Sinema, was presenting their plan of attack at the meeting.

The PAF representative, Sarah Luna, told the group that they were working on a plan with opponents of other Arizona initiatives to run a “Vote No on Everything” campaign.

Because of this, it was not all that surprising that Arizona started to see “Vote No on All Ballot Propositions” signs popping up.

What was surprising, however, was the headline, “Save our Constitution” and that the group sponsoring the signs is the so-called “Arizona Taxpayers Association at 2600 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ.”

The disclaimer jumped out at me because it was written in larger font than what is typical for a required campaign finance law disclaimer.

First, Propositions 106 (healthcare freedom), 107 (End Affirmative action), 113 (Save the Secret Ballot), all typically enjoy support from taxpayer and tea party organizations.

The messaging “Save our Constitution” and the name of the organization are clearly meant to confuse voters.  Since the left’s ideas are not popular with the public (especially this election cycle) this appears to be a national trend amongst leftist organizations.  For more on the national trend see

Second, finding information on this so-called “Arizona Taxpayers Association” was difficult at first because the address that is printed on the signs has one digit wrong.

There is actually an Arizona Taxpayer Association at 2800 (not 2600) N. Central Phoenix, AZ.  This organization was founded by two individuals who push the extreme left agenda.

Bob Grossfeld is one of the founders – he also started the left’s internet news source, “The Arizona Guardian.”   Jim McLaughlin is the other individual listed – he is the President of Arizona’s UFCW Local 99.  (Note: that UFCW Local 99’s logo is printed on the signs)

  • Jim McLaughlin tells his union membership to be careful believing advertisers, little do they know that they should actually be careful of what their president says:

  • Also, you’ll note that 2800 N Central Phoenix houses labor law attorneys, a newly formed Arizona Hospital and Healthcare group, and former Democrat party chairmen –  Jim Pederson and  Sam Coppersmith.

Finally, after searching the Arizona Secretary of State’s campaign finance database an organization named “Arizona Taxpayers Association” cannot be found which makes the disclaimer on the sign utterly useless.  Because a statement of organization and campaign finance reports have not been filed, concerned citizens (and average voters) cannot visit the Secretary of State’s website and see who has organized and is funding this group. The organization has filed paperwork instead as an independent expenditure committee.

Liberals have proven once again that they will say and do anything to push forward their radical Obama Agenda.

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  1. Arizona Taxpayer says

    Be sure to read the article McLaughlin has posted on his union website. What a hypocrite.

    Truth and lies
    By Jim McLaughlin President, UFCW Local 99, and UFCW International Vice President

    I was walking around my neighborhood recently and noticed a few yellow signs. This being the political season, I didn’t give them much thought at first. But when I got closer, I noticed their pitch had nothing to do with grinning politicians seeking my vote.

    One sign advertised a “Beer Diet.” Another said, “Lose 30 Pounds in 3 Days!” Yet another said, “Look Better by Taking One Pill a Day!”

    These advertisements amazed me. I found it fascinating that — even though outrageous claims are nothing new — someone thought he or she could get away with such blatant absurdity in this day and age.

    Then I looked even closer. At the bottom of each sign was a website address that included the word “gullible.” From the website, I learned that the ads were part of a church’s campaign to attract new members.

    Aha! Clever!

    These advertisements draw our attention because the person who designed them understands human nature. Don’t we all want to look our best? Don’t we all want to be in as great a shape as we can? Wouldn’t it be great to do it with no effort at all? Now, that’s the American dream!

    The signs also work because they poke fun at real con artists who make wild claims in order to deceive people.

    We’re all familiar with such people and the lies they spread. Some of them call themselves “labor consultants,” and they are hired regularly by companies like Walmart to keep unions out of their work forces.

    They are unscrupulous people who profit from the gullibility of others.

    When workers believe the message that they would be “better off without a union,” or that their “boss will always take care of them,” or — one of my favorites — “unions don’t matter in this day and age,” they are falling for claims that don’t make any sense from a critical perspective.

    Common sense tells us that having the protection of a union contract is more important today than ever before.

    Working families are under attack every day and from every direction. At their jobs, workers must cope with attacks on their job security, their wages, their health care and their pensions. When they go home to confront their spiraling debts, some of them fall victim to high-tech loan sharks who promise debt relief “with the click of a mouse.”

    Many Local 99 members recall that their union fought for the end of “payday lenders” who hand out money to hardworking people at interest rates that end up sending those people into even deeper financial holes. We shut them down.

    The people of Arizona deserve protection against those who would deceive them with outrageous lies and misleading claims.

    As we have done before, your union intends to help the people of Arizona discern the truth in this political cycle. We will expose the falsehoods spread by politicians who will say anything to get your vote.

    Our message to people running for office will be: “If you want our votes, you’d better stop telling us what you’re going to do and start listening to us!”

    For too long, politicians have been making promises that they can’t or won’t deliver. Some of them promise to protect families, but after Election Day they immediately go to work doing the bidding of the rich and powerful.

    Your union will keep track of the things our elected officials do and don’t do for working families — and when the next election comes we will reward the good guys with our support and punish the bad guys with our opposition.

    In the meantime, it’s a good idea to be a little skeptical when you see and hear the claims of advertisers.

    Common sense tells us that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. But that doesn’t stop me from wishing that the “30 Pounds in 3 Days” thing was real.

    That would be nice.

  2. Henry Bowman says

    Waitaminnit. If the organization hasn’t properly filed, and the address on the signs is phony, doesn’t that mean that the disclaimer on the sign does not conform to electioneering law requirements, the signs are illegal and enjoy no legal protection (e.g., can be torn out and discarded whenever encountered) and the organization responsible fined or otherwise punished?

  3. Arizona Ranger says

    The Best response by any one individual is:

    Vote YES on Prop106, 107, 113, 301, and 302. Take a moment to read AND understand each of these proposistions-you will WANT to vote YES on election day!

  4. Looks like they registered today as an IE committee. Not sure if that was there when you looked today. In any case, it’s not possible that they had the money raised and the signs printed in the same day. The max penalty is three times the cost of the signs, but who’s going to file the complaint? Also, there’s no disclosure of the actual funding source which is required for both ballot measure and IE committees. They have at least two major problems.

  5. Good and very useful exposure on more Democrat (D) for Deceit lying behavior.

  6. Great info you got right here. You actually comprehend this and I’m glad I found this post by you thanks a bunch.

  7. Pretty easy solution to this, if you have one of these signs in your area, tear it down.

    I’m not saying we should do this with political speech we disagree with, but this is a completely different animal.

    It would be the equivalent of the opposition putting up candidate signs with policy positions that the person doesn’t agree with. Something like, “Vote Jane Brewer, she supports pedophiles!”

    The law is not going to stop this type of deception, so citizens need to put an end to these types of shenanigans.

  8. Hey, it’s a GREAT sign. They should print MORE. Many more. Devote FAR more of their budget to them. People ALWAYS remember long monotonous lists of numbers.

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