Democrats agree – Brewer’s tax hike will cost families $438/yr

A press release issued by House Democrats June 18 also opposes Governor Brewer’s tax increase. When both Democrats and Republicans agree on something, there is usually something to it. Here is an excerpt from that press release:

A temporary tax hike would get the state over the current financial hump in an honest way, Brewer said. – East Valley Tribune, April 9, 2009.

Brewer’s sales tax hike will cost the average Arizona family an extra $438 a year, the most expensive budget plan proposed in Arizona.


  1. What is the projected bill for the money which the budget proposes to borrow?

  2. AHA… now we’re talking! Jan Brewer is the only one telling the truth on Washington. All the rest is posturing and preening for re-election and they know it. They just don’t think WE know it.

  3. Having a slick budget and watching what you spend would help alot of places out this year for sure.

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