Democrat Dark Horse Enters

Governor Bill Richardson 

The Democrat Republicans should really worry about entered the Presidential race today.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson entered the race for President today. His political and professional resume is actually very strong and includes both foreign policy and energy policy experience – something that should concern any Republican. Given demographic changes occurring in the Southwest, he also brings the Hispanic element to the race.

Here’s the link to the AP story.


  1. Mike Triggs says

    I don’t think Richardson is going to get the Democratic nomination but he would bring some gravitas to a Democratic ticket….asuming the Clinton/Obama ticket isn’t already a lock….Edwards/Richards might make sense if the Hillary and Obama campaigns get ugly that neither of them can win.

    I still think the only Republican who can win in ’08 is Rudy.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Richardson also has an A rating from the NRA compared to McCain’s rating of C.

  3. Richardson definitely carries gravitas and would make a strong candidate of the moderate Democrats. Edwards and Gore still have the distiction of being wacky and Clinton comes off as a wacky trying to disguise it. Richardson does not and he should use that to his advantage.

    Rudy could be a very strong candidate if he could only gain conservative support. If he were to promise conservative Supreme Court Justices, that might work to his advantage.

  4. If the Democratic candidate is Hillary (and its going to be) there are a number of Republicans that can and would beat her. McCain, Rudy, and Romney would all beat her soundly.

    Just ask yourself, what state does Hillary take that Kerry did not?

    You can bet that Hillary’s opposition research file on Richardson is pretty large as she knows him pretty well.

  5. Hopefully we’ll see Richardson’s op research on Hillary too…

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