Democrat County Attorney candidates #1 priority shows they’re confused about the office

The Arizona Republic has been giving the two Democrat challengers to County Attorney Andrew Thomas free weekly campaign spots featured in prime sections of the newspaper, in the form of softball question and answer interviews. Not just one interview, but regular weekly interviews.

In its most recent campaign piece for ACLU Tim and Amnesty Gerry, the Republic asked them what would be their #1 priority if elected to office. Notably, both responded not by criticizing anything Thomas has done (Thomas’s approval ratings are high since he does what the public wants him to do and has kept his word on campaign promises), but instead said they would focus on rounding up the outstanding felony warrants in the county.

This is disturbing and reflects Nelson’s and Richard’s ignorance of the office. The whole premise of the Republic article is wrong. It’s not the County Attorney’s responsibility to round up felons – it’s the responsibility of the police and sheriff to arrest felons. The County Attorney is responsible for prosecuting the criminals that the police and sheriff arrest.

Do Nelson and Richard think they are going to tell the police and sheriff what to do? As noted in a prior blog post, where was Richard when Phoenix PD was accumulating all these outstanding felony warrants? (Richard worked for Phoenix PD the past 16 years). 12,000 of the outstanding warrants in the county are from Phoenix PD. Only 1,572 are from the Sheriff’s Office. If Richard let so many felony warrants sit when he was with Phoenix PD, why should we expect him to do any better as County Attorney where he doesn’t even have jurisdiction?

Same with Nelson. He’s been working for Napolitano Governor’s Office for six years and at the AG’s Office for her prior to that. Where was he before? Only now he’s becoming concerned about the outstanding warrants?

It is troubling that the two challengers to current County Attorney Thomas have made something outside of the County Attorney’s jurisdiction their #1 priority if elected. They are running on a platform for a sheriff’s race, not county attorney. Apparently this is the liberal Democrats’ way of diverting attention from their complete unwillingness to enforce illegal immigration laws.


  1. Please read Stubblefield’s posts. He knows how to make effective points without the nicknames and condescending and sarcastic tone. Your stuff is absolutely unreadable.

  2. Kind of ironic Jack since you used a “nickname” to post your comment. And “your stuff is absolutely unreadable” isn’t condescending? The article was pretty clear to me. You’re obviously just a Democrat who doesn’t like what he read.

    If you want to hear stuff unintelligible and condescending, by comparison, you should listen to Democrat Party spokeswoman Emily Bittner.

  3. Not a fan of hers, either, Steve. I’m asking for intelligent commentary that doesn’t resort to name calling and incredibly manipulated statistics. Wrong place. Wrong correspondent. It’s just a pattern. I like a lot of the other work here. This is just one byline that doesn’t do justice to the “body of work.’

  4. “The County Attorney is responsible for prosecuting the criminals that the police and sheriff arrest.”
    I’m not sure Andrew Thomas knows this, either. Seems to me he tried to tell defense attorneys how to do their jobs awhile back when he accused them of advising clients to stay silent on issues of immigration. Last time I checked, its the job of the DA to protect the rights of clients.

    And before anyone goes off about tax payer dollars being spent on illegals who shouldn’t have legal representation at our expense in the first place, realize that I’m talking specifically about people who have not necessarily been proven to be here illegally. Innocent until proven guilty, right? Bear with me a moment…
    I’ve observed the IA court and subsequent hearings and seen/heard prosecutors say that the only evidence they have of a person’s illegal status is the testimony of the arresting officer who isn’t even there to swear to the statement. In other words, “your honor, I have a form here submitted by officer blank saying that Jose is in the country illegally.” “Do you have any other evidence?” “No, your honor, I do not.”
    Over and over and over again.
    I saw form IV’s filled out by cops that simply said “suspect is an illegal immigrant” with no evidence whatsoever.
    Does that mean the cop can write “suspect is a murderer” and it makes it true? I should hope not. There must be justifiable cause.
    I also saw vans of people bussed in from Mesa who had been in custody already for almost 20 hours. Our constitution gives us the right to be in front of a judge within 24 hours or be released. So full dockets have to be re-arranged so that the fewest number of defendants walk away scott-free. Who gets blamed? The court.
    These issues are much more complicated than most realize. My point is, criminal justice is a balancing act, one that requires all the players to work well with each other. Thomas has proved he is unable to do so; therefore, he lost my vote (not that he ever had it in the first place).

  5. It’s kind of ironic that you argue Nelson and Richard are running on an issue that isn’t the responsibility of the County Attorney’s Office.

    Four years ago, Andrew Thomas ran on an issue – immigration – that was largely seen as not the responsibility of the County Attorney’s Office.

  6. Mari is Tim Nelson says


    Based on your comments on this website, it’s pretty clear to me that you must be Tim Nelson. You’ve been posting a lot of comments mostly about the county attorney’s race, and you have plenty of insider information on that race as well as the governor’s office where you used to work.

    Your attacks consist of the same old campaign propaganda we’re hearing in the Republic from you. Why don’t you address something that the readers of this blog find important – illegal immigration? What are you going to do about illegal immigration?

  7. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not Tim Nelson or anyone affiliated with his campaign. To the contrary, I supported Gerald Richard.

    Also, if you had been following my comments as closely as you claim, you also might have recognized that I have been commenting at Sonoran Alliance in support of Sarah Palin and Sandra Dowling and against Russell Pearce, among many other topics. It seems you have come to this conclusion based on limited information. I encourage you to read the other posts on this fine blog that don’t involve the Maricopa County Attorney.

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