Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington DC

Good morning, I’m sitting here at the Defending the American Dream Summit put on by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation  Thus far its been well worth getting up at the absurdly early time of 3am Arizona time.  The Sam Adams Alliance put on the first event which focused on creating online groups via blogging in order to help influence local politics.  Examples used have been the defeat of the DREAM Act in 2006 and the decline of the newspaper industry, especially as it relates to investigative reporting which has now become a pivotal part of blogging (i.e. public records requests).  Also highlighted was the fact that the left has used the internet to successfully create groups such as which have used their resources to bring various leftists groups together in ways that they would not have done on their own.

Later this afternoon the summit will move to the capitol to demonstrate in favor of reducing the size of government and lessening the tax burden on citizens.  The importances of this is demonstrated clearly by the current financial debacle that has been caused by the liberal tax and spend policies of the left through institutions such as Freddie Mac and Fannie May.  Stay tuned for updates today and tomorrow.



  1. Sounds exciting! Are they talking about the financial meltdown?


  1. Defending the Dream…

    The great columnist Rachel Anderson, and her sometimes-anonymous co-blogger [so anonymous, I don\’t recall his name! 🙂 ], now at the Sonoran Alliance. [From just heading over to that weblog, I am thinking that it might be Pete.]…

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