Death and Taxes,Debates:Enter the WWF

It’s said that the only things we cannot avoid in life are death and taxes.  I am adding debates to the list as we inch so slowly to the finish line of the vote.  The GOP is so civil and decent.  BORING.  I kinda liked the Jerry Springer element of the Donkey Kong debate of last week.   We need to get a moderator like Springer. 

 No, better yet, the World Wrestling Federation could sponsor the debate and do more of a SUPER TUESDAY-GOP Smackdown.  Young voters would go wild, we could have a ring set up in Wesley Bolin Plaza, invite Local celebutwits and high rent low brows to watch.  Hey, I am not the first to note the potential as even John McCain recognizes the fight issue, when referring to Mitt Romney.  He was quoted in late December at,  “Never get into a wrestling match with a pig. You both get dirty — and the pig likes it.”


If not Jerry Springer, I think Bill O’Reilly could do a bang up job as a moderator referee for the event:

All McCain has to do is mess up Mitt Romney’s coif and it’s game on.  Everybody thinks McCain could win it but I am thinking the dark horse to bring the rest down will be Republican resident craizoid, Ron Paul.  Now to be called, Ron ‘the Scarecrow’ Paul as he’s got a simple scary thing going on; we know he’s looking for his brain.

  OOPS!  Thats Ru Paul… although a good candidate for the GOP Smackdown anyway. 

    I think Ron Paul will knock over Romney, mess the mop, and it’s a done deal.



UNfortuantely, if John McCain and Mitt Romney are taken down by the third party Scarecrow, we’re gonna get this:

   Remember all, in terms of an election, we want this:

Keep and Eye on the Ruby Slippers people….





  1. the uncivil war!

  2. James

    The Republicans are disagreeing over policy differences while the D’s are fighting over race, gender, inner city slum lords, perjury, etc. Which is the uncivil war?

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