Dean Martin to Announce Bid for Governor

State Treasurer Dean MartinSources who have asked to remain anonymous are reporting to Sonoran Alliance that State Treasurer, Dean Martin, is planning to announce his intention to seek the office of Governor of Arizona. An announcement may come as early as Wednesday, January 13th.

Should Martin announce, this would close out the final list of first-tier candidates who have been discussed for months among reporters, bloggers and politicos across the state.


  1. First Tier?

  2. Run Dean, Run! Arizona needs this smart and effective conservative on the 9th Floor.

    I’ve been a Brewer supporter for years. But she has proven she cannot “get it done” with this conservative legislaure which is likely to turn even more so in 2010.

    Martin has a long track record of cutting taxes and cutting wasteful spending. I predict a tidal wave of support for Martin is about to sweep over Arizona.

  3. Good news!

  4. Honest Voter says

    Didn’t Martin vote for the Phoenix convention center? It sure would be nice to have those millions back…

  5. This makes a lot of sense for martin. I can’t say I am too surprised by this.

    Bad day to be a vernon parker or brewer supporter…

  6. Honest Voter says


    Don’t know about that. I think the race just got a bit more interesting, but there is a lot about running for Governor that will be new to Martin. Let’s see how he is doing three months from now.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Jan Brewer should retire.
    Parker should remain in P.V. where he is loved and adored.
    Munger should remain in the private sector.
    Graham should consider State Treasurer.
    Goddard should be indicted for general stupidity.
    Buz Mills should replace Napolitano in Homeland Security.

    And Dean Martin should become the next Governor of Arizona!

  8. Dean Martin is a strong candidate for Governor. He will defeat Goddard in the general.

  9. Tiny Elvis says

    …Pretty sure Martin was instrumental in helping to orchestrate the Leg. vote on the Phx Convention Center. I think the state coughed up $300 million for the convention center, while the City of Phx paid roughly the same.

    But if your point is to knock Martin for his vote, anyone who has spent time downtown of late during a large convention can see the wisdom of the legislature’s investment.

    As the home building economy has crumbled and the “economic diversification” mantra rings louder than ever, investing in the convention center is exactly the type of forward thinking and financial diversification the state should have been looking into a decade ago.

    The only reason the NRA had their annual convention here last year was because of expansion and improvements to the center. Something like 60,000 people attended that convention and produced like $70 million in revenues for the City of Phoenix.

    yet I digress…

    Martin is probably the strongest of all the GOP candidates to surface to date when it comes to statewide electability — but I still fear Terry Goddard is going to be our next Governor.

  10. A solid entry vs the Couglan governorship!

  11. Tiny, if you divide $70 million in revenue for the City of Phoenix by 60,000 people, you are saying each person spent enough to generate $1,166.66 in tax revenue. If the city’s portion of the 8.3% sales tax is 2%, that means each and every person attending the NRA convention spent about $58,000.

    With math that fuzzy, even light rail would start to make sense.

  12. Finally we will get the governor we thought we were getting with Brewer. Coughlin not only damaged her, he damaged the entire GOP.

  13. Mr. Conservative says

    Martin is the tax collector for welfare state & he’s part of our current problems!

  14. kralmajales says

    I hear him on the radio a lot…all he can do is tell us how bad things are…never says a word about what he is going to do as gov., never faults his party which is clearly the problem and clearly can’t work.

    Just WHY should we vote for him other than his association with the rat pack?

  15. kralmajales says

    and by the way…more seriously…what, just what, has Martin done as treasurer to get us out of this budget mess? He presides over it. Any fiscal responsibility here? And he clearly has no credibility with his party if he does have ideas. They havent done a thing either.

  16. Dean Martin, running for Governor, I would neeeevvaaaah have guessed.

  17. kralmajales,

    As treasurer it is not his job to tell us how to fix the budget crisis as you said he presides over it. Its not his job as treasurer to fix it. Also he doesn’t say what he would do as governor because HE JUST ANNOUNCED!

    I think you need to give the guy a chance.. I am not saying he is my pick for governor but you shouldnt dismiss him out of hand.

  18. Hey Joe M #8,
    Ya want to bet? 5 will pay you ten you are wrong.
    Give me a call, I’m in the book.

  19. Steve Calabrese says

    kralmajales, respectfully, you don’t seem to understand the role of the State Treasurer.

    The only thing the Treasurer can do to affect the budget mess is to oversee the investment and borrowing strategy of the State of Arizona – a complicated, obscure, thankless but vital task, one that Dean Martin has performed brilliantly.

    Oh, yeah, and he provoked Janet Napolitano into absolutely losing it – on camera, no less – a week before her confirmation hearings for Homeland Security Secretary. How did he make Janet look like some crazed creature from “Governors Gone Wild?” He simply, firmly, politely demanded that she FOLLOW THE LAW where public meetings are concerned.

    Dean Martin is a great candidate. Not the most photogenic fellow, but I think with some smart people around him he could stop the Goddard machine.

  20. Horst Kraus, #18, care to make a prediction?

  21. Antifederalist says


    With as long as you claim to have been involved in politics on your website, for you not to understand the term “first tier candidate” is absolutely astounding. Do they keep you in a dark, soundproof cage and trot you out only for certain functions?

    @ Tiny Elvis

    While I’m an unabashed and open Dean Martin supporter and I maybe biased (have been for years, go back and read my comments over the years), I predict Dean beats Goddard, and I might even say that Dean will beat Terry convincingly too. Polls have shown Dean’s single digit deficit to Goddard shrinking over time and Dean’s not even in the race yet. The trend, if it holds, shows Dean will overtake and surpass Goddard.

    @Mr. Conservative

    While you may be conservative, do us all a favor and don’t vote this election cycle, OK? You remind me of the voters on that video about how ignorant Obama voters are. Before you seriously consider voting, go read up on exactly what the Treasurer does or go listen to Dean’s talk about how he’s handled the state’s financial difficulties. My guess is that you’re one of these Tea Partiers who are of the benighted mindset of throwing all office holders out. If you throw out good people like Dean, you’re gonna end up with crap for candidates. The lot of you ought to throw out BAD candidate and keep good ones and throw off this dumb, simplistic warcry.


    You haven’t been listening closely enough to Dean on the radio or TV. He’s pretty clear where blame lies. And what has he done to handle the crisis? First, he PREDICTED the crisis in the first place. He warned that dumb pink gorilla that Arizonans twice stupidly elected in the Gov’s office to rein in spending. She called him “Chicken Little” for his warnings. Remember that? She was SUCH a good gov and now she’s the world’s most awesome-est DHS chief evar!!!

    In addition to raising red flags in time enough to avoid the situation, Dean invested Arizonans’ money and made nearly a billion dollars. Had he not done so, the budget hole would have been a billion dollars deeper.

    Finally, what’s that about leading a horse to water? Dean’s offered sound advice for years. Considering that Dean was RECRUITED to run for Treasurer and is now being recruited to run for Gov, to suggest that Dean has no credibility is just patently unsupportable. Heck, the man holds the record for the most bills signed by JaNo. If he, as a conservative Republican, can get bills signed by the retarded pro-big government JaNo, I’d say he’s also an effective legislator. Again, to suggest he has no credibility is just patently wrong. The truth is, those in power just didn’t want to listen to good advice and wanted to spend, spend, spend.

    Who has done more to avert the state’s crisis? I posit that no one has.

    What WILL Dean do to get Arizona out of the budget mess if elected? Listen to what #17 Johnny has to say: the campaign will likely come up with proposals to fix the mess. Any campaign would be foolish not to present a detailed plan to fix the budget. I wouldn’t vote for any candidate that doesn’t produce such a plan. Besides, Brewer threw down the gauntlet in her State of the State address…watch her get slapped with it.

    @ Horst’s predictions that Dean will lose

    LOL! Hey, folks, the day I listen to some discredited, RINO, wacky nudist, PLEASE cart me off to the loony bin, mmmkay?

  22. Jefferson Smith says

    Dean Martin running for Arizona Governor? There is HOPE for a CHANGE! (Pardon the use of the recently effective though now discredited slogan.) This means no more free ride for our accidental governor. Parker and Munger have yet to land a punch on her. Mills is still all “Consultants-Dream” and absent from the fray. Let the real contest of ideas begin!

  23. kralmajales says

    He says absolutely nothing on the radio except to report how bad the budget is. Nothing more, nothing less. I think he is trying like hell to just remain above it all…and he can’t. Both as a former member of this failed legislature…as a member of this failed GOP…and more importantly, he is treasurer.

    I would LOVE to see how he has made us more money in this crisis. Show me some figures of exactly what he has done to stop the bleeding.

    As Treasurer, I would like to see a bit more than a dude that deposits the checks. I would like to see some leadership and the expertise of his office to inform our Gov. and legislature of the necessary steps to fix the problem.

    If he can’t do that now…when we need him the most…than HOOEY to his bid for Gov.

  24. kralmajales says

    An example from his own website of him saying over and over we are broke, catastrophe, etc. But not a word from him about what the Gov. or Legislatures should do to fix it. This from our TREASURER.

    Sounds like a guy that likes to let Bob Burns speak for him.

    Sounds like a guy that is fine with pointing out a problem but will not say what he would do to fix it.

  25. Everything points to Dean Martin announcing his candidacy tomorrow. Let’s see what ideas he puts forth from that point. He was 8 points behind Goddard according to the Rassmussen poll. Goddard has about as high of name ID as one can get in Arizona politics. Dean Martin is a relative newcomer to the statewide scene. His numbers will only improve. With the national Democrats sullying the name, their numbers will continue to sink, and hurt Goddard. Goddard is quoted as saying, “I want to bring the change to Arizona that Barack Obama is bringing to America.” Ouch! I bet he wishes he could have a mulligan on that one!

  26. Dean Martin is likely the candidate that Goddard would love to run against.

  27. Anita Clark says

    Yes, FISCALLY RESPONSIBITY needed and so current in Arizona government.I support Dean Martin, wanting him to not forget those large rural conservative areas of Arizona like mine-all the 86333 communities. We believe.

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