Dean Martin Considering Run for Governor


While I’m on the topic of gubernatorial candidates, State Treasurer Dean Martin has indicated that he is considering a run for Governor. If this doesn’t indicate an incumbent governor in trouble, I don’t know what does.

I’m not surprised.

Because Dean Martin has had his finger on the pulse of the State’s financial health for several years, he should know something about what he’s considering. Let’s not forget that Dean Martin stood up against Governor Janet Napolitano in a very public way and warned Arizonans that the Napolitano was taking the state dangerously close to the edge of an economic precipice.

Now that we’ve fallen off the cliff into economic and political unrest, Dean has the political gravitas to say, “I warned you this day would come.”

That day has come and instead of pulling the rip cord in cooperation with the conservative Republican dominated legislature, the current governor is concerned about buying a new parachute.

I’ve know Dean Martin ever since he made his first bid for the State Senate against incumbent, Tom Horne. The campaign slogan back then was “when pigs fly.”

Maybe Dean’s words were prophetic because the current state budget is one big pig and let’s just say right now, it ain’t flying.

I don’t know if Dean Martin will announce for Governor. I haven’t spoken with him recently. But I do have tremendous respect, admiration and sympathy for him. But if he does decide to run, he will be an extremely formidible Republican candidate.


  1. Capitol Observer says

    Dean Martin is the one person who could solidify Arizona’s Republicans and take our state to new heights. I, for one, hope he runs.

  2. kralmajales says

    Dean Martin is treasurer and is presiding over this very big messy budget. It is amazing to see him hem and haw in this video…it is CLEAR he is running as he speaks on this thing. Simply because he is “frustrated” and “there is nothing he can do”.

    Great…if the state treasurer has no influence on this process than just who in your caucus does.

    Dean…gotta do better than that to run AND distance yourself from the mess your party has created and is creating more of each day.

  3. Doesn’t matter if Napalitano started this mess. The public only sees the majority leaders making a muck of things now.

  4. kralmajales says

    Napolitano didn’t start this mess, it has been 40+ years of control of the Arizona legislature by Republicans. A legislature that Napolitano was only able to barely hold at bay. She restored funding from past cuts and at the same time could not get much in the way of foundations for revenue generation. And you all have continued to cut taxes.

    Guess what…you don’t get revenue when you keep cutting taxes to the point that infrastructure suffers and even McDonald’s doesn’t see your state as a place with a trained enough workforce.

    Ask any business person or the Chamber. They know what I am talking about.

  5. kralmajales says

    And Ellis, despite my disagreement with your attempt to blame this one Napolitano, you are absolutely correct in what you are saying.

    They won’t listen though…

  6. Kral, isn’t it sad that we continue down this path with the budget they are trying to pass now leading to a $3 billion deficit in three years. If they do this now they know full well the consequences.

  7. I joked about the field (other post) for a reason. We are jumping the shark IMHO. Dean makes sense because he is decent and the process is deeply indecent at this point. We are insolvent much like the rest of the country because we choose to fund, to spend as if we are still bringing in the same amount of money.

    The person who can get the square peg in the round hole is the leader. Crisis shakes out those with talent, creativity and ability to inspire during the crisis. Where is that today? Who is that?

  8. Here’s the $4 Billion Question:

    If Janet Napolitano was still Governor, would the Legislature still be in session or would she have coopted enough RINO Republicans to dig us deeper in debt and raise our taxes?

  9. I listened to Dean speak for an hour at an AZREIA meeting last month. He is the states head banker. Bankers do not control how the money is spent, he just makes sure the is money in the overdraft or invests any money left over. He was able to explain the budget problems of the last two years in a way that wood make sense to anyone, but a politician. If he runs I will support him.

  10. Love4Arizona says

    So basically what we have here is another career politician who is hinting at a run for another office better than his/her “current one”.

    What I want to know is why we allow current elected officials turn to the public trough/welfare for politicians aka Clean Elections when they can’t drum up enough support to finance their campaign.

    If you cannot gain the support to finance your campaign you have NO Business running your campaign off the public’s money in clean elections. I don’t car what party you are from it is not right.

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