Day 24 – Congressman Flake Not Responding to Debate Challenge

Congressman Flake Refuses to Answer Wil Cardon’s Debate Challenge

Phoenix, Arizona – 24 days ago, Wil Cardon’s campaign sent a letter to Congressman Flake challenging him to a head-to-head debate.


Wil Cardon believes debates are the best way for voters to understand the distinct differences in the candidates and to make the best decision in August. But, apparently the Flake campaign doesn’t agree. Spokesman Andrew Wilder called Wil’s debate challenge “predictable, clunky P.R. stunts”. (Dan Nowicki, “Cardon Wants to Debate Flake One-on-One,” The Arizona Republic, 6/6/12,

In the past several months, there have been numerous candidates forums across the state. Wil has participated in many of them. Congressman Flake, however, has ducked many of them, sending a surrogate to read a letter instead. Now that the race has become so competitive, Wil wants a head-to-head debate with Congressman Flake. Unlike a candidates forum, this kind of debate allows for the two principal candidates to interact with each other – it’s an important difference that allows voters to contrast the candidates.

Arizonans deserve to know all they can about the candidates to make the best decision in August. But, it seems Congressman Flake disagrees.



  1. Every day Flake does not respond word get around he is a C O W A R D. Flake does not want his record exposed for all to see, Flake helped write the A M N E S T Y bill in the House, he wrote his own Cap and Trade bill. Flake is telling the Conservatives he did not vote for Cap and Trade, he is telling the inviros he introduced his own legislation. Beware of the false Conservative Flake/McCain McCain/Flake.

  2. Arizona is at war with the Treason Lobby of which Flake is a card carrying member. It is because of pro-illegal vermin like Flake, McCain, and Kyl, that Arizona has had to fight every step on it’s own without representation in Washington. Flake’s ace in the hole is his out-of-state PAC, “Center For Growth”, which does not have a single person from Arizona on their executive and advisory boards. The CFG is nothing more than an offshoot of a Chamber of Commerce, who have fought Arizona at every turn to delouse the state of invaders from Mexico, including the Employers Sanctions Law which they cost us the expense of going all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Maybe Flake refuses to debate because his daughter is in the semi-semi-semi finals for the Ms.Take An Illegal To Lunch Pageant. Or maybe for the first time in his life-long-politician career that he knows the jig is up. In November, this rat’s road must come to an end. Support and vote for Wil Cardon.

  3. Flake has debated Cardon and he beat him like a rented mule. Cardon was sweating so much they had to fetch a mop. He looked like someone hit him with a water balloon

  4. Let’s see… before Flake took office he P R O M I S E D to serve 2 terms then leave politics to allow others the opportunity. Right! The man is a career politician, good-ol-boy, back scratcin, left leanin, RINO. I’m voting against Mr. Flake… and I know a lot of others that are doing the same. He’s broken too many promises. Flake doesn’t represent me or you. He’s strictly in it for himself!

  5. AZDryheat says

    Cardon is really just a joke candidate with money. He was raising money for Jeff Flake a year ago, now claims to be outraged by him. He gave Flake almost $5,000 in 2007, at the height of the immigration debate, yet now claims he disagrees with him. Pathetic

  6. Cardon is desperate. He thinks the only way he can get any attention is if he excludes Van and Bryan from everything. He also knows both of them would kick his butt in a debate

    • Steenwyk has debated both McFlake and McCardon at the same time where the media is hiding the video.

      Hackbarth couldn’t kick a can down hill if he was standing on the edge of a cliff.

      Van Steenwyk talks about Arizona politics American Media Network “WAKE UP AMERICA”
      For Arizona State U.S. Senate your choices are simple:
      VAN aka Christian Constitutional Republican?
      Jeff Flake aka McFLAKE – do we really need two of them?
      Wil Cardon aka Mr. PHOTOSHOP self-funded – I wil not be out spent?
      Bryan Hackbarth aka RECALLED Youngtown Mayor: Skeletons Haunt Senate Hopefuls?
      Van is my choice as what you see and hear is what WASHINGTON DC will get – our voice will be heard!

      Contribute to VAN and see what a true FISCAL CONSERVATIVE can do compared to the million dollar boys.

  7. Scardey Wilford says

    Wilford Cardon is AFRAID of Bryan Hackbarth and Clair Van Steenwyk making him look stupid. That is why he is trying to exclude them from any more debates. Hackbarth almost collected as many signatures as Cardon and before Cardon put millions of dollars of ads on TV, Hackbarth was statistically tied with Cardon in some polls. Van sucessfully rips into Cardon at every single forum or debate. Van also gets on Cardon’s nerves. In fact, Wilford Cardon is bothered so much by Van that he reportedly started manically screaming at Van at the Pima County Fair when they bumped into one another.

    Let’s face it. The only thing separating Cardon from Hackbarth or Van in this race is the millions of inherited dollars he has spent. So Wilford doesn’t want Hackbarth or Van to get any more exposure in the media via debates. Losing to Jeff Flake after spending millions will be embarrasing enough for Wilford. But if he comes in third after Hackbarth or Van, he will be permanently humiliated. He is that scared.

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