Dawn of the Voting Dead

The Voting Dead


Harper works with secretary of state to remove deceased from voting rolls
Records to be updated without legislation

(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) – In an effort to increase accuracy and avoid the liability of fraudulent voting, Sen. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, has worked successfully with the Secretary of State’s Office to remove the deceased from voting rolls.

“From dead people on the rolls to dead-on accuracy on elections, I am pleased that the secretary of state has partnered with me on this reform,” Harper said.

Harper met with Sec. of State Ken Bennett to talk about SB1109 and was able to accomplish the bill’s provisions without legislation.

In a letter to Sen. Harper, Secretary Bennett said his office should be able to expand the existing web-based campaign finance reporting system to allow committees to report deceased voters. His office will present this to the Voter Registration Arizona (VRAZ) County Advisory Committee so it can become an adopted practice. The group meets in two weeks.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, the current mechanism to remove the recently deceased is an automatic process through a statewide database that receives information from the state department of health. If the information does not clearly match to a voter, the county sends the voter’s household a letter asking for confirmation of the voter’s signature. Before the death notice mechanism was in place, the county recorder relied on family members to make the initial contact. If the person died in a state or county other than where they were registered to vote, there was no mechanism to report electronically.


  1. I met Senator Harper at the Tea Party in Tempe and was impressed. He’s a triple threat as a candidate of the future. Conservative, Smart, and MARKETABLE.

    Hey state GOP, get behind this guy a lil more. He needs a bigger profile.

  2. Why cant they solve more problems in this way instead of grand standing and having the never ending circus of state agency gaffes?
    I am glad to see that there is at lest 1 legislator that made the effort to solve a problem. What about the rest of the clowns down there that posture and whine and gripe, but never do anything to actually solve problems? Also, here is something that did not require legislation so the “brilliant” legislature doesnt have the opportunity to enact something stupid that gets etched in stone.
    Harper should teach other legislators to actually learn about the operation of govt and fix things instead of issuing stupid pronouncements that dont work and then blaming agencies for screwing things up.
    Hats off to Harper for accomplishing something instead of the mental masturbation from the rest of the useless legislators.

  3. This does not make sense.

    I do not understand how a POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE has access to information about
    the deceased that is any more reliable than the state department of health.

    Where is the PAC supposed to learn this information? Scan the obituaries? Pay funeral directors for tips? Subcontract with ChoicePoint?

    And what safeguards will prevent parties from trying to game the system with false reports?

  4. Kenny Jacobs says

    How many “dead people” vote? If a problem doesn’t exist, why force another layer of regulation? Mr. Harper wants to be SoS so badly he now has to play-act like he has the job?

  5. There’s another source of possible fraud on voter roles. When I was a district Republican chairman I discovered that in my own precinct there were 74 households in which couples with more than one surname were registered. Generally one couple had registered some time before and the other relatively recently. Also, the voter list usually indicated that one of the couples had not voted for the past two general elections. Granted it is possible that both couples were sharing a house but the finding raised a question in my mind so I contacted the Elections Department to find out what is done to check if those registered are legitimate and I was told that unless the current house occupant returns the voter ID mailed to those individuals noting that they no longer lived there, the names are not removed. An unscrupulous poll worker with an accomplice who is supposed to be checking IDs could easily vote multiple times for these non-existent voters.

  6. One has to wonder how many dead and no-longer-a-resident votes are cast when online voting is used.

    Hagar, it doesn’t need to be poll workers… Absentee ballots can be a goldmine for the unscrupulous.

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