Davis Picks Up Arpaio Endorsement In LD11 Race

Rich Davis

Rich Davis

GOP Senate candidate Rich Davis has picked up the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the race to fill the seat being vacated by the term-limited Barbara Leff.  The endorsement is considered a major coup for Republican candidates given the Sheriff’s high approval numbers among the GOP faithful.  Davis has also reportedly continued to raise money at a healthy pace after banking more than $50,000 in the campaign’s first three months.  With a possible GOP primary and then a spirited general election after that, Davis will need all the money and support he can get, but the Arpaio endorsement has to be considered an important step towards winning this fall.


  1. One of two things are happening here. Adam Driggs, who is also running and has gathered about the same amount of money, will drop out and run for CD3-Congress — or Davis, who has shown a new guy can also raise $50K fairly quickly, will take the CD3 plunge where his Bush Administration – national contacts probably would be more willing to drop more bucks for a Congressional seat than a little ole state leg. spot.
    What is off here is that the article fails to mention Adam Driggs at all.

  2. LD11 Rules says

    Or, Driggs and Davis stay in the race (I think there is a third guy filed too but no one seems to know anything about him) and the two of them will slug it out in an expensive death match. Not the option I prefer. I would love to see Driggs running for Congress so that we can support both of them without having to choose. That would be great.

  3. Buckeye Bill says

    Dude. Shave.

  4. Dean Spersrud says

    Arpaio’s endorsement is the only strike I find against you – so far! This man has gone off the deep end along with the rest of our elected state officials.

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