Davis for Senate Campaign Announces 2009 Fundraising Total

Cash haul exceeds all 2008 Open Seat or Challenger totals for same period

pile of cashPhoenix, AZ – GOP candidate Rich Davis announced an impressive fundraising total as he campaigns for the open LD11 Senate seat.  Having entered the race only a few months ago, Davis has raised nearly $51,000 for the 2010 race.  Demonstrating that he is also a strong fiscal conservative, Davis has preserved more than $49,000 in cash on hand for the upcoming contest.

Rich Davis sent thank you letter to supporters stating, “We are thrilled and humbled by the success of the campaign.  The breadth and voracity of the support is a powerful indicator that the people of Arizona are ready to move past this economic crisis.”

Campaign Treasurer Dr. Andrew Smith said, “We had hoped to collect the first $20,000 before the holidays began, so to do what Rich did, in these tough economic times, is really impressive.  When you consider that our major fundraising events were not even scheduled to occur until 2010, we feel great about our ability to raise a six-figure war chest, communicate our message and win this race.”

The last time this seat was seriously contested was in the 2002 GOP primary.  In that race, which was eventually won by a margin of just 37 votes, each candidate spent in excess of $110,000.

Davis has formal fundraisers scheduled for January and February being hosted by prominent figures in the district and a major event planned for early Spring which is expected to generate broadened awareness of his campaign, as well as significant financial support.

To learn more about Rich Davis and his campaign, please visit www.richdavisforarizona.com.


  1. I Hate Taxes says

    I can’t imagine spending $110,000 and LOSING by 37 votes. Good grief, that had to totally suck. My advice to Davis, raise more than $110,000 so you can win by 37 votes instead. Of course, at his current rate, he ought to raise that by what, April?

  2. Conservative First says

    Strange how some districts cost so much more than others. Is it just the number of voters? I guess if it cost $110,000 in 2002, it would now cost even more? I have to imagine that there has been population growth since 2002, eh?

  3. PHX Conservative says

    Is there another candidate out there who has raised that kind of money? I find it pretty amazing that a candidate can fundraise like that in such a short amount of time. This guy is good.

  4. I Hate Taxes says

    Good thing Buz Mills isn’t running for State Senate in LD11. Or Davis would be outspent 40-1. 🙂

    So I looked back and that 37 vote win was Barbara Leff over Sue Gerard. Leff has been pretty solid and Gerard was just gosh awful. Amazing to think that 37 votes is all that separated us from that kind of a difference for eight years. That’s why everybody needs to put their shoulder to the wheel in 2010. There are a number of races where we need to make the difference.

  5. Are there any other serious challengers out there? I like the idea of new leadership and Rich seems like he has what it takes. It’s about time we get a true conservative.

  6. AZ Conservative says

    $51,000 at this point in the race is truly impressive!

  7. PCbutnotPC says

    How much of the money is out of state?

  8. Keep Morals and Ethics says

    It is impressive that he has done all this work before the race has begun. It makes me believe that he truly wants this seat. Also, from what I’ve read and learned about Mr. Davis, I’m excited that we have someone who still has morals and a strong belief system.

  9. Conservative First says

    PC, do you mean how much is from out of state? I’m not sure anyone knows, but I’m pretty sure no one cares. If you can raise the money from all over, that’s probably a strength rather than some sort of negative. What matters is that it will all be spent in the district.

    Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I might be more impressed if he raised a bunch of money from out of state. It would be nice to have some GOP candidates who could actually raise large sums.

  10. Wow! This guy clearly knows how to run an organization and has something to offer. Why haven’t we heard more about him before?

  11. Conservative First says

    I heard State Rep. Adam Driggs is considering a primary challenge to Davis. Anybody else hear the same thing? Why would he do that? He’s got four more years in the House and he’s a committee chairmen. Is he more conservative than Davis?

  12. LD11 Rules says

    Driggs is pro-life, but that’s about the extent of his conservative resume. His Dad used to be Mayor, but it was a long time ago and I can’t remember if he was even conservative. Driggs is very weak on immigration issues and pretty cozy with the trial lawyers. Okay but not great on fiscal issues. Just not much of a leader, or conservative for that matter. He would probably define himself as a moderate Republican. He’s a McCain guy, for what that’s worth.

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