Davis’ Arizona Education Series Brings International VIP To Valley



Rich Davis, Republican candidate for the State Senate (LD-11), announced today that Major General (ret.) Isaac Ben Israel will be coming to the Valley in early April.  Davis indicated that General Ben Israel will be visiting Arizona for two reasons – to explore high-tech business opportunities between the state of Arizona and Israel and to discuss the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Major General Isaac Ben Israel is Israel’s senior nuclear defense expert and has served as an advisor to the past four Israeli Prime Ministers.  In addition to being the Chairman of the Israeli Space Agency, Ben Israel recently completed a term as member of the Israeli Knesset and was the Chief of the Israeli Air Force Operations Research and winner of two Israeli Defense Force awards for developing weapons systems.  According to Davis, “General Ben Israel is a senior leader in the high tech industry in Israel.”

Davis has been making arrangements for Ben Israel to meet with business leaders in an attempt to build a high-tech pipeline between Arizona and Israel. “To create jobs we must bring opportunity to the state,” said Davis.  Further he stated, “there are many high tech companies in Arizona that have business with Israel, but there can be more.  We need to create more jobs to help strengthen our economy.”

In his private capacity, Ben Israel will turn his attention to fundraising for the Rich Davis for Arizona campaign.  On Tuesday night, April 6th, General Ben Israel will be speaking at the Arizona Education Series about the threat of nuclear proliferation in Iran.  Ben Israel is set to discuss the state of Iran’s nuclear program, its threat to Israel and the West and to discuss the threat to Arizona from extremist groups intent on gaining access to nuclear material.   Further, the forum will focus on the consequence of proliferation on Arizona’s economy and the threat of nuclear smuggling at our border.  “Even the price of oil and gasoline will be discussed,” said Davis.

General Ben Israel is the foremost expert in the world on Iran’s nuclear program.   Accordingly, he is charged with the responsibility to provide leadership for Israel at a time when it is most needed.  Davis asked Ben Israel to speak at the Arizona Education Series to help inform Arizonans on one of the most dangerous issues in the world today. According to Davis, who served in the George W. Bush White House as a Counter Terrorism Advisor, “the threat of extremist groups gaining access to nuclear material is a topic that we must understand in Arizona due to our porous borders. ”

For business leaders interested in participating in round tables with Ben Israel, please send correspondence to secretary@davisenergyinc.com.

To learn more about the Arizona Education Series or to participate in the Ben Israel Forum on Nuclear Iran, go to www.arizonaeducationseries.com.  Given the high level of interest in this event, tickets are required and limited.  Tickets can be purchased through the website