David Schweikert: Where is Harry Mitchell in supporting SB1070? Condemning Raul Grijalva’s boycott of AZ?

David Schweikert Calls on Harry Mitchell to Join Him in Supporting SB1070

Asks Mitchell to join him in condemning Grijalva’s call for a boycott of Arizona?

(Scottsdale, AZ)  Republican candidate David Schweikert today called on Congressman Harry Mitchell to join him in supporting SB 1070 – the anti-illegal immigration law recently passed by the Arizona Legislature.

“Because our state has taken the brunt of the federal government’s unwillingness to secure our southern border and crack down on illegal immigration, the Arizona Legislature correctly decided to act,” said David Schweikert.  “I applaud their action and support their commitment to protecting our state. I call on Congressman Mitchell to join me in supporting this necessary legislation,” continued Schweikert.

David Schweikert also asked Mitchell to join him in condemning Congressman Raul Grijalva’s  call for businesses to boycott Arizona.  “Harry Mitchell needs to immediately condemn Grijalva’s call for a boycott,” continued Schweikert. “Grijalva’s call for a boycott is irresponsible and Harry Mitchell should repudiate it.”


  1. Harry is hiding (not joke) or making plans on stealing signs (joke based on Harry’s past action of stealing opponents signs).

  2. Schweikert needs to be careful with the illegal immgration debate and mitchell. Mitchell is pretty far right on the issue. It was a huge mistake that JD made in 06 trying to go further and further right when they basically agreed on the issues. It made hayworth look nuts and like a bully.

    Schweikert should be careful he doesn’t do the same thing.

  3. To michaelkentland AKA Chris Salvino campaign:

    Excuse me? David Schweikert has been tough on border security for years. Who is Chris Salvino who appeared out of nowhere a few months ago to run for Congress? Why should David be concerned about signing some silly little pledge Salvino wrote up to harass his opponents with?

    Why don’t you educate yourself before making a false attack. Here is David’s position on illegal immigration: http://david10.com/ontheIssues/?subsec=7

    “As a result of my position on the border I was endorsed in 2008 by the Arizona Police Association which includes the National Border Patrol Supervisors Association.”

    I trust David on this issue. I have no clue who Salvino is other than the fact he filed bankruptcy and the judge’s decision said that he “intentionally misrepresented his own investors.”

  4. Don’t forget that Salvino only registered as a Republican 6 months ago. His border security pledge sounds like a gimmick.

  5. Not only his border pledge, everything about salvino is a gimmick. How can we elect this guy to congress when he can’t manage his own finances…. He has had multiple businesses fail and has a federal judgment against him he hasn’t paid… This man is a joke.

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