David Schweikert: April 15th has been redefined

What had before been a day of dutifully filing your personal tax return has been transformed by the American people into a day of protest against bigger government, higher taxes and runaway spending.

RallyAs costly and cumbersome your compliance with federal tax law is today, imagine what it will be like under the new healthcare takeover passed by Harry Mitchell and the Democrats in Washington. If you own a small business, your taxes will be going up. If you have been successful in your job or business, your taxes are going up. If you purchase prescription drugs, your taxes will be going up. In fact, the list of higher taxes coming down the pike will only get bigger and more cumbersome.

So while our current tax system is nothing more than a complicated mess – under Harry Mitchell and Democrats it will only get worse.

RallyAnd that’s why we must do something about it this November. Like any good liberal, Harry Mitchell and his left-leaning colleagues in Washington are only now getting started. They are pushing a cap and trade bill that will further increase that tax burden on you and your family. In case you have forgotten, they also plan to let the tax cuts passed several years ago expire – another tax increase.

Are we going to sit back and let Harry Mitchell and liberal Democrats tax our country into oblivion to pay for their dramatic expansion of government? Are we going to watch as the money you and your family earn is slowly but surely siphoned off to pay for new government programs?

I know my answer and I think I know your answer – NO!

And that’s why I’m writing today. I need your help.

The voters here in AZ-05 are clearly fed up with Mitchell’s tax hiking agenda and we have a great opportunity to defeat Mitchell in November. But we need your help to do it.

RallyBecause, make no mistake, the liberals are not stupid. They know their policies are unpopular. They know the majority of Americans are opposed to what they are doing. But they don’t care.

They figure that with the support of their liberal labor union buddies and groups like MoveOn.org, they can buy this seat for Mitchell in November.

I’m not going to let them do that. We have taken in thousands of dollars in new donations over the last several months and those donations of $25, $50, and even $100 have allowed us to be in a strong position to beat Mitchell and his liberal agenda.

But we can’t afford to stop. Last election cycle, Mitchell and his liberal cronies spent millions defending Mitchell in this seat and he paid them back for their largess with a yes vote on the healthcare takeover.

We aren’t going to give Mitchell another opportunity to go back to Washington and vote liberal again. That’s why we need your help today.

We can take back the Congressional seat and take back Congress, but to do it we need the support of people like you.

Join us in this fight to defeat Mitchell in November. We need your help more than ever!


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It’s time to restore fiscal sanity to our country.

Thousands will gather this evening at Tempe Diablo Stadium to make their voices heard. I hope to see all of you out there.


Join AFP Arizona, AFP President Tim Phillips, and thousands of Arizona taxpayers and tea partiers for the Tax Day Tea Party.

Diablo Stadium in Tempe
Thursday, April 15, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm
(next to I-10, just south of the Broadway Curve).

Come early to get the best seats and to meet candidates and representatives from pro-taxpayer organizations. The stadium seats 9,000 and there is plenty of extra room on the grassy hill on the north side of the ballpark—so bring the whole family!

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  1. He’s running a great campaign, and with the momentum going right now against the big-spending Democrat incumbents he should win. Don’t hear much from his primary opponents, who don’t have enough name recognition to beat Mitchell. Most of them have too much baggage that would be used against them by Mitchell – I’ve heard that one was arrested for indecent exposure, another is in bankruptcy and was about to be evicted from his rental, another one carpetbagged into the state from San Francisco and has a history of never voting, and Susan Bittersmith is a known liberal who lost the endorsement of Sheriff Arpaio for serving as a Trustee on the Defend Don Stapley committee against Arpaio.

  2. We have got to vote in David Schweikert over Harry Mitchell. We new fresh ideas in Congress.
    Mitchell votes with Pelosi & O’Bama on everything.

  3. GOP Stalward says

    Susan Bitter Smith is a pure RINO who has a history of supporting tax increases and playing fast and loose with the facts. For example, she has a video of Arpaio prominently displayed on her website saying that she is a “nice person.” But it IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT. He is not endorsing her because of her choice to help out that criminal Don Stapley hide from an investigation by Arpaio, and smear Arpaio in public and sue him. She is dishonestly implying that Arpaio is endorsing her. She should be ashamed of herself!

  4. Don Stapley spent funds he raised in an election where he had no opponent on lavish personal items instead. Bitter Smith is on the leadership team protecting this rotten apple from Arpaio investigating him? Despicable. I don’t want anyone lacking ethics like that as my Representative in Congress.

    This is the list of luxury items Stapley spent campaign funds on. I find it abhorrent how anyone can defend these kinds of actions.

    Stapley allegedly spent $6000 of these funds at Bang and Olufson electronics, along with $1300 for hair implants, $400 for candle holders and $10,000 for furniture for his home. He also spent these funds, solicited as campaign money, to buy tickets to Broadway plays and movie theatres, flowers, grocery store bills, massages, department stores and trips for his family to Sundance, Utah to ski, a trip for his son and friends to Florida and a three-week vacation in Hawaii for his entire family at a beach house costing approximately $11,000.

  5. Not Crazy Pam says

    Jenny T aka David,

    You have one fatal flaw in your analysis/mud slinging:

    David is the only candidate running to already have lost to Harry Mitchell.

    He is literally the biggest loser of all the CD5 candidates.

    Guess you forgot about that one!

  6. The real question is how anybody can trust either a Republican or a Democrat to not spend taxpayers out of house and home.

    Nick Coons is the Libertarian candidate for AZ CD 5. He can be trusted to vote for less spending.


    All other candidates are just playing smoke and mirrors with Arizona voters.

  7. Schweikert needs to keep the focus on healthcare when he veers off into this other issues he gets himself in trouble. Why bring up cap and trade which Mitchell voted against. Or why bring up the Bush tax cuts when Mitchell has tried to make many of the tax cuts permanent by introducing bills along side Republicans. That is just playing into his hands and he has easy retorts to them.

    While Schweikert is the best we got as Jenny T pointed out all the others are jokes, especially baby killer Susan Gutter Smith, I still fail to be impressed by Schweikert.

    He has never run a good campaign in his life. He was in the state house running out of VERY VERY conservative areas where he never has a serious challenge, was Maricopa County Treasurer a county where in 2006 Jim Pederson who spend $14 million on a senate race and still lost the county by over 100,000 votes. So this was not much of a race either. He just had to put an R next to his name on the ballot. Then in 08 his campaign was a joke and ran out of money at the end.

    Schweikert still has a lot to prove.

  8. HamilcarBarca says

    Again people, check FACTS before spewing pejorative comments. The reason David ran out of money is mostly because Bitter-Smith poisonned the media with lies about David and he had to run ads to tell the truth. If Sheriff Joe endorsed her in the past, I doubt he does now after her previous despicable behavior.
    David is intelligent enough to learn from his mistakes.Some of the other Republicans candidates who challenge him in this up-coming primary are ignorant and, one of them in particular very arrogant. How can you even think of voting for someone who has been in Arizona for 5 minutes, has obviously money to spend, and boasts that he can do a better job than David who has lived here almost all his life?.
    On the other hand, David is a man of impeccable ethics, total integrity and remarkable intelligence. On top of that, he is the most likeable of the bunch. Go David!

  9. I think Johnny got paragraph one right, i still think the jury is out on the other candidates, except for baby killer Susan. Either way my greatest concern is that since David has already lost once why should we let him do it again? His campaign was terrible last time.

  10. To Not Crazy Pam: If you’re going to point out that Schweikert lost one race, why don’t you also point out that the only other candidate in the race with any name recognition, Susan Bitter Smith, not only has also lost a race buit lost to Schweikert! I don’t think the fact he lost in a bad year hurts him.

  11. This turns my stomach. Flashy emails do not equal a well run campaign. Just talk to PCs in the district…or donors… none of them think David has a chance. Likable guy, but doesn’t have a chance.

    We need a fresh candidate in CD5 otherwise we’ll be welcoming Mitchell to another term with open arms.

    It’s a killer to think we’re going to lose this seat again if we don’t get behind a candidate that can get the job done.

  12. Steve Calabrese says

    Ward is a carbetbagger from California who went “district-shopping” so he could buy a congressional seat. He’s old news.

    Bitter-Smith…I’m not quite sure why she’s claiming she’s a Republican. She seems to be a female Grant Woods whose sole purpose is to smear good candidates.

    Schweikert is the only candidate with the background, money and organization to beat Mitchell. Last time around Bitter-Smith beat him up and turned off voters. This time around people are wise to her tricks, and Mitchell won’t have barrels of DNC cash again. Mitchell’s toast.

  13. Jeff Weninger says

    I fully support David Schweikert. He is the one to lead us to victory in CD 5.

    Councilman Jeff Weninger

  14. This is the year for conservative Republicans! David understands us and will win the primary. It too bad resources are wasted here that will be needed in the general against Mitchell.

    The voters are in the mood to give some payback to Obama. David is the guy to do that for us.

  15. Precinctcommitteeman says

    I see AZGOPGal is back, who was outed in prior comments as a shill for one of the other candidates in the race. Is that the best argument you can come up with, that David lost once before? Which candidate is yours, one of the several with zero name recognition who would get slaughtered in a primary against Mitchell, or Bitter-Smith who lost to David? Give it up. Think of a better argument than that. It’s old and it’s not true. This is going to be an outstanding year for conservatives to sweep office. Polls already show ANY Republican easily defeating Harry Mitchell this year. David has done an incredible job getting to know the voters and establishing himself as the best qualified candidate, the other candidates are a joke.

  16. kralmajales says

    Im still trying to get where this taxing to oblivion comes from. The worst that is happening is that the Bush tax cuts are repealed…which only takes them back to where they once were…and that was a time when we had budget surpluses.

    Obama has cut taxes. You can peddle lies as if they are true…and stretch impact…but the truth is that the only people you are getting the middle class to protect with this philosophy is wealthy people…and the basic govt. infrastructure that benefits those in the middle, lower…and even the wealthy…get axed.

  17. kralmajales says

    and to add….you all believe in govt spending anyway…and in spades. So why cut the small small proportion that benefits me while you get to keep yours?

  18. Precinctcommiteeman,
    That’s a nice theory but sorry to burst your bubble, not a “shill” for another candidate.
    Is that the only reason anyone would ever have to dare speak anything other than glaring supporting for David (which can only found on this blog… interesting…) because they work for another candidate?
    I’m just tried of the same ol’, same ol’ from the Republican party. David lost last time and the only thing his supporters can figure is that everyone else is to blame. David lost last time because he wasn’t the right candidate then, and he isn’t the right candidate now. I worked my tail off for David last time but this time we need someone different.
    You claim that none of the other candidates have a chance against Mitchell and turn right around and contradict yourself by saying polls show that ANY Republican candidate can easily defeat Mitchell this year – what gives?
    I’m just looking for something more from the Party I have worked for my entire life… God forbid I don’t fall in line with the career bloggers on this site and kiss the feet of David Schweikert or JD Hayworth. This is exactly the problem with the Republican party. We’re eating eachother alive and dismissing any dissent or differing opinion. It’s absurd!

  19. Not Crazy Pam says

    tony: I didn’t know she ran against Harry and lost. Granted I think this is her 7th time running, but I don’t know anybody who takes her seriously. Plenty take David serious, and so do I.

  20. AZGOPGal,

    You’re kidding, right? “Career bloggers?” Blogging has been around, what, 6 years or so? Don’t think that qualifies as a “career.” Nice try though. Maybe you should have picked a candidate that has a shot at winning.

  21. I believe there’s several things to be taken into consideration.

    1. 2010, unlike 2008 when the spendthrift legacy of “Dubya” was hung around GOP conservative candidates’ necks, is not trending liberal. That shouldn’t benefit Dem or RINO candidates.

    2. Aside from backing ultra “Banana” Stapley, Susan and husband “maxed out” on Phil Gordon!

    That should really get the attention of Sheriff Joe, Andy Thomas and Russell Pearce!

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