David Schapira, Political Overstater, Professional Underwhelmer

By Bartholomew Stimpson

David Schapira recently announced the formation of an exploratory committee for congress in the new district taking shape in Phoenix-Tempe. Is this the same David Schapira who currently “serves” as a state senator from legislative district 17?

Is this the same David Schapira who wants the voters to send him to congress so he can concentrate on education issues because of his state legislative experience? The same David Schapira who rails against real solutions to education which produce better outcomes through tuition tax credits and charter school competition?

Is this the same David Schapira who claims to be a high school teacher?  You know, the temporary-two-year-certificate-9th-grade-math-teacher-who-doesn’t-even-hold-a-math-degree David Schapira? He only held that  job because family pulled some strings. Unfortunately for him, he was not renewed because students complained he talked too much about politics instead of doing his job – teaching math. Let me guess. He bad-mouthed his Republican legislators over reasonable budget cuts in education? I guess the math didn’t add up for him to get renewed.

Or is this the same David Schapira the small business owner?  You know, he shuttered his ASU midnight delivery business DevilDash.com because he didn’t know how to run a business, or maybe because he sold condoms and Beer Pong to underage students as a state representative which didn’t look good for a state legislator. And I almost forgot to mention that Schapira sold pregnancy test kits to underage ASU students as part of his condoms and beer pong package. Makes good sense if you’re gonna go binge drink and hook up for some casual college sex afterwords. But doesn’t bode well if you’re trying to lead as a role model in the legislature. Oops.

Or maybe Schapira’s ratings on RateMyProfessor.com didn’t quite stand out. Students didn’t take kindly to his condescension, impatience and lack of responsiveness too well. Not qualities voters are looking for in a congressman.

Schapira has a lot to boast about on his work experience too. At age 31, he’s never had a real job that he’s earned on his own.

And what legislation has “lawmaker” David Schapira passed for the good of his district? What jobs has he created for his district? Ask Michael Crow how much he’s really “helped out” ASU while in the legislature.

Lauded by anyone else for his specific record of achievement? Oops, he says he’s hamstrung because he’s a minority in a Republican-controlled state senate. Then why should he expect to get anything accomplished in Washington, D.C. as a minority US congressman?

If this is the same state senator David Schapira, then voting for congressional candidate David Schapira is like throwing good money after bad. It simply makes no sense to reward someone with a lackluster underachieving, under performing record.

Explore all you want David Schapira but the people of this new congressional district deserve way better.


  1. What is the name of Schapira’s business and is it still running?

  2. This reeks of desperation, the obvious reality is that you’re terrified of the fact that there are no serious GOP candidates in the proposed CD 9. You couldn’t beat him in the best election cycle for Republicans in 16 years and the fact that you’re resorting to viscous ad hominem attacks before he’s even a declared candidate is quite telling. Furthermore, the implication that he provided alcohol to minors is a very serious allegation, one that without the proper evidence, can be construed as libel. I’d recommend doing some “research”–I know, I know that’s unheard of in the anti-intelligence party.

    • Spot on, Cecil! The Rs are running scared, terrified that there might be a competitive congressional district and that Schapira, an effective, common-sense policy maker, might lead the field. If these are the best arguments they can put forward, than I am optimistic for November 2012!

  3. I do not like David Schapira one bit, but this article could be deemed libelous. Providing minors alcohol is a very serious allegation, and some of the others like giving out birth control and pregnancy tests seem too outrageous to believe.

  4. This article says they delivered “beer pong”. (State Press)

    • No, it says they delivered “beer pong packs”.
      Amazing what omitting one little word does, huh?

      Took me all of .0000043 seconds to find out what one was on Google.

      You should try it.
      So should have the author.

      I hope someone has alerted Shapira to this article.

      • Rob, don’t be an idiot. I linked the stories.

      • Besides googling, I actually READ the articles and linked.

        • The idiots are the ones who feel the need to lie, deceive and spread false information in order to spread a political agenda.

          Your omission of the word may well have been unintended chick, but your initial statement appears to be an effort to “substantiate” that they indeed delivered “beer pong”. And I don’t think I’d be far off in what I believe the author was trying to imply.

          • If you click on the underlined word “Condoms” in the original story, it links to what appears to be a graphic from a search engine showing, among other things, that devildash.com sold beer pong packs consisting of 20 plastic cups and 6 ping pong balls. So if you click on the original hyperlinks in the story, it shows you exactly what the beer pong packs were.

            Now personally, I don’t think it is a big deal to sell cups and ping pong balls to people. But when your crowning achievement in the legislature is putting in place mandatory ignition interlock devices on the cars of all persons convicted of first offense DUI, selling cups and ping pong balls explicitly as “beer pong packs” is shockingly callous and pretty hypocritical.

  5. I wonder why he is on the ASU faculty with only a BS degree? (according to his State Leg bio).
    I thought ASU required at least a Master’s degree for instruction? (unless a specialty which Political Science BS, is not).

    • ASU hires “professors of practice,” instructors who come from a less-academic perspective.There are no requirements of a graduate-degree for professors of practice, as they are being hired for the “real-world” expertise. David Schapira falls within that category.

  6. Marcus Dupree says

    Delivering solo cups and ping pong balls is NOT “selling” or “delivering” beer pong and it most certainly contains no hint of condoning or encouraging underage drinking, which is EXACTLY what this “article” contends. If the writer of this invective had any decency, class, or even the most basic pretenses of journalistic integrity, he’d write a retraction and apologize–and stop hiding behind the “nom de plume.”

    • The author included hyperlinks that showed what was being sold. If you clicked on the link you knew what was being sold.

      And while I agree with you that selling “beer pong packs” doesn’t necessarily condone underage beer drinking (plenty of ASU students are 21 or over, especially these days) it does condone and certainly encourages binge drinking.

      Frankly binge drinking is worse than underage drinking in my mind. I don’t think a 19 or 20 year old drinking responsibly is anywhere near as bad as a 21+ year old binge drinking. It’s binge drinking and irresponsible excessive drinking that causes DUI’s. And Schapira is Mr. DUI enforcement to the max. So he should be called out for this.

      • Marcus Dupree says

        You just can’t admit that the premise was flawed, can you? The article never once mentioned DUI’s, it only claimed that the business sold to “underage students.” Besides, it’s called “personal responsibility,” if your mindset is that alcohol sold for the purpose of beer pong leads to binge drinking and then drunken driving, you should completely oppose the sale of alcohol, ping pong balls and solo cups.

        • LOL! I said in my comments in this thread that it was stupid (aka flawed) to criticize Shapira for promoting “underage” drinking or “underage” use of condoms (is there even an age limit on buying them?). But I also stated that the author was not saying that Shapira was selling alcohol to minors if you looked all the links that are present. The one link clearly states what was in the beer pong pack.

          And as for the DUI, I know the author didn’t bring it up. I am bringing it up on my own because I think it is the bigger issue. Shapira is a self promoter on the DUI issue and the fact that he was selling “Beer Pong packs” erodes his moral authority on DUI and alcohol abuse issues.

          Lastly, Mr. Schapira doesn’t appear to believe in personal responsibility. He believes in an nanny / police state where big government knows best.

          • Oh, really? Than why did one of his students on Rate My Professor (notorious for capturing the whinings of disgruntled students, BTW) talk about how DS requires “personal accountability” from his students?

            Senate Minority Leader Schapira doesn’t claim to be a moral authority., He is an effective, articulate fighter for working families.

  7. I decided to look up the claim, hence the articles in State Press that I found. From limited research after reading this post, I’d call Barbara Streisand on the claims.

    Since I don’t drink, I have no idea what Beer Pong is, but, I would hesitate to deliver anything “alcohol related”, especially since he is involved with MAAD.

  8. In addition to the numerous factual errors and general lack of balls from an author unwilling to use their real name, the article neglects to mention Schapira’s work for Teach for America. Given he’s served on the education committee, actually taught at the high school and college levels, and works for an organization that strives to improve low performing schools, there’s no other word for his education credentials but sterling. I’m guessing the author of this hit job was homeschooled.

    • No need to offend the home schooled. Nothing wrong with home schooling if done correctly. Nothing wrong with Charter or Public if done correctly. There’s failure in every genre of education.

      I do find it interesting that he doesn’t have a Master’s of PhD is is actually on the faculty, not just a guest lecturer. Is ASU trying to hedge their bets in the leg by hiring one as their faculty?

      • explanation is above, Chick. ASU brings in “professors of practice” and for these adjunct positions does not require a graduate degree but real-world experience in the given field. Please try to research your opinions and not present them as facts.

        • He’s 31 years old–how much “real-world” experience can he have? Honestly, you’d have to be a real political hack to believe DS is being paid for anything less than political reasons.

  9. Nordine Crub says

    I love the paragraph “Schapira has a lot to boast about on his work experience too. At age 31, he’s never had a real job that he’s earned on his own.”

    Let me guess….Mr. Bartholomew Stimpson probably thought there was nothing wrong with former Senator Russell Pearce “never having a real job”.

    Shane – where do you find these writers? Oh I forgot, this isn’t a r”real” newspaper, so no need for a journalism degree.

  10. Schapira’s DevilDash.com delivery service only lasted a year or so. It wasn’t very sucessfull. In fact, the domain devildash.com is now operated by a Colorado brewery for some race event. He also ostensibly has another business called “Democracy Online Campaigns” that supposedly makes campaign websites and does political consulting. But I think he would be pretty hard pressed to name any signicant recent clients beyond himself and maybe Ableser. I think he keeps it on paper mainly to say that he is still a “small businessman”.

    Attacking Schapira for selling condoms, pregnancy tests, etc., however is pretty stupid. There is no age requirement to buy those and every convenience store sells them. It’s 2011 not 1961.

    And normally, I would also think that attacking him over selling cups and ping pong balls as “beer pong kits” would be stupid too. They are legal items that anyone can get almost anywhere. He wasn’t selling alcohol. However, Schapira is Mr. DUI legislation. This is the guy who pushed through the ignition interlock bill for first offense DUI. His main bi-partisan legislative achievemnts have been on ratcheting up DUI laws to the extreme. For somebody like that to be selling cups and ping pong balls as “beer pong kits”, basically promoting binge drinking, is pretty two faced.

    • True Conservative says

      I really don’t have an opinion on this guy, and nothing in the original article swayed me one way or the other, but I do have a comment on the apparent hypocrisy.

      On its face, yes, it seems an odd pairing: selling beer party favors and imposing higher DUI standards. However, I recall one of my first clients — and long, long time ago — involved promotions by Anheuser-Bush.

      Its employees understood the danger of reckless drinking better than anyone and as such were very much in favor of anything that could (1) shift responsibility away from the provider of booze and (2) stave off legislation of their industry.

      Stricter DUI laws place the responsibility for drinking on the individual, not the company that profited in getting you there. For this guy, it seems a way of saying – I’m all for drinking and having a good time, but if you go too far, that’s on you, not me.

      I’m not sure that’s hypocrisy. Rationalization, self-serving — yea, those might apply.

  11. Giddyupandgo says

    There seems to some confusion who David Schapira is and isn’t, This is not the material for a Congressman . Clarity needs to be established before any serious run for Congress could even be considered.

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