Dana Marie Kennedy: a far left partisan extremist, and proud of it

You have to hand it to Phoenix City Council Democrat candidate Dana Marie Kennedy: she isn’t afraid to tell voters what she’s about. She is running against Republican incumbent Sal DeCiccio.

Normally liberal candidates for office try to downplay or even hide their far left-wing views, but not Dana.  Her website proudly displays the support she is receiving from all kinds of far-left organizations and politicians http://www.kennedyforphoenix.com/links.html.  Here are a few:

Congressman Raul Grijalva (from Tucson no less!)
Congressman Ed Pastor
Arizona Representative Kyrsten Sinema
Arizona Representative David Lujan
Don Bivens, Arizona Democrat Party chair
Arizona List (rabid pro-abortion group)
Planned Parenthood (see above)
Attorney General Terry Goddard
Arizona Senator Ken Cheuvront
City Councilman Michael Nowakowski
Arizona Senator Leah Landrum Taylor
AFSCME (government employees union)
AFA-CWA (union)

One would think she would be hesitant to advertise this as she’s running in a relatively conservative council district.  But we suppose it’s hardly surprising given the woman says her political idol is Paul Wellstone!  http://www.azcentral.com/community/ahwatukee/articles/2009/07/31/20090731phx-cityhall0801.html

And we’re still waiting for her to be criticized for injecting partisanship into the supposedly non-partisan race, as Randy Pullen was when he ran for Mayor.

But regardless, Kennedy gets an A+ for honesty.  But an F for political acumen.


  1. Until she slaps a donkey on her campaign signs, she won’t be in Randy’s league for “injecting partisanship into the supposedly non-partisan race.” Having supporters predominantly from one party certainly shows her stripes, but it pales in comparison to the antics of the former mayoral candidate.

  2. It must be so unsettling for you to know that liberals AREN’T AFRAID of being liberal, Chewie.

  3. I feel like I have made it big time for making your blog! I am proud of my accomplishments and proud of my endorsements, why would I try to hide who I work for or what I stand for? I stand up for workers, retirees and women every single day. There is no need to hide that, I am proud of the work that I have done and the reason I listed Wellstone is he knocked on doors and talked to voters. He talked to them and LISTENED to them. Frame me as you will but I will stand up for myself just as I stand up for others.
    Dana Marie Kennedy

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    Dana, you and your pal Kyrsten Sinema have nearly nothing in common with the “… workers, retirees and women” you claim you stand up for every day.

    You’re an elitist my darling pure and simple. Don’t try to pretend you can empathize with “the little guys”. That’s a joke.

  5. Dana is one of the smartest women in Arizona politics today. She holds true to her values and isn’t afraid of the “conservative machine”. If ANYONE thinks city council’s have so called non-partisan races/politics then you don’t know politics. The extremists on the right have been using this system as a political breeding ground for decades. Now that their system is being used against them they cry fowl. Too little, too late. I hope pal Sal gets his ass kicked!

  6. Dana Marie Kennedy says

    Hey at least you got my endorsement list fairly correct. I don’t have to worry about outing that I am a democrat, Sal is doing it for me. In case you didn’t get his email I would be more than happy to send it to you. Oh by the way I just got a call from a Republican wanting to know what party I was affiliate with when I said it was non partisan but he could easily find out and if it were important to him I would share. I kindly said I am a registered Democrat he said, thank goodness I have 4 votes for you, I am done with Republicans, they can’t even get a budget passed, I am ready for change. Honesty is not a bad thing and it feels rather liberating!

  7. Antifederalist says

    Sal DiCiccio a Republican? Party registration aside, that’s laughable.

    ALL races SHOULD be partisan, even Dog Catcher. In Arizona, Dems want the races to be partisan when they feel they have the upper hand (see Tucson’s races), but when they’re outnumbered, they work to HIDE their party affiliation (see Phoenix’s races). Anyone who criticized Randy for waving his party’s flag (despite his own foibles) is a `tard.

    I’ve quoted the betrayer Tom DeLay’s (can we say prescription drug benefit?) speech calling partisanship good before, and I’ll reassert my support for partisanship. I’m not talking about opposing good ideas just because the other side came up with them, but I AM talking about touting one’s adherence to a set of ideals. I, like the betrayer DeLay, believe that partisanship stirs the passions of the lemmings and turns out your side’s votes. So, good for Dana for proclaiming her wrongheadedness loudly. Now, if only we could get a REAL Republican candidate to oppose her.

  8. Chewie, Sal did work for Harry Mitchell in the last campaign and bragged about it when he was appointed to the Council. Dump two-faced Sal.

  9. I love the fact that Dana has the guts to come here and respond to this posting and I look forward to her being my next City Councilwoman.

    I also really love the fact that somehow the commenters here have decided that they are the sole arbiters of who is or is not a Republican. I have to say that’s an interesting political strategy. With the GOP losing elections and support all across the country, your response is to make it even smaller and more fanatical. Yep, brilliant idea 🙂

  10. I understand your frustration with a “leftist” candidate running and saying what she really is … but it does give her a leg up on credibility as compared to Randy Pullen, our “GOP” Party Chair. He claimed he was for lower taxes and smaller government. Yet, before any legislators (or the public) was aware that Governor Jan Brewer was going to push for the largest tax increase in Arizona history, Randy Pullen had already pledged his support. He smiled on the dais and even put his endorsement on Arizona Republican Party letterhead saying essentially “we are the Party of the largest tax increase in Arizona history” … the fish rots from the head down and its time for Randy to go.

  11. I am very happy with Dana’s work for our community and I like that she is up front and to the point. I am very proud to say I voted for her.

  12. Jennifer Demetrulias says

    This post has been hi-jacked by Acorn!

  13. yellowflower says

    I had a chance to talk to Dana at our Labor Day breakfast and she is one outstanding feminist. People will soon realize that our agenda of free healthcare for all, her strong stance supporting partial birth abortions and making sure that all our union brothers and sisters at the city of Phoenix get the raises they deserve. Only with her win can we achieve these goals! You go girl.

  14. Wow Yellowflower – nice to see you hitting up the blogs as well as AZcentral. Nice idea – PRETEND you back her and just make random and dumb comments. I applaud you on the tactic.

    The old boys network just doesn’t like the idea of a woman running for office.

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