Crump in the News

Rep Sam CrumpI find it a little odd that the Arizona Republic would run an article on State Representative Sam Crump yesterday.

Maybe I’m missing something but how often does any of Arizona’s local media run “Spotlight” stories on legislators unless it’s a hit piece?

Can we expect to see more stories like this or is this a new series?


  1. Rep. Crump is quickly distinguishing himself statewide as fine Republican leader. An unabashed conservative who isn’t prone to backing down from a fight. No question, Crump has a very bright future in Arizona.

    Oh by the way, Congressman Shadegg FAILED to endorse Crump in ’08. His endorsement was for Tony Bouie only! HA! Gosh, thanks for the good advice Congressman.

  2. Crump has a great future in the legislature and should be part of the GOP’s bench for statewide office in the future. SOS- GOV???

  3. LD6 Republican Committee unanimously passed a resoluton commending Rep. Crump and Rep. Seel for reclaiming $22.5 Million of the taxpayers hard earned dough.

    Great work Representatives, and great work LD6 PCs!

    Anybody catch the “not very” Noble Thinking article taking Crump to task? Don’t bother. Crump has already been proven very correct on this one.

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