Crooked county supervisors award Don “the Don” Stapley whopping $3.5 million in taxpayer dollars!

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Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Supervisors refuse to go to trial over Stapley’s lawsuit since they know a jury wouldn’t give him a dime  
New county supervisor Steve Chucri, who replaced Stapley, is only supervisor who objected to crony payoff 

On of Don Stapley’s two arrest photos.

Boy it must be nice to be rich, powerful and connected. Don Stapley was just AWARDED $3.5 million for doing the exact same crime that Jesse Jackson, Jr., was sentenced to 2.5 years in PRISON for! We covered the disparate treatment here.Both men were prosecuted for spending thousands of dollars in campaign contributions on personal luxury items.  The Arizona Republic lists what Stapley bought

here. Expensive stereo equipment, massages, three family vacations to Utah, Florida and Hawaii, fine women’s clothing from the nicest stores in NYC to name a few.
Stapley was indicted not just once, but twice, by grand juries on multiple felony and misdemeanor counts. Using taxpayers’ money, he hired the best, most connected attorneys to the judiciary and State Bar, who claimed that Sheriff Arpaio and his attorney Andrew Thomas were on a political vendetta. We’ve still never been able to wrap our heads around the “political vendetta,” since all three are Republicans.Some believe Stapley has a vendetta against Arpaio for busting his brother in a prostitution sting in the midst of this.  

Stapley won, and bilked the taxpayers out of millions, getting him off the hook and then getting Thomas disbarred. Meanwhile, he and his cronies have been handing out “settlements” for “stress” over being prosecuted. Stapley’s former business partner Wolfswinkel, a convicted felon, got $1.4 million awarded from the supervisors. The supervisors awarded Stapley’s secretary $500,000. Wonder what kind of stress she went through?

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Steve Chucri bravely announced he would run for Stapley’s seat a couple of years ago – even though Stapley was still in office. Shortly thereafter, Stapley revealed he would not be running for reelection. Chucri was the lone voice on the board who spoke up against the $3.5 million award to Stapley last week, saying it should be decided by a jury.

We need to keep cleaning up the supervisors’ office. Until the rest of them are removed and replaced with honest people like Chucri, the payola and political attacks will continue – on your dollar.

Read what four others are saying on Facebook about the award:

JUST WENT THROUGH THE ROOF ! ! ! ! Just saw an infuriating story on CBS 5 Local newscast. The obviously corrupt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is once again nailing the taxpayers to tune of millions (7 MILLION) in rewards to themselves and friends in another attempt to smear Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas. I was LIVID when I saw Supervisor Kunasek say taking the case to court was not worth the risk when HE KNOWS DARN WELL that a Federal GRAND JURY looked at ALL the evidence these losers presented against Sheriff Joe and Andrew Thomas and they declared there was NO REASON TO INDICT. It is the Board’s Duty to defend the taxpayers, not crooks within their walls. I think the MCBS KNOW what would happen if the truth gets out. I am sick to my stomach that we can’t get any news source in the valley to REPORT the facts on these ridiculous awards of OUR money to shady operators. I believe every citizen of Maricopa County should DEMAND that AG Horne investigate the behavior of ALL parties in this case. I cannot sit still for this outrage and no one else should either. We also need to find some qualified candidates to run for the Board so we can get some accountability asap. Corruption is KILLING our Republic, don’t sit still for it. Let’s get the Courts and more importantly a JURY involved with this matter. I am tired of the One-Sided assault on our sensibilities.

This is terrible. I thought once that goofy Stapley was out of their things would be different. So many forces to fight.

We need to do something about this.

They always pay off – that’s why they get sued so often…..after all, it’s not THEIR money — it’s ours!!!

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