crAZy – As in Arizona Democrats

Why are Democrats so angry? First it was Jeff Chimene explaining away a domestic violence charge

“It wasn’t a two-by-four, it was a stick, a two-by-two. A piece of tree or something.”

Then Representative Tom Prezelski lunged at fellow Representative Jonathan Paton and reportedly had to be held back by staffers. Now comes news that Representative Mark DeSimone has been arrested on domestic violence charges. For the party of peace and understanding they sure are hostile. Talk about crAZy!


  1. That’s odd – no mention in the ABC-15 account of the fact that DeSimone is a Democrat. If he were a Republican, the story would have started, “Republican lawmaker Mark DeSimone was arrested . . .” If Pelosi can resurrect the Fairness Doctrine, we’re in some pretty deep trouble.

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