crAZy is back

We covered the case of State Representative Mark DeSimone, who resigned after being arrested for domestic violence. Now comes news that Democrat Paul Newman, candidate for the ACC, likes to smoke weed (marijuana) while driving around in a county owned vehicle. The pot smoking was discovered as Newman went through a Border Patrol check point but no charges were ever brought against him. That’s crAZy.


  1. crAZy is as crAZy does.

  2. unconscionable

  3. Old news — didn’t this happen about 10 years ago?

  4. Don’t know where you learned math but this incident happened in 2004. There is also no indication that he is not still tokin while driving, especially since there was no consequence when he got caught red handed.

  5. old news? Character is forever. As they say a man’s character is his fate.

  6. diego,

    character is forever….

    what was that about McCain and Keating?????

    You really want to go down that road?

  7. So is he going to change his name, too?

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