Crandall, Driggs, Quelland, Mason & Konopnicki tried to have it both ways on immigration

Rep. Nancy Barto was one of six legislators (aka the “Sanctuary Six“) who walked out during the vote on HB2280, a bill to ban sanctuary cities, resulting in its defeat. As discussed in a prior post, Barto ran on a platform sounding tough on illegal immigration. Turns out her fellow five walkers also have made statements in the past indicating they would be tough on illegal immigration. They can’t have it both ways, if you’re going to represent to your constituents that you will vote for laws cracking down on illegal immigration, you can’t sneak out your responsibility as a legislator to vote, which essentially amounts to a “no” vote defeating the bill. Let’s look at what these other members of the Sanctuary Six said in the past:

Rep. Rich Crandall – Dist. 19

2008 Publicity Pamphlet:
There are several issues being addressed by the legislature that are important to me but my top four are education, safety and security, family values and meaningful economic development. I am for school choice, a strong border, protecting the unborn and lowering taxes, especially business and personal property taxes.”

What one state action do you think would work best to combat the problem of illegal immigration. Why?

The currently enacted employer sanctions legislation needs to be given a chance to work. Before we add more regulations to businesses, let’s see how the already passed bills work.


Rep. Adam Driggs – Dist. 11

2008 Publicity Pamphlet:
“I currently have my own law firm, specializing in federal immigration law. Immigration is one of the most controversial issues confronting our state today. My practical knowledge in this area will be an asset as the state works to solve one of its biggest problems.”

State Rep. Adam Driggs, R-Phoenix, introduced a bill in February that would increase penalties for human smugglers and make selling, renting or leasing property for the purpose of smuggling a felony.

Rep. Bill Konopnicki – Dist. 5

• House Bill 2386 — Employer sanctions. Establish a fine and civil penalty for employers who knowingly hire illegal workers. Primary sponsor: Rep. Bill Konopnicki, R-Safford.

Defending his employer sanctions bills on Horizon on Jan. 22, 2008 –
“If the individuals [critics] would read the bills and see what is there, they would actually see that it is strengthening the law and removing some of the problems. It puts teeth into the employer sanctions law so it can be enforced. Now we have a lot of people who have the emotion piece that say ‘Oh he’s trying to tear the law down,’ but in fact what we’re really trying to do is have something that we can live with. The citizens of the state of Arizona want something that’s enforceable. These bills make that law more enforceable.”

Regarding building a private prison to house illegal immigrants –
“This is a creative idea and worthy of exploration,” said Republican Rep. Bill Konopnicki of Safford.

His recommendations on 2006 ballot propositions:
Yes on Prop. 100, prohibiting bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes
Yes on Prop. 104, English as official language

Rep. Lucy Mason Dist. 1

2008 Publicity Pamphlet:
“Lucy believes it is critical to secure our borders. She met with federal Homeland Security officials and as a result, proposed a border security plan that increases law enforcement on the border immediately, deports criminal illegals quickly, and protects Arizona citizens by providing resources that support the federal government’s plan, rather than duplicating it.”

Rep. Doug Quelland Dist. 10

Supported Prop. 200


f) Children of illegal immigrants, born in the United States, should not automatically receive U.S. citizenship.



  1. Nice job there, HTML ninja.

  2. kralmajales says

    I would certainly be as pleased as you are to see these folks go and be replaced by Democrats.

  3. What a joke says

    I agree with kralmajales give the House and Senate to Democrats. They know what to do!

    Keep up the good work and we could have a Democrat for Governor, and they could countrol both the House and Senate. Now that would make this a wonderful state.

  4. nightcrawler says

    In this case, I agree with Chewie whoever he/she or they maybe. As a moderate, I would have rather seen the “six” stand-up and articulate the NO vote with conviction than slip out the back door only to defend the NO stance after the fact. Be loud and proud and say what you mean and mean what you say.

  5. What a joke says

    nightcrawler did you know that the House had met from 9 am on the June 30 until 7:30 am on July 1? Did you know that a number of people had to be gone by 5 am on July 1 and House leadership knew they would be gone? Did you know that leadership held the bills until after 5 am? Did you know that all 6 voted for the Boone bill HB 2331? Did you know the Pearce KILLED HB 2331 because it did not have his name on it?

    Keep up the good work and only tell part of the story.

  6. These were 6 legislators that were lied to by Russell Pearce when we he tried to slip in a provision at the last second he had promised to remove. Chewie, you can ignore it all you want but the bill was crap and Pearce deserved for it to fail.

  7. Sotomayor says

    Roger and What a Joke:

    What provision did Pearce throw into the bill at the last minute that was so objectionable? Also, maybe he didn’t like the Boone bill HB 2331 because it wasn’t written as well as his bill, it was probably more squishy.

  8. I don’t get the point of this post. You demonstrate that these six, in fact, all had strong stands on the immigration issue, especially employer sanctions, and want to do things that actually work. As Rep. Barto pointed out in her recent letter, Pearce’s bill was more show than anything and would actually create problems for most police agencies.

  9. Sotomayor, my contact says there was an agreement to throw out the part that basically would have opened up every city and county to frivolous lawsuits from every Tom Dick and Harry. It was put in the Strike at the last second hoping no one would notice.

    Why is he killing immigration bills? Didn’t HE promise and campaign? What’s his issue other than his name isn’t on it?

  10. kralmajales says

    I agree with Bill, this did sort of seem weak to me, as I would have considered these six to be seriously conservative on immigration. But hey, I think Jeff Flake is conservative and I think that Brewer is too.

  11. You guys are smoking something. These guys have consistently fought against strong enforcement against illegal aliens. To say otherwise ignores historical fact and indicates you are either deliberately trying to misinform or are blatantly ignorant of the truth.

  12. tell it straight says

    Great article. This is the dependable Wake Up Arizona! crowd determined to protect the interests of employers who hire illegal and exploited labor at the expense of American jobs and honest business people.

    These six are not representing the 75% of Arizona voters who express their will against illegal immigration every Election Day.

    John McCain, John Shadegg and Jeff Flake must be so proud of these six fellow “elites” who disregard the voters once in office.

  13. nightcrawler says


    My question is simply why didn’t Barto and the other five members articulate their position BEFORE the vote ? Truthfully, I just don’t know where they stand and that not only frustrates the hardcore conservatives but also the moderates as well. Wishy washy doesn’t cut it with anyone.

  14. tell it straight, if you were to ask those 75% if they prefer police go after murderers and rapists or gardeners and cooks, it’s pretty clear where the numbers would end up. This law would have done just that.

  15. nightcrawler, read the previous posts. The bill was set to pass until Pearce tried to sneak his provision in.

  16. Compliance is everything. Resistence is futile. Round ’em all up or get out. Brilliant.

  17. It is quite apparent that the emotions generated by illegal immigration are causing us conservatives to beat up each other while the lefties just smile. Russell Pearce is a true patriot. He is doing his very best to do what he believes is the right way to address and correct the problem. Other conservative legislators are likewise attempting to do their very best to address and correct that problem. To call them the “Sanctuary Six” is inappropriate. Their lack of support for Sen. Pearce’s bill and their support of Rep. Tom Boone’s bill is not only a matter of degreee but also one of possibility. Boone’s bill would take a necessary step to outlaw sanctuary policies in Arizona. Pearce’s bill would do that, too, but also, many argue(including ICE), his bill would have unncessarily complicated the matter and would have caused some unintended consequences, quite possibly rendering the law unenforceable. They felt it would be best to take a big first step–outlawing sanctuary policies–and then work on the other later. It is important that conservatives work closer together in order to accomplish the true goal–Arizona’s security and financial well-being. Turning things over to the Dems would not only destroy our economy, but also put us all in more danger–physically and otherwise.

  18. kralmajales says

    “Turning things over to the Dems would not only destroy our economy, but also put us all in more danger–physically and otherwise.”

    Your party and its eight years of near total control of government has destroyed our economy. As has this state house, Senate, and Gov.

    Danger physically? Ha. The GOP wars put us in more danger and killed many soldiers.

    Last, yes, I am enjoying your circular firing squad.

  19. Kral, what a short memory you have! We had a Democrat governor the past 6 years. For the last 2 of those years, Republicans had a nominal majority in both houses of the legislature, but there were enough liberals who voted with the Democrats on budget issues to deny Republican leaders a working majority.

    As for the “GOP” wars, I think there was an American response to the attacks on 9-11-2001. Democrats in Congress were mostly in favor of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And no stories about how Bush lied to get into the wars; everyone in Congress had access to the same information Bush did leading up to those wars.

    By attacking the bases of terrorism, we forced them to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq instead of being able to focus on more attacks against the United States.

  20. Hunter,
    I find you claim that “everyone in Congress” had access to the same info as Bush to be flat-out wrong. First of all, most members of Congress don’t have access to intelligence briefings and you also had an entire group of people set up in the Pentagon to spin raw intelligence in the direction of claims that supported the case for war.

    I certainly agree the Democrats in Congress were cowardly and gullible but to claim that the Bush administration was no seeking to find excuses to go to war just flies in the face of the tremendous evidence of intelligence manipulation and outright fabrication.

  21. kralmajales says


    First, I was talking Fed. 8 full years of Bush control and most of the time with the House and Senate. What’d we get? The worst deficit in our history, policies that didn’t work, corruption, and most of things that people dont care for.

    Second, we had a Dem gov for what 5-6 years and in that time she faced a legislature that held the budget hostage until the end…much as we have seen recently. Senate and House rules were used to be sure that her budget did not get the time of day. Fine, you had the power. That said, have to take the blame. The GOP budget was so bada and so unpopular that, yes, folks like Tim Bee had to rescue you from your own stupidity and march toward irrelevance. You have controlled this state for most of the last 44 years and have controlled the Senate and House for most of that time as well. This economy was sown long ago with a budget structure and theory that you all support and that has failed. Low spending and low taxes does not work. It is also VERY unpopular.

    Napolitano, was a finger in a dam at best. She stopped the blood from rushing out of this state but, in my mind, did little more than that. My chief criticism of her is that she feared you.

    So, now you have control. Complete GOP control…and you can’t govern..and people don’t like what your policies are (less spending, less taxes). So you have what you want and people dont want what you offer.

    Because of the policies of the right in the House and Senate, we have a state that has a revenue problem, not a spending problem. We spend far less than most states on most programs. Tim Bee and Pete Hershberger and Toni Hellon saved, sorry, your asses numerous times. Now people are finally seeing what you party is all about…and you will suffer massively in the next election…unless the hapless democrat party keeps fumbling the damned ball.

  22. Wow, I just love that so-called logic!

    “You guys have been in control for 44 years, but *this* time, it’ll be different!”

    Uh huh …

    Seems to me that if the voters of this state wanted the Dems to control the legislature, at some point in the last 44 years or so, they would have made it so.

    But I’m funny that way …

    I won’t even bother restating the points that have already been made. Anyone who believes a fantasy like this can’t be convinced of objective reality in this lifetime …


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