County Treasurer Hos Hoskins may sue Board of Supervisors over extravagant $347 million court tower

ABC-15 has another report on County Treasurer Hos Hoskins demanding accountability from the Board of Supervisors on their extravagant $347 million court tower. Hoskins held a press conference today expressing his outrage. Hoskins has had his share of run-ins with the County Supervisors, as have most of the other elected county officials. Most recently, he’s sparred with them over budget cuts – the Supervisors insisted that he cut 15% of his budget, but they refused to cut a cent from the court tower (obviously they’re in the tank to the construction companies that funded their reelections). Some excerpts from the article –

The project raises “grave concern for the financial well being and financial stability of Maricopa County,” according to County Treasurer Charles Hoskins.

“That report raised additional concerns about improper conduct by the Board of Supervisors, not the least of which is the refusal of the Board to provide public records to a major television network, effectively denying the public of the right to know how their tax dollars are spent,” the news release continued.

Click here to watch the video segment.

ABC-15 is asking readers to leave comments for the Board of Supervisors about the tower here.

We’re having a REALLY hard time figuring out how this pricey Taj Mahal court tower being paid for in cash (which includes penthouse quarters for the judges) can be justified as 45 employees from the Superior Court were just laid off.


  1. I’d expect liberals to have a hard time with this one but you??

    If you have followed the Treasurers’ news conferences and interviews, you’d know that he suggests that the County “borrow” the funds for the courthouse and use the money it put aside for this project to prevent cuts in his and other County budgets. So, are you suggesting that the County go into debt so that government bureaucrats won’t get laid off when millions of private sector workers have gotten the axe? Give me a break. I have a hard time figuring out how we have this “Hoss” yo-yo in office preaching the benefits of deficit spending, while trying to protect his bloated budget from the same cuts as the average Joe Six Pack private sector worker has had to face during this recession. If you have a problem figuring out how a government that refuses to borrow can spend its savings to create hundreds if not thousands of private sector construction jobs to build a courthouse that will put criminals in prison, while someone named “Hoss” is boo-hooing about having to cut his taxpayer-financed budget a measly 15%, I have a problem with you calling yourself a Conservative. Get real. THIS is how ALL governments should operate – pay as you go and only go as far as your money will take you. You should re-think your lapse of reason and call for this “Hoss” character to produce a single bit of evidence that he is qualified to manage the taxpayers’ money.

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