County Supervisors: Do as we say, not as we do

Here are some excerpts from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ latest million dollar “CLEAN AIR MAKE MORE” advertising campaign.  They are sending people these email messages even though they are in the process of building a $347 million dollar court tower downtown, which will send regional courts downtown creating more driving for people coming from Mesa who would have formerly only driven to the Mesa court, increasing congestion and pollution downtown. Wasting your tax dollars on useless environmental campaigns they defeat by ignoring themselves.

Take Action
• Refuel after dark
Eliminate all unnecessary driving and/or combine trips
• Carpool or ride the bus
• Do not use gas powered lawn or garden equipment
• Learn more about air pollution at
• To find a carpool or vanpool visit or call 602.253.5000

Trip Coordinators
Due to unhealthy levels of Ozone, Trip Coordinators are encouraged to email employees and activate your HPA plans. The Maricopa County Air Quality Department encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation, especially when pollution levels are expected to be on the rise.

Remind employees that they are encouraged to make more clean air. By taking small, simple steps every day, we can all make a difference. Additional tips on how to reduce air pollution can be found at


  1. We get it Chewie, you and your boss hate the Board of Supervisors. Do you realize that even if you post legitimate items, your never ending attacks take away from any effect it may actually have?

  2. Chuck, I am in real estate and work for myself. If you’re looking for business property, I’m your man. Who do you think I work for, there are numerous public officials who the Board of Supervisors has attacked. I have friends who work for the county and they kindly provide me with plenty of intel.

  3. Calling me Chuck is lame considering you are the one hiding behind a dumb alias.
    My guess looking at your posts would be the County Attorney’s office or someone who represents him. You don’t do a very good job at hiding your intentions in your posts. That’s okay, just another thing the readers of SA have become accustomed to.

  4. Hmmm!

    Word has it that you work for a former Supervisor, Rog!

  5. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck… I mean Roger, sorry. How will you ever get all that brown off your nose?

    The Supervisors are corrupt, face it. I am sorry to see insiders stop the recall of Kunasek but encouraged they are considering moving to Stapley. They are destroying the County for personal gain. They are laying off people so they can build the Taj. They are undermining Legislative intent, mostly from Stapley and Wilcox. They over collected tax money and violate the public trust to get around spending caps. They are forcing people to drive into Phoenix in their effort to reduce emissions. Interesting approach don’t you think?

  6. I’ll make sure I take small steps the next time I walk on country property… LOL!!

  7. Chuck, I certainly have my share of sources in the County Attorney’s Office, as I do in many government and politician offices. I’m a personal friend of Sheriff Arpaio. And I have sources in the County Supervisors’ Office. I tell all of them they’re welcome to post their own info on Sonoran Alliance if they don’t like me airing my thoughts on county business. If they’re going to complain about it to me, I’m going to expose it.

  8. I have no connections to Supervisors, the Sherrif or anyone else. I just see through Chewie’s crap like most of us do.

    It just gets old and we kind of get it already. Just come up with something original for once instead of retreading the same lame post.

  9. Chewie your sources are not very good since you are nearly always wrong. You consistently get facts and details wrong about this project, from its price tag to its materials to its purpose. Now i see you have moved on to getting the court consolidation issue wrong Whoever your sources are, they are feeding you a pile of BS.

  10. Actually Walter, I would bet his sources are dead on- Chewie just twists the facts for his convenience or his reading comprehension gets the best of him. Wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be the last.

  11. Alicia Gegner says

    The Board of Supervisors wants us to reduce our driving and use of gasoline powered garden tools to help clean our air. That is a good thing. The same Board is working on building a courthouse in Phoenix that would force everyone who uses the courthouse, and that includeds litigants, the accused, attorneys, judges, clerks, police, maintenance personnel and more, to drive from all over the valley, thereby increasing air pollution.

    Is the Board schizphrenic? What do they really want, less or more air pollution.

    I think they are just showcasing with their ad campaign. What they seem to want is some sort of monument to themselves, with undisclosed benefits. Remember, this is the same Board that has sealed up financial and other records, and won’t let the public see them. This is the Board that has members under criminal investigation, even by the FBI. This is the Board that shut down some funding of the County Treasurer, Sheriff and County Attorney, all in retailiation over the investigations conducted by those agencies.

    I have seen little children with more self control than these people.

    Roger, tell me who YOU are. You seem to love to defend bad actors and bad deeds. This reflects on your morality that is now in question. You can see as I can, that what the Board is doing is questionable at very best. You ought to be honest enough to acknowledge that .

  12. Chewie is right on this one. The county is charged with enforcing the 1988 Air Quality Bill and has a mandatory trip reduction program for companies with over 100 employees. Yet the BOS is sitting aroound and letting Judge Mundell move the 5 criminal divisions frm Mesa to Phoenix years before the criminal tower is even ready.

    An argument could be made that when the criminal tower is ready it would make sense as that building is being built with huge holding cells. But to do it now it will make us less safe as the older downtown courts are already busting at the seams.

    So now the BOS is forcing over a hundred public defenders, county attorneys, legal defenders, clerks, probation officers, interpreters and deputies to drive by the Mesa Court with its newer holding cells thus violating the trip reduction program.

    They are also going to force jurors, police officers, victims and witnesses to drive all the way downtown and they have refused to provide parking for victims or witnesses. The BOS purchased all the land arounc the Mesa court and there are hundreds of free parking spots. The Mesa mayor, Tom Freestone and police agencies have all begged Mundell not to do this but she could care less and lies about the reasons. Stapley and Brock have been silent and seemed to care more about making Mundell happy then the people they are supposed to represent.

  13. Alicia I’ve been clear who I am. I’m not defending the BoS. I think the court tower has been handled poorly. I don’t feel for a second thought they should be “saving jobs” with the cash they’ve accrued and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t be looking at bonding instead of paying outright. With building costs though lower it should be cheaper.
    And I don’t think for a second they shod be consolidating. The valley is too big to be focusing everything downtown. That is a short term vision where long term realities show that the valley will continue to grow with much of that growth in the East Valley.

  14. Roger,

    Your main interest seems to be that you want to spend all your time and energy on the writer of the article instead of the graft and corruption at the BOS.

    As a taxpayer, I am not interested in your spat with the author, but I am interested in the fact that members of the BOS is violating the letter AND the intent of the law. The bonding scheme is merely that – a scheme to violate the law regarding spending limitations.

    This BOS has constantly violated the will of the people with court consolidation in the JP system, the building and consolidation of the Superior Court system, the refusal to pass on appropriated funds to line officers. Don’t forget their JP court consolidation affects everyone including Wickenburg, Gila Bend, New River, etc. having to drive into the valley. Law abiding citizens in Anthem now have to drive 50 miles r/t to go to JP court to get an eviction notice or respond to a photo traffic summons where they are not the driver. This is injustice, not justice.

    The Stapley and Wilcox self serving manipulations are visible, while at least two other members have consistently used their insider information to purchase large blocks of land and then vote on transportation corridors and other land use decisions that make those land values skyrocket.

    While you rag on the author, you, me and every other resident of the County are being taken to the cleaners and our children and grandchildren will be paying the bill while the offspring of these scum bags will be taking world cruises from their million dollar palaces with their ill-gotten lucre.

    Your answer to Alicia indicates you know what is happening, but it is more in your perverted interest to blast the author than to oppose the corruption.

    Wrong focus, it seems to me.

  15. Hey Roger,

    Here’s the deal…as someone who has been taking the hits on this site for over 2 years from those who think being a conservative means you have to be angry all the time and look for reasons to find fault in other folks but judge not yourself, here’s my advice.

    Just like any other entity, at this site there are those who serve a purpose beyond the obvious. Chewie has a bad case of heartburn against the BOS and anyone who opposes his self-described close friend Joe. That should tell you something. (If that is true, Chewie…give the guy a lint roller, PLEASE!)

    Is he wrong more than occasionally? Yes. Embarrassingly so. The prize goes to the story about Bible study in the cafeteria being outlawed!

    Are his posts rambling and poorly written? Yes.

    Does he fill them with overly long hyperlinks that make for a difficult transition? Yes.

    Is he like a shrill, out of tune piccolo played by someone who desperately wants to be heard. Oh yes!

    Do you have to read it? No.

    Do you have to give him the credibility of rsponding? No.

    Do you have to broaden his platform by trying to make sense of the nonsense? No.

    If you look at his posts, many of them are filled with back and forth of one or two folks. The crowds are catching on to Chewie. Just like in other media forms, if the writer is someone you now is tilted or even all the way tipped over, go right by…eventually he just might go back to his Real Estate job. Which probably could use some attention considering the amount of posts he throws up daily.

    Unfortunately, if he were on to something it won’t get the attention it deserves. The “consider the source” rule will apply.

    But, one question unanswered…what ever happened to the “group” that was supposed to be Chewie? More than once this writer has clearly identified himself and his profession…maybe the meds are working and all those other personalities are gone…at least for a while.

    Roger, my guess is Chewie will be unable to allow my post to go unanswered, but he won’t reply in his Chewie voice. He will post as some other person, defending Chewie and calling out all who dare question his motives, technique, or validity. That will teach us!

  16. Actually, Ann, I think Chewie reached his nadir of stupidity when he confused the word “revenue” with “expense” (in relation to the NBA All-Star Game).

    And seeing as how he says in real estate, that confusion goes a lot to explain how the real estate crisis started.

  17. Ann,

    The DOR cafeteria Bible Study story was accurate. State employees alternate between the DES cafeteria and the DOR cafeteria. In relaying the story, there was some confusion as to which cafeteria it is – they’re both cafeterias in state buildings located a couple of blocks from each other. I know one of the employees who was involved in that incident and believe them over the folks who denied it. I don’t think you can use that small mistake to discredit everything written by Chewie. Roger has done a fine job of attacking Chewie, not what is written, and turning the debate into Chewie’s credibility instead of the real issues Chewie brings up that the mainstream news media ignores or puts their own spin on.


  18. Wonderful response Ann.

    Mary, the story was not accurate as Chewie reported it. That’s the point. Read through the posts, I have no problem discussing the content. The problem is, because of Chewie the content is usually flawed.

  19. I hate to be repetitive, but the story was about the corruption in the BOS. I would suggest that you start a Chewing Chewie Blog if you want to focus on the author instead of the extreme damage being done to the taxpayers of Maricopa County by these overbearing thugs.

  20. Hey Rog!

    I noticed that you asserted that you had no ties to any B.O.S. member.

    If you re-read my prior post you see that I said former B.O.S. member, who’s moved up a bit on the pecking order since.

    The more one reads your posts and Ann’s, the more one gets the feeling that you two are poor men’s versions of Ben Bernanke.

  21. The whole Court Tower thing is simply about the CAO and MCSO not wanting to submit to budget cuts. that is the whole thing. They are criminalizing differences of opinion at the County level. MCSO helped design the building and accompanied the builders on the “fact finding” trips that Chewie criticized. So did the CAO. They are there at all oversight meetings adding their input and they have worked with the architect to make changes to make MCSO and CAO functions more efficient in the Tower. Yet. in public, they are spreading lies and mistruths about the building, enlisting useful idiots like Chewie to blog on it, and threatening to put in jail the people they are cooperating with in the planning process. This is the most cynical and abusive approach to govenment I have ever witnessed, and I have lost faith in MCSO as a democratic institution. Shame on them for using police powers to settle policy disputes. Shame on Chewie for pimping for them.

    One thing about the Court Consolidation. ONly JURY trials are moving from Mesa. As Chewie and Carlist and Criag and Bilbo know very well, the civil and other non-criminal divisions are staying. as well as the RCC and other non-jury criminal divisions. They are feeding you all lies when they say they are moving the Mesa courts downtown. they know, and yet they lie. the Jury Trials are being replaced with more civil and probate, maybe Juvenile, but they are not moving the courts from Mesa. The only diffo is that there will be no need to transport prisoners to Mesa anymore from the downtown jails. Prisoners will go across the street or down the road now, which makes sense and saves money.

    I don’t expect anyone to ever listen to the facts I have recited because the whole court tower controversy is phoney and put up by the SO and CAO. There is nothing wrong here except two elected officials who do not believe in democracy and would put people like Don Stapley in Jail simply because he disagrees with them. pretty sorry and scary America we have in Arizona.

  22. one more thing Chewie, you are a pathetic embarassment. You should be ashamed for how you lie about the facts and whore yourself out. Blogging is still a form of journalism and should have some standards yet you have none. When you look in the mirror, you see nothing of value and your reputation for dishonesty and inaccuracy is well deserves, andyour own doing.

    Enjoy being Arpaio and Thomas’ tool. not all of us are such whores.

  23. The Mole says

    There you have it folks! The only one that knows what’s going on is walter. The ABC15 investigation was like the moon landing, made up! The Goldwater institute was wrong with their comments. The mayor of Mesa was just jumping on the band wagon with his threats to sue. The Board of supervisors didn’t really change the rule so the other electeds can’t do public records request. The Boards lackey, Tom Irvin doesn’t really have a conflict of interest. It’s just good business to have one attorney represent both the board and the courts. And I’m sure the $800,000 spent in his enrichment is also made up. the Board isn’t really sitting on 1.4 billion in cash they over collected from taxpayers or pursuing a bonding scheme to get around voter approved spending limits. And despite hiring the guy from the republic’s editorial board, at six figures, and bailing them out by buy their warehouse, there is nothing to see here.

    It’s a simple conspiracy between the Sheriff and County Attorney against the supervisors. Ask the guys in the black helicopters. With the right tin foil around you head, you too will understand.

  24. Mole, why don’t you dispute what I said or prove it wrong rather than just suggest that other disagree? you got any knowledge of your own or is it all reflected? Mesa is surely pissed because they are gonna be transporting prisoners downtown and going downtown to testify at felony trials. never denied that. THe ABC “Investigation” sure as hell was sloppy and most has already been proven wrong. Grow up. ABC Investigators are piss poor and the rest of the media knows it. haha. ABC 15 is good at covering house fires but suck at investigative reporting. Finally, debt for cash swaps have been the rule at the County for years and years and not new to this issue and besides, since you don’t know dick about this issue, the debt swap was pulled from the agenda because they don’t need it. they can spend their cash under the expenditure limit.

    I know you work at the County because you dialed into the the new PIO. I know you are stupid because you think there was some kind of quid pro quo with the hiring of the PIO. Six Figures?? oh man, whereever you work at the county, you don’t work in the area that lets you know how much people make.

    based upon your comments, and the cynical and sinister conclusions you have lept to in every case, I think you are the black helicopter type, not me. Let me know when you find that North Korean complex under the Superstitions or the UN tanks up in Wickenburg. Stay ignorant of the facts and stay in your hole and you will be a happy mole.

  25. The Mole says

    Okay walter, you are an idiot to say the least. There is a FACT. The ABC15 investigation was spot on and the had the back up to prove it. The spending limit for the County is about $1.14 billion but the stupidivsors, your hero’s, approved a much larger budget. They can NOT spend their “cash” which is over collected tax, stolen from the people they pretend to serve. The only way they can spend over that amount if through a bonding scheme used to get around the intent of the voters. It is however legal, at least for now. They cry that they are broke, but as you said the have cash. Lots of cash! around $1.4 billion as reported to JLBC. They are laying people off left and right in order to make space in the cap for the Taj Mahal. They could have waited and not built until later even if it was needed. They choose to put their monument over people and service to the voters. That is a FACT. Goldwater institute called them on it. That’s a fact. It’s even on camera. You probably work in OMB and have an interest in the BOS looking good. Guess what, they don’t! That is also a fact. They changed the rules so the Sheriff and County Attorney can’t make public records request. That is a FACT. They are being sued for their actions and are ALL under criminal investigation. Stapley has over 100 felony indictments and even the feds are after Wilcox. That is a FACT. The relationship with Wolfwinkle is at a minimum unethical for ANY elected official. The salaries for the County officials was published on the Internet and your boss, David Smith makes somewhere around $200,000 if memory serves.

    Pull your head out walter. Your friends are going to jail and you will be out in the street when they go.

    One more quick fact. The Board was opposed to all the Transparency bills at the legislature. These guys are dirty and everyone knows it.

  26. Walter: The truth is closing Mesa to criminal now is an enormous mistake because the wonderful tower will not be done for years. It might well make sense to move the criminal trial divisions downtown once the tower is completed but it makes no sense now to force more case into courthouse ill designed to handle them. If Judge Mundell had invited any advice from others impacted than planning could have been done for this to be a smooth transition. It made no sense to purchase the Republic property in Mesa and than almost immediately close the criminal trial divisions.Also I am sick of the myth that the jails are downtown within walking distance of the tower. I doubt most people consider 35th Ave and Lower Buckeye downtown but that is the area where the vast majority of inmates are housed.

  27. Larry, at least you are not getting the price of the building wrong. You can organize to have criminal defendants in the 4th avenue jail, and anyway, transport from towers and lower buckeye and the like is a bit easier than to Mesa, you have to admit. I do not work for the courts so can’t say why they sped up the transfer, but criminal at some point was going to move downtown, at least criminal trials. Remember, the tower has been in the works for 10 years. the project started 2 years ago when they hired the designer and builder.

    my only point is that no one had a problem with the project until the BOS cut the Sheriff’s and CA’s budget. then everyone started getting investigated.

  28. Walter you simply can not put all the inmates in 4th Ave. The tower can be defended but with no warning Mundell decided to close the criminal trial divisions in Mesa years before the tower. Everyone knew that when the Tower was completed consolidation would occur but there is no excuse to do it now. The criminal divisions downtown have one in custody day a week whereas Mesa Judges have in custody clients everyday. This is about Mundell showing she is in charge and it can not be defended. To argue it was going to happen someday so do it now with not planning is not a serious argument.

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