County Attorney to Ask Phoenix and Mesa PD to Arrest Human Traffickers

The State of Arizona has won a case against Juan Barragan-Sierra, a human smugglee*. We anticipate Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, to demand the Governor to order Phoenix and Mesa Police Chiefs to begin arresting other know smugglers.

*This story was updated to reflect that the person paying to be smuggled can also be charged under Arizona’s human smuggling law.


  1. Are you implying that they currently do not arrest known smugglers?

  2. By my comment- I don’t mean to get in the middle of the do they or don’t they cater to illegal immigrants. The Mesa PD busted the drop house on my block and by the way they were throwing a few of them around- I don’t think they thought too kindly of them. Much can be said about what to do with the “cooks and gardeners” but I don’t know too many cops (or politicians for that matter) out there not wanting to bust every drug dealer or coyote.

  3. Reflection, distorted says

    I like the part in the pleading where it says the deputy’s car “slipped into gear” and knocked the people in the other car down.

  4. The Gipper says

    Roger, I’ve been wondering the same thing. How come it seems like one can’t be pro County Law Enforcement and Pro City Law Enforcement? I like Cops – they risk their lives every day. I’m more then a little tired of seeing Arpaio talk down the Phoenix and Mesa police to get a few more cameras around. Jack Harris and Gascon have spent years protecting their (our) community’s – now I’m supposed to think their scum because Joe says it’s so??


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