County Attorney responds to embarrassing reversed legal opinion from Supervisors



  1. Cactus Alliance has posted the full memo from the County Attorney’s Office refuting Wade Swanson’s erroneous legal opinion.

  2. East Valley PC says

    What are we going to do to change the tide? We can’t throw all Republican office holders under the bus and avoid a Democratic sweep?

  3. Republicans are not better people than Democrats. They have better ideas, a better historical sense, perhaps even more prudence. But the same depraved proclivities as any other person, particularly when given unchecked power. Thomas has to take each and every case to a grand jury, and then a regular trial, so if a bunch of total strangers don’t agree with him he gets nowhere. Stapley, on the other hand, holds a pretty powerful but obscure office. And from the looks of the others on the board they are not doing a very good job of policing their own.

  4. Yeah, right. says

    If there is a real crime here, how come the folks up in Yavapai county didn’t find it?

    I think the real crime here is the county attorney thinks that everybody but him is a criminal.

    I also think that he will resign to run, and lose, and then be a pariah to the repubs from the east valley and will never hold statewide office, or another office again.

    Just desserts.

  5. East Valley P.C

    And what makes you think disreputable GOPPERS shouldn’t be thrown out of office.

    That’s what primaries are about!!

    Yeah Right:

    Let’s be blunt! The whole dispute between the M.C.S.O. and the County Attorney’s Office and the B.O.S. revolves around a greater dispute i.e. whether immigration laws should be enforced. This issue is basically at the bottom of the current G.O.P. rift with the rank-and-file on the side of Joe and Andy and the G.O.P. members of the B.O.S. and our Congressional delegation serving as ‘Chamber Pots and Maids” for Glenn Hamer and company!

    This dispute is also being played out in the Maricopa County Republican Committee and the State Legislature.

    Next September will determine the outcome and what type of Republican Party exists in Arizona!

  6. Is the Sonoran Alliance part of Andy Thomas’ PR team? It sure seems like it…

  7. When winning at any cost is your motto – which is what the GOP motto is – who cares about ethics, morality –

  8. Pub, Thomas is great at getting his media releases out to the blogs, not only to the mainstream press. If other politicians were smart, they would pick up on it and start including bloggers.

  9. East Valley Soccer Mom says

    It is because many bloggers work for Thomas GOP. I just wonder how much time is spent on the taxpayer clock.

  10. While I am a conservative Republican I am first a citizen and tax payer of Maricopa County and the USA who is tired of the seeming lack of character and ethics being practiced by our elected officials of all parties at all levels. We have the obligation to our party, our fellow citizens and ourselves to seek out candidates who have the strength of character and ethics necessary to rise above petty self interest and single minded issue advocacy. If – when – Andrew Thomas steps down we must encourage, no demand the BOS appoint such a person to step in and it must be one who can later win election to keep that key office Republican and on the path the citizens of Maricopa County deserve. We need to be forcefully heard.

  11. PLD nailed it! The BOS hopes Thomas leaves so they can install one of their puppets. Timing is everything. Stapley and Mary Rose might be gone soon. The other three might be encouraged to put ethical replacements in the vacant seats and also give us a fair replacement for Thomas should he decide to run for AG. As voters, we must demand the board act responsibly. If not we need to see to their retirement.

  12. PLD is right on.

  13. What makes PLD think the B.O.S. will be guided by his principles?

    The members have exerted themselves to do otherwise!

    Thomas, Arpaio and Hoskins are prima facie evidence that County officials should be elected and not appointed!

    Otherwise we would be burdened by a prolifigate, County Sanctuary!

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