County Attorney A. Thomas Launches Potential Run for Attorney General

Proven Crime Fighter Andrew Thomas Launches Exploratory Committee for Arizona Attorney General

Maricopa County Attorney Touts Results, Effective Change in Potential Bid for State’s Top Law Enforcement Job

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. SEPTEMBER 9, 2009. Having presided over a reduction in crime and illegal immigration during his tenure as Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas is interested in setting his sights on the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, where his long-standing focus on protecting the public and securing the border might benefit all Arizonans.

Thomas will file his paperwork this morning with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, establishing his exploratory committee.

Thomas was nominated by Republicans in the 2002 race for Attorney General, a primary election in which he swept all of Arizona’s 15 counties. He was subsequently elected twice as Maricopa County Attorney, in 2004 and 2008.

Perhaps best known for his tough-on-crime stance and related policies, Thomas has established a reputation throughout the region for improving the overall safety of Maricopa County. And the numbers don’t lie. Since taking office in 2004, overall countywide crime per 100,000 people has dropped 18 percent, violent crime has dropped 8 percent and property crime has been reduced by 21 percent. Additionally, during the same time period, the number of criminals sent to the Department of Corrections has increased by nearly 30 percent, while vehicle thefts have steadily declined by up to 30 percent in metro-area cities.

“County Attorney Thomas has dedicated his life to a successful fight against crime,” said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “If he ultimately runs for Attorney General, I will do whatever I can to help elect him.”

Thomas has implemented innovative policies to fight crime, such as ending plea bargains as they had been customarily used for serious violent criminals, fighting human smuggling, sponsoring programs to prevent crime and drug abuse and putting a greater emphasis on identity theft cases. Thomas also successfully prosecuted two of the Arizona’s most notorious criminal cases, the so-called “Serial Shooters” and “Baseline Killer” cases.

“Whether it’s taking a stand against illegal immigration before doing so was politically safe, working with police officers to take serial killers off our streets, or standing up to powerful lobbies, I have never hesitated to defend the public interest, no matter the personal cost,” Thomas said. “The changes and results have meant better protection for our citizens through reduced crime.”

Should he choose to run for Attorney General Thomas said he would continue his tough-on-crime policies for violent and repeat offenders and identity thieves, but also focus on issues such as offering common-sense environmental protection and upholding constitutional values in state government.

In previous campaigns, Thomas has been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association and Border Patrol Agents Association.

Thomas and his wife, Ann, have four children. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School. Prior to being elected Maricopa County Attorney, Thomas served as an assistant attorney general for Arizona, a prosecutor for Maricopa County, and chief attorney for the Arizona Department of Corrections.

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  1. Now that Thomas is officially in the race, expect Sam Crump to drop out and endorse Thomas. Will also be interesting to see if Horne drops out now. He has no shot at beating Thomas in a GOP primary, no matter how hard he tries to run to the right, he has a terrible record on issues from abortion to providing free public education for illegal immigrants, and his six speeding tickets (two that were never paid) in 18 months pretty much ruins any chance he had at getting elected to the top law enforcement post in the state. Word on the street is that Democrat Tim Nelson won’t be running, leaving Thomas with no real challenger. Should be a boring race.

  2. Could someone explain why the County Attorney hired the ex-Executive Director of the Clean Elections Commission to work for the County Attorney’s office?

  3. conservativo says

    Probably to keep her from going anywhere else and stirring up trouble. Notice we’ve never heard a peep from her again since she got hired on as a civil attorney there.

  4. Rosco P Coltrane says
  5. Oh yes, one of the most classic cases of the Phoenix New Times LYING ever published. New Times ran article after article claiming this driver who was high on pot who helped cause a car accident was prosecuted because he was BLACK.

    What they didn’t report? The guy doesn’t really look black (see his booking photo here –, and so when Phoenix Police arrested him, they checked “white” on the police report. The police report was submitted to the county attorneys office, where it was analyzed and agreed to bring charges against the guy. Prosecutors showed up to the first hearing after they’d filed the charges, and only THEN were told the guy was actually black.

    Some of the most dishonest reporting ever from the Phoenix New Times. Amazing anyone bothers reading it anymore. Sarah Fenske should be ashamed of herself. The scuttlebutt among defense attorneys who hang out downtown at court is that the New Times went too far on this one to portray the county attorney as racist, it’s not believable. Nice try. His wife is Hispanic.

  6. Jerrod I agree 100 percent that there was nothing racist about the Wilkerson prosecution and that an article which attacks the trial prosecutor’s looks is evidence of the New Times bias. Thomas is not a racist and nothing about his record supports the tired claim but the argument he is not racist because his wife is hispanic is weak.

  7. No resign and run here…

  8. doesnt he have to resign to run now?? Or does he have time since it is just an exploratory committee??

    No matter when he announces he has to run resign though i assume because he was elected in 2008 so no matter what it will not be the last year of his term…

  9. I am thrilled that we have a chance to have an honest Attorney General for our state.

    He does not have a racist bone in his body and only a fool will make such a claim. Now that you mention it, there are a few around! Nevertheless, aside from totally made up lies and accusations, which will easily be discredited, anyone who thinks they can run against him and win needs to reevaluate prior to making a fool of him/herself.

  10. Rosco P Coltrane says

    I didn’t post the New Times article to play any race card. I posted it because the prosecutors went after the wrong man in a seemingly obvious case, at least according to the article. Indeed a followup article had the jury asking why this guy was even on the stand and not the drunk teen who caused the accident that got her friend killed.

    If you keep electing someone who will prosecute absolutely anybody despite obvious evidence, then you are going to be sorry someday when they come for you or your loved one.

  11. What a bunch of cry babies, Thomas is tough on crime and will easily be elected AG. The lefties who blog on this page who thought John Ashcroft was a nightmare all woke up this morning screaming!!!

    Go get em Andy, we’re with you!

  12. No Government Run Health Care says

    So who comes in as County Attorney with Thomas moving up? We could keep the AG Candidate/County Attorney rotation going and have Bill Montgomery take over. Does anyone know when Thomas has to resign and how the replacement process works?

  13. Thomas’ paid political advertisement is a fabrication. Under Thomas Arizona went from the 9th most dangerous place to live in America to number 3 according the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics. Thomas managed to accomplish that feat by abusing mandatory minimum sentencing laws in a campaign of mass destruction against the men, women and children in Maricopa County. As far as “his career”, it is lackluster at best.

    1991, Graduated from college
    3 years working at a local law firm
    1 year working as an assistant to the state Attorney General’s office
    3 years working in the Department of Corrections as Chief Counsel
    1 year working in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office
    2000, elected Maricopa County Attorney, managing 350 other attorneys in the 4th largest county in America

    Andrew Thomas is a one-man budget wrecking machine who is responsible for at least 1/3rd of Arizona’s $1 billion budget deficit. He’s the reason the state sold off all it’s prisons to the for-profit prison industry and (if he becomes AG), he will be the main force behind the for-profits building more prisons and shipping inmates from other states to AZ–making AZ America’s First Prison State.

    These are the facts and they are supported, unlike so much of this “Hail Thomas” kowtowing. If the voters of this great county want to do something powerful, they’ll reclaim their state and send the likes of Andrew Thomas packing.

  14. Do you idiots live in a box? says

    Wow is what I have to say about the way you people blow off the Wilkerson case. The next time a rich white drunk chick desides to crash into someone Im hope its one of you. This mans life was ruined because of this. While the drunk teenager walked away? Andrew T should be ashamed of how his office handled this case. Even the jury was mortified. Get out of your little boxes and see what a monster your supporting!

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