Corruption at Dept. of Corrections under Napolitano exposed publicly tonight!

Dr. John Kent TaylorDr. John Taylor Kent, a former psychologist at the Department of Corrections, will air his final episode of the Dr. Kent Show tonight from 6-7pm on 960 KKNT, where he will expose the corruption that has taken place at the Arizona Department of Corrections under Governor Napolitano and her DOC political appointee and tennis partner Dora Schriro. You will hear about the coverups that took place to prevent embarrassing mistakes from being publicly revealed – mistakes which resulted in the deaths of inmates. You won’t want to miss this, this information has never been revealed to the public before and has been kept hush-hush among state agencies. You can listen online on KKNT’s website. (If you miss the show, it should be available online archived at KKNT for at least a week afterwards). Contact Dr. Kent at

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