Corrupt County Manager David Smith abruptly resigns

Resigns amidst county feuding and lawsuits       

County officials had tried to force renegade County Manager out for years; he was the main force causing the county feuds

Another corrupt county employee who Sheriff Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas tried to prosecute goes down. One by one, the corrupt county officials who successfully thwarted prosecution are proving that Arpaio and Thomas were right. Judge Donahoe abruptly resigned from the bench. Kenny Harris, the chief engineer on the court tower, was fired under suspicious circumstances by Smith. Supervisor Don Stapley is not running for reelection. Supervisor Fulton Brock’s career is over now that his complicit role in hiding his wife’s affair with a minor has come out. Several county employees have been suspended or fired for accepting bribes related to the court tower. It seems like every few weeks another county employee connected to the Supervisors’ office is exposed.

Now Maricopa County Manager David Smith, the Supervisors’ hatchet man and highest paid employee in the county, is suddenly resigning in the midst of the county lawsuits and feuding. We heard from county insiders a month ago that this was in the works, due to inside pressure being placed on Smith. Smith sent out a self-congratulatory resignation letter to all county employees on February 27, bragging about his history of working at the county.

The Supervisors issued a similarly plastic announcement full of fake praise from corrupt Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox. Smith claimed in his email, “Our low-cost leadership in providing public services is unmatched.” This is false. Smith spearheaded the building of the Taj Mahal court tower, which cost taxpayers $347 million during a recession, and included luxury building materials, penthouse quarters for the judges, etc. The Supervisors regularly increase property taxes by spinning off unprofitable parts of the county into new taxing districts that add additional taxes to homeowners’ tax bills. Of course they lie to taxpayers about this, pointing only at the primary tax rate which they do not increase.
Insiders at the county tell us that even the sleazy county supervisors were getting tired of Smith embroiling them in battles with other county officials like Arpaio and Thomas, and told him it was time to go. He saw the writing on the wall that when the new county supervisors are elected they will not keep him on. The public was beginning to see through Smith’s aggressive efforts to launch investigations into other county officials who had been merely trying to do their jobs and root out corruption at the Supervisors’ office.Smith kept settling lawsuits by corrupt county officials instead of forcing them to litigate them all the way through on the merits, awarding his cronies hundreds of thousands of dollars over “stress” from being prosecuted by Arpaio and Thomas. Taxpayers will be required to pay for these large awards.
The Supervisors’ cozy relationship with the Arizona Republic had sustained Smith’s tenure for years,  covering up his wrongdoing. A few years ago the Supervisors hired Richard DeUriarte from the Arizona Republic as their press spokesperson, who was the former boss of Yvonne Wingett, the Republic reporter who covers the county. Wingett’s articles sound like press releases from the Supervisors.
Under Smith, Maricopa County has become the worst-run county in the nation. His legacy? Putting hardworking families out in the street with layoffs of county employees in order to build his Taj Mahal. Smith makes $227,198/yr. If he has worked for enough years in government he will qualify for over $200,000/yr in retirement pay from the taxpayers. Ironically, it is a bargain to pay him off and get him out of there rather than continue the financial damage he is causing to the county.

There are several candidates running for County Supervisor positions. It is long overdue to clean out the Supervisors’ office and stop the government waste and incessant expensive taxpayer-funded attacks on conservative county officials.
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  1. County employee says

    Finally! No one can stand him at the county. He’s arrogant and makes backroom deals to protect those high in power who control his overinflated salary. I guarantee he was behind the kickbacks to the court employees for the court tower. This man is as seedy as they come and will do whatever it takes to fulfill his schemes. Next the county supervisors need to all go. They allowed this man to continue his reign of destruction unfettered for too long. He has destroyed the lives and reputations of anyone who got in his way, no matter how low-level the employee. His Assistant Sandi Wilson needs to go also, she is just as slimy as he is.

  2. The timing is certainly suspicious. You would think he would have remained through the rest of the year to ensure that the rest of cronies get large settlements from the county. Makes me more convinced that he left in a hurry because they got something big on him.

  3. Law enforcement agent says

    I want to know where all of Smith’s victims go to get their reputations back. He has smeared anyone who dared stand up to him. If you are an attorney he files bar complaints against you with the left wing Arizona State Bar Association, which of course wants to ding anyone who is conservative. Thanks for writing this. The Arizona Republic had nothing but fawning words about Smith and his resignation. What a bunch of propaganda.

  4. One down. Five to go!!

  5. David Smith is one of the most putrid of all public “servants”. However, in his case, public servant is an oxymoron in the extreme. Smith represents everything that is wrong with politics – hands out, pockets stuffed, and this guy wouldn’t even wipe our windshields for us.

    All I can say is good riddance, and by the way, Alicia said one down, five to go. I guess she means the supervisors. Now getting rid of them too is one capitol idea.

    Bye bye Davey boy, and don’t let the door hit you s you slither away.

    • In agreement. Not a word out of any of them while this circus unfolded. That reason enough to put them out. Let’s support ethical County Commissioners in office, even if it means a complete turnover. If nothing else, it will sew some pockets shut for awhile.

  6. Hats off to you for publishing this expose. It’s about time someone told the real story that so many have lost reputations and futures to fight. This Republican plans to vote them all out for allowing it to go unchallenged from the “inside” for so long and a cost of millions to taxpayers.

  7. Arizona Ranger says

    Here is another example of “Good riddance to bad rubbish”. I have to assume there will be no city wide ‘going away” party for D. Smith. The only way a person of such low caliber and few (if any) desirable traits became (and stayed) the city manager is……the Board of Supervisors!! That’s right, as long as Smith would be be the hatchet man and gopher for the Board, he stayed on..and on….and on!!! As the local rag of a newspaper (you know,the one we ALL refer to as the Repugnant) supported this idiot and everything he stood for. Now, if only we could fire the executive staff at the newspaper and just start over.

    But now we the people have that unique opportunity to put some honest, ethical, and liberty-minded people on the Board of Supervisors. This opportunity comes around not often enough, so make sure your voice and vote is heard.

    As for D. Smith, don’t let the door hit your rear end on the way out of town!!

  8. No guts, no glory says

    Good news for taxpayers and for vendication of Arpaio. Please do not confuse the effective State Prepresentative David Burnell Smith with the disgraced David Smith. County voters are being rewarded with the announcement that Don Stapley and Fulton Brock amd Smith are soon to be history and all happening and withour an election..

  9. Excuse me, do you have any evidence that Smith is being forced out, or that he is corrupt, or that, well, that anything you write is true?

    You deliberately lie when you claim that Donahue resigned abruptly. In fact, the judge had postponed his retirement for several months before finally resigning. If anything, his departure was protracted, the opposite of abrupt.

    All I see from you are naked assertions unsupported by fact or reason.

    This is no vindication of Arpaio or Thomas, at least not that you’ve even remotely demonstrated. The simple fact remains that their criminal and civil lawsuits against their political enemies were tossed out. They had no case, and now they are paying the price for their acts.

    No, wait, actually its the taxpayer that is paying.

    It is recondite how any conservative would give cover to a pair of men who so clearly represent the very worst government can offer.

    • Conservative American says

      In order to put the above comment in perspective, one must understand that “truconserv” wrote this:

      “It is not our goal to oppose everything Marx supported.”

      Need I say more? 😉

  10. Hey look, the County troll showed up. Anyone with a pulse know Smith was one of the major problems at the County. Good riddance to him and his ego. Lots of heads are going to roll once the BOS elections are over and the new BOS seated. Truconserv will probably be one is my guess. January will be clean out the trash month.

    • TruConserv says

      Yes, of course, I ask for proof so I must not only be a troll, but one employed by the BoS?

      I’m not saying Smith isn’t a jerk, or that it’s good that he’s gone, just that his departure doesn’t prove

      1) That he is corrupt
      2) That Arpaio and Thomas are somehow vindicated for having used their respective offices to go after their political rivals.

      • Conservative American says

        SA readers need to understand where “TruConserv” is coming from. It wrote this:

        “It is not our goal to oppose everything Marx supported.”

        He’s speaking about Karl Marx, the author of the “Manifesto of the Communist Party”.

        Well, there we have it! 🙂

        • TruConserv says

          Yup, there we have it.

          You can’t give a substantive response so you retreat to giving quotes out of context.

          Textbook wingnut, not conservative behavior. Others have asked you not to give your lame, spammy, off-topic responses. Grow-up.

          • Conservative American says

            Then by all means, TC, put your comment in perspective for us. You have the floor. Go for it.

  11. Truconserv: If you need any more proof of Smith’s arrogance and corruption, you haven’t been paying attention for the past six to seven years. There is no need to go over his entire history here. It’s just a good thing that he’s going. Unfortunately, he will retire with a nice pension paid for by our tax dollars.

    • TruConserv says

      Arrogance – sure.

      Corruption – I hear and read a lot of allegations. Never see any proof. It strikes me as wrong to make accusations that can’t be sustained.

      • Conservative American says

        Well this isn’t an accusation, TC. This is a statement of fact. You wrote this:

        “It is not our goal to oppose everything Marx supported.”

        Marx, of course, being Karl Marx, author of the “Manifesto of the Communist Party”.

        Certainly explains TC’s positions, doesn’t it! 😉

  12. Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

    Rob Haney doesn’t have the stones to put his name on this article, but we know he is behind the “American Post Gazette,” and that he is blindly loyal to Arpaio and Thomas, who are both corrupt.

  13. Another troublemaker gone, finally.

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