Correction: DOR, Not DES

Earlier this week one of our writers, “Chewie”, posted on an incident regarding a possible violation of religious freedom at one of the State-run cafeterias.

In that post, it was reported that when “a group of employees tried to hold a Bible Study at a table off in a corner of the cafeteria, they were told it was prohibited.” The post also reported that the incident took place in the Department of Economic Security. In fact the story was even picked up by The Phoenix New Times which also looked into the incident and reported on their findings. Their post included a statement by DES spokeswoman Liz Barker-Alvarez who stated that, “there is no problem to look into.” In fact, that DES statement is correct. The incident did not occur at the DES cafeteria.

Sonoran Alliance has instead confirmed that the incident actually occurred at the cafeteria located at the Department of Revenue.

Sonoran Alliance will also confirm other details once we have more information.


  1. I suspect we’ll get a “confirmation” of this at the same speed we got a confirmation of the “big shocking news” about Ed Hermes.

  2. Klute – you mean that picture of the boy with the bra isn’t Ed Hermes?

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