Contraindications Warning: Obamacin

One of our creative readers just produced this excellent little video. Let’s help it go viral.


  1. Conservative American says

    ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Oh, that’s sweet!

    The thing I like is that it is from the perspective of a young person. Obama is desperately trying to get the “youth vote” again… and it ain’t working! Hope this puts another nail in Obama’s political coffin!

  2. You want something to go viral? How about this:

    Mitt Romney has just told the Denver Post that he WILL NOT REVERSE Obama’s ILLEGAL amnesty for “Dreamers.” His proposed inaction will allow 2 or 3 million illegal aliens to run amok for two years and take jobs from Americans with unemployment running over 8%, and the economy in the crapper.

    Romney’s indifference (to suck Hispanic votes) will SANCTION Obama’s ILLEGAL act an the POTUS, and simply lead to more DEMANDS from MEXICO and their American ilk for MORE AMNESTIES, turning this country into a third world Mexican porta-pottie.

    So the national Republican Party is handing us yet another NO-CHOICE candidate, just as the Arizona Republican Party has done in the U.S. Senate race. Maybe the call now should be to just vote straight, 100% Democratic. It just doesn’t matter anymore. Screw both parties of the oligarchy – they are BOTH out to destroy America!

    • Conservative American says

      I’m not too worried about that one, zoo, and I’ll tell you why.

      There is currently a lawsuit before the U. S. District Court in Dallas, Texas filed by ICE agents who are being represented by Kris Kobach. Part of that suit makes a VERY strong case that the implementation of the DREAM Act by executive order is illegal. Congressional Republicans, like Jeff Sessions, are entirely aware of that lawsuit and it is currently THE legal vehichle for putting an end to the implementation of the DREAM Act without congressional approval.

      Romney knows that the courts will almost certainly strike down the implementation of the provisions of the DREAM Act without congressional approval. So, politically, Romney can make that statement, seeking to garner “the Hispanic vote”, whatever that is, knowing that he can throw up his hands saying, “Hey, what can I do?”, when the court puts an end to Obama’s game! 🙂

      • I apprecite your assessment CA, but the fact remains Romney is a guilty as Obama for the illegal amnesty by saying he won’t stop it. It is illegal, and Romney is willing to sanction it just to get a couple of Hispanic votes? THAT KIND OF CRAP is what started all of this under George W. Filth. Romney thinks he will net more votes by gaining Hispanics minus losing outraged citizens like myself. And that is what the GAME is, has been, and always will be. America be damned.

        You know something, no matter how the Presidential race goes, I can’t lose. I have been so angry at the Republican party starting in 2002 under Filth, and it’s been nothing but a full decade of disbelief and rage. Filth and the GOP gave birth, nurtured, and suckled the Hispanic voting block into the artificially-sized monster that it is today. And now, it will exterminate the GOP.

        My primary desire from the outset was to stop all of this and preserve the country I grew up in, period.. Now I will have to settle for 2nd prize, and that prize is watching and reveling the total misery of Republicans under Democratic rule. The final numbers in the Flake/Cardon race and today’s gaffe by Romney is the last straw. If Obama wins, I can forget about stopping Mexico Del Norte and just sit back in euphoria watching Republicans become suicidal as each of the agonizing Obama years passes by. Que Sera, Sera.

        • Conservative American says

          Don’t be too pessimistic, zoo. Romney isn’t my ideal but he is, without question, infinitely better than B. Hussein Obama! There’s another thing which is important to remember in all of this. Every president has some check placed upon them by Congress and the courts. Obama has tried to get around that but the court decisions will slowly begin to come out nullifying his unconstitutional actions. Let me give you an example.

          There is a court case that’s back on the move against Obama’s HHS mandate now. It’s approaching things from a different legal angle. A lower court tossed it but SCOTUS tossed it back! Game on!

          Never surrender. Never permit yourself to sink beneath the level of circumstances. Work with the best you have while striving for something better. An indomitable will can accomplish many things considered impossible by the average person. 🙂

      • Reality Check says

        Talking to yourself again?

    • Reality Check says

      Now you are turning on Romney too?

      • Conservative American says

        What do you care. You’ve “turned on” Conservatives and Republicans. I don’t think that’s entirely accurate since you are actually a Liberal, leftist, “progressive, Pinko!

        Have a nice day, Liberal Check! 🙂

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