Conservatives Dominate at LD6 Appointment Meeting

DavidBraswellYou might not have imagined it would take very long for a district to approve 3 people as “recommended” to the County Board of Supervisors when only 3 people were nominated.  Yet the PCs of LD6 barely made it out on time.  The process was to elect three people who would be recommended to the BOS to fill the remainder of Sen. Pamela Gorman’s term.  After a lengthy check-in process, the rules were explained (and re-explained) and the contest began.  LD6 Chairman David Braswell was nominated, as was conservative initiative professional Lori Kline, and PC Bob Haran.  With three spots to fill, it looked like an easy contest, but the rules required that a ballot actually be cast and that each received more than 50% of the vote, which in this case meant 63 of 125 votes.  That is when the politics took over and things slowed down.  It appears the majority of voters voted once for just their preferred candidate rather than simply voting their three votes for all three candidates.  When the first round of votes were counted, Braswell had 80 votes and advanced to the BOS, but Kline fell just short with 55 votes.  Haran, whose attacks on Kline seemed to backfire, finished with just 23 votes.  They then held a second round of voting to see if Kline and Haran could get 63 votes, which is when the Braswell voters switched to voting for Haran, so that after the second round, Haran got 82 votes and Kline got 67, meaning that each of them also advanced on to the BOS.

It seemed like many of us in the room were there to watch, as there were numerous VIP guests and even some press in attendance.  And appointed PCs were not eligible to vote.  We don’t know what the Board of Supervisors will decide, but it is hard to imagine that they will pick Haran over Braswell or Kline.  Either way, both Braswell and Kline sounded very conservative and each would likely do well.  Kline appears to be more focused on fiscal issues while some of Braswell’s supporters were saying that he was also very strong on border issues and had done a number of things on behalf of great conservatives like Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio, and Andy Thomas.  I imagine that district chairmen probably have an advantage, but we are supposed to know for sure within 5 days according to what we were told.

The best part is we get to do this all over again next week to fill the State Rep. Sam Crump seat.


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Bob Haran’s tactics against Lorie Kline were dishonest and deplorable. He would be the worst candidate to represent anyone.

    After his attacks were proven untrue, its amazing he made it to the ballot.

  2. Beside Haran being a hypocrite, by supporting a governor that has a fundraiser at planned parenthood supporter’s home and a governor that demands a tax increase… Now he supports David Braswell…the same David Braswell that donated $100 to Kyrsten Sinema in 2002.

    I smell a rat.. I wonder what Braswell promised to Haran… the appointment to Crumps Seat…. the chairmanship to LD6?

  3. West Valley GOP says

    I think you’re wrong about Braswell, he’s a good guy and a solid conservative. He has stood up and defended Sheriff Arpaio and Russell Pearce at meetings and events, and he’s with us on the stuff that really matters. With so many weak-kneed legislators are running scared down there, we could use a few more rock-ribbed types backing up Arpaio and Thomas. And as a State Senator, he could help Russell Pearce move a secure-border agenda forward.

    Can’t say much about Bob Haran ’cause I don’t know much about Bob Haran. And I’m not saying anything bad about Klein just because I’m saying good things about Braswell. Sounds like she has been involved in some really good ballot initiatives, so I’ve got no objection there either.

  4. What is despicable about Mr. Haran’s attack on Lori Klein is that her questionnaire submitted to Arizona Right to Life was perfect. Tells you a lot about Mr. Haran.

  5. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says

    Bob is being a statesman and stepping aside to support Dave.
    Dave is a good guy and a stand-up Republican.
    LD6 has some great people and both Bob and Dave have proven Republicans can come together for the good of the Party.

  6. Jon, do you think Bob Haran was being a statesman with his unjustified, factually incorrect attacks on Lori Klein?

    Do you think David Braswell is a statesman for being Haran’s accomplice by telling his supporters to vote for Haran after seeing this descpicable behavior?

    Is that how Republicans come together for the good of the party?

    Your reply, in the context of the other replies, just does not make sense.

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