Munsil Announces Support of James

PHOENIX (January 23, 2009) – In the final day before the election, Lisa James, candidate for Arizona Republican Party Chairman, announced the endorsement of 2006 Republican nominee for Governor Len Munsil and his wife Tracy, legislative district 8’s 1st Vice Chair.

The following statement was issued: “We are delighted to endorse our friend Lisa James for Party Chairman,” said Len and Tracy Munsil. “After Arizona voted for Bill Clinton in 1996, it was Lisa who led Arizona back to red state status in 2000 and 2004. Her long track record of service to Republican candidates is unmatched. She understands the role of Party Chair is to raise money, register voters and build unity around our conservative platform and principles. She will provide energetic, diligent and gracious leadership to our Arizona Republican Party.”

“I am thrilled to have the support of Len and Tracy Munsil,” said James. “Len has been a long-time leader in the pro-life and conservative movement in Arizona and it is an honor to have his and Tracy’s support.  I look forward to working with them over the next two years as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.”

To learn more about Lisa James, her goals for the Arizona Republican Party as Chairman and to view what others are saying, please visit the campaign Web site at


  1. i agree with Mr. Munsil, Lisa James has my vote tomorrow for AZ GOP State Chairman!

  2. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    Wow. This looks like a battle between a mob of saber-rattling PC’s who attend monthly gripe sessions and whittle about on blogs, and those who have put their careers, families, reputations, and fortunes on the line to actually run for office.

    Len Munsil is saying a lot here. Endorsements don’t usually mean that much, but this is an exception.

  3. A last minute endorsement sure rings kind of hollow. An early enthusiastic endorsement would have made a much different statement. Sounds like Mr. Munsil is satisfied either way.

    We’ll be pulling the lever for Pullen!

  4. He’s not going to try to blame Pullen for 9/11 like he did with Napolitano is he?

  5. Ho-Hum. Munsil endorsed James two years ago after his impressive showing in the 2006 general election for governor – impressive for Napolitano and the Democrats. With Munsil at the head of the ticket we lost effective conservative control of the state legislature, two congressional seats were lost, and the marriage amendment lost.

    Before Munsil and James backers get typing a response, I acknowledge that Len Munsil had an uphill battle in the general election and that all of the other races were not his fault. However, his 35% of the vote dragged down legislative candidates which hurt in close races. Also, he wrote the marriage amendment that was the only marriage amendment introduced in any state in this country to lose. Fortunately, the one he didn’t write that was on the ballot last election passed.

    Lisa James and the rest of state party organization were focused solely on Kyl’s race in the general election. That definitely impacted all of the other races in the state, including Munsil’s, which suffered from state party neglect.

    Len is intelligent and hard-working. He can and does have a huge impact on Republican primary elections. But if we are looking for people who will help us win against Democrats, I think we should look to someone other than Len Munsil for advice.

  6. For what its worth, I’d like to give kudos to Sonoran Alliance for posting all of these press releases from both campaigns. I think its obvious who SA would like to win tomorrow, but they have shown a lot of integrity in giving equal time to both candidates.

  7. Wow, 2 votes for Lisa. Umm, okay.

  8. Maricopa SC says

    Len Munsil is a strong conservative, and as the founder of the Center for Arizona Policy, this is very impressive.

    GO Lisa!!

  9. And he supports someone who ran the campaign in Arizona for Rudy Guiliani, who is not pro-life? Interesting.

  10. AZRed,

    Thanks for the kudos. DSW – Sonoran Alliance has not taken a position in the chairmans race because I literally am still undecided. Two years ago, I did endorse Randy Pullen with one of the reasons being that I would be considered for the position of ED. That obviously did not happen. Leading up to this race, I have tried to be as fair as possible for both candidates (and with no promises in the background). There are a lot of good people on both sides of these campaigns and some of them are my good friends. So to set the record straight, I have not pledged to either Lisa nor Randy and will wait until I am literally with pen in hand to decide on who to vote for. What is said at today’s meeting and the manner it is said may make the difference.


  11. curious observer says

    any news on how the race is shaping up.. wish SA was blogging from there like they did last time

  12. Randy Pullen took it all!

  13. curious observer says

    Pullen by more than 30 votes


  14. Well, Len Munsil is in the dust bin of AZ GOP political history (hopefully) and Lisa James has now followed (hopefully). Birds of a feather …

  15. Tom Buggeln says

    A postscript:

    Why would the head of C.A.P. throw his lot in with a Giuliani supporter?

    Is it mutual devotion to John McCain, and/or the Chamber of Commerce position on employer responsiblities regarding illegal immigration?

    Social conservatism seems to have gone out the window this time around, Len.

  16. The John Shadegg-Sean Noble attack on conservatives at the District level was all for naught.

    Two weeks ago Rob Haney showed their big effort to turn the Party moderate was colassal failure. Naming Tom Husband MCRC Exec Director was brilliant! Thanks Shadegg-Noble for the two big promotions! Haney to County Chair and Husband to County E D!

    And now Chairman Pullen shows two years of an MIA congressional delegation only endeared him more to the state’s rank and file!! What a beautiful two weeks!

    Oh, and I was so disappointed to see the Rob Haney slate of CD-3 MAL SWEEP! In case you missed it, Horst Kraus lost by 50% of the vote!

    Have a Congressman visit your district and endorse a RINO slate of District Officer candidates. It can pay great dividends!!

  17. Veritas Vincit says

    Len Munsil… conservative, hmmm… lets see, Is he real or is he memorex? I guess he’s as real as the comfort zone of the senior delegation will allow.

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