Conservative Gilbert leaders endorse Kirk Adams for Congress

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 23, 2011
CONTACT: Chad Heywood

Conservative Gilbert leaders endorse Kirk Adams for Congress

Local leaders praise Adams’ ability to make the tough decisions to shake-up Washington and get America back on track.

GILBERT, AZ – Kirk Adams is proud to announce the latest additions to his growing conservative coalition: Gilbert Vice-Mayor Jenn Daniels and Council Members Eddie Cook, Ben Cooper and Jordan Ray.

“Kirk Adams is a rising leader for conservatives,” said Vice-Mayor Jenn Daniels. “He has proven that he is willing to make the difficult choices to solve our generational challenges. Kirk represents the values that families of Gilbert hold dear. He will be a strong, conservative leader for our community.”

Councilman Jordan Ray said: “Kirk Adams is just what our country needs in Congress. Kirk has a record of standing up for families and conservative values. As an East Valley small businessman, Kirk has a vested interest in making sure our community is successful. More than anything, Kirk has proven he has the guts to make the tough decisions to reform Washington.”

Adams welcomed these East Valley leaders to his growing coalition.

“I’m honored to have the support of Vice-Mayor Jenn Daniels and Council Members Eddie Cook, Jordan Ray and Ben Cooper. Our campaign continues to gain strength everyday. With the support of these respected community leaders, we are one step closer to shaking-up Washington.”

Kirk Adams is a rising star in the Republican Party, and a conservative reformer who shook-up Arizona’s state Capitol and will do the same thing in Congress.

A husband, father and small businessman, after joining the state House in 2006, Adams found himself so frustrated by the unwillingness and inability of Republicans in the Legislature to stand up for their conservative principals that he launched a long-shot campaign to oust the veteran Speaker of the House.

Adams shocked the Republican establishment and political class, winning the Speakership at only 35 years of age and one full term in office – making him the youngest Speaker in Arizona history.

Adams led the House back in a conservative direction with an aggressive reform agenda, taking on some of the most challenging issues in Arizona history – issues others were afraid to address because of the potential political fallout.

A native Arizonan, Adams and his wife JaNae live in Mesa and have five children.




  1. Kirk Adams was able to have a conservative house because, while Kirk was campaigning to be Speaker, Jim Weiers, the previous speaker, was working hard to get more conservative Republicans elected to the House in 2008 after the state party was wrecked by Jon Kyl, Matt Salmon, and Glenn Hamer in the 2006 election resulting in lost Republican legislative seats. When Weiers had good majorities, the state was in great fiscal shape in spite of Janet Napolitano.

  2. It’s refreshing to see the new leadership of the Town of Gilbert support Kirk Adams in this next step to reign in spending and outrageous spending by governments on government unions. Watch for the Town of Gilbert to set a new standard on how an Arizona municipality can effectively run and manage public goods while keeping its citizens safe and businesses prospering. Expect Kirk Adams to work hard to make those same changes at the federal level.

  3. Mesa voter says

    I’m confused

    The conservative city council in his own city and district decide to endorse matt, but the Gilbert council, many of whom haven’t been in office for more than a month go his way????

    • SomeonePinchMe! says

      The MESA COUNCIL is more CONSERVATIVE then the GILBERT COUNCIL???!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The three who endorsed Salmon are liberal legislators–one is even a Democrat! Really Salmon? You can’t have it both ways…you’re just like every other politician in Washington…talking out of both sides of your mouth.

  4. Read the two press releases. One with quotes from elected officials stating exactly why they endorse Matt. The other, basically saying Kirk is a nice guy and up and comer.

    The question I have for the 4 newly minted Gilbertites, what sets Kirk apart from Matt besides the fact that he’s a good guy and your campaign manager is running Kirks campaign.

    Adams did well as Speaker, but Salmon has him beat on this stage.

    • Mesa Man says

      Just read the two PR’s and what I read is that the Mesa guys are supporting Salmon because they have known him for a while and he will protect the Gateway airport. The Gilbert guys are stating that they like Adams’ business experience and the fact that he has “proven” that he can make the tough decisions we need to made in Washington.

      I am sure Salmon is a nice guy but Kirk Adams has “proven” himself by balancing budgets, reforming state pensions, and initiating tax reform that will promote small business and creat jobs.

      In regards to Salmon beating Adams on “this stage”, I think it is important to note that the stage has changed dramatically over the last 10 years and Adams fits the mold of the new Congress perfectly.

  5. And let’s hold off on calling them conservative until they’ve had their first council meeting and taken a vote. Daniel’s counts, but Cooper wasn’t considered one of the “conservative 3” and the third person isn’t on this list.

  6. Gilbert Conservative says

    The Conservatives in Gilbert have many fractions…. there are the Linda Abbott conservatives, The Mayor Cynthia conservatives, the Chad Heywood sheep club conservatives, the Bill Norton conservatives and they each consider themselves conservative. Crazy group in Gilbert… the word conservative is meaningless in Gilbert. It is over used !!

  7. I really wish I knew what the criteria for conservative really is these days. I think if you say “Im against taxes and for shipping illegals back to mexico” then you are the chosen one. There should be some measure that you actually have to accomplish something to be recognized as a conservative. The newbies in Gilbert havent done anything. ANYTHING. Lets see them cut govt costs or find new revenue or something useful. I’m willing to bet that by the end of the year, I could make the same statement and it would be true.
    As for conservative, I dont think being lenient to a staff person that had an extreme DUI and Cocaine in the car is particularly noteworthy in conservative circles. Lets see, none of my close friends or family have ever had an extreme DUI or been caught with cocaine, I think it takes a real outlier of character to get that far out of whack. But maybe im just one of the stupid little people that doesnt understand Power Politics and all the pressure.

  8. Show me the truth says

    Matt Salmon has been endorsed by the following individuals:

    Jody & Barry Aarons
    Bas Aja
    Edward Basha III
    Tricia Beran
    Jason Bezozo
    Hon. David Braswell
    Robert Brinton
    Don Budinger
    Wil Cardon
    Wilford Cardon
    Tim Casey
    Doug Cole
    Chuck Coughlin
    Bill Cox
    Todd DeMasseo
    Don Diamond
    Max Fose
    Mark Goldman
    Randy Gray
    Anne Hamilton
    Bob Hart
    Garry Hays
    Alan Heywood
    Gretchen Jacobs
    Kevin Knight
    Beau Lane
    David Leibowitz
    Sandy & Mac Magruder
    David Martin
    Mike Melton
    Jason Morris
    Luke Narducci
    Hon. Vernon Parker
    Bruce Pearson
    John Perkinson
    Ralph Pew
    Tom Pomeroy
    J. Doug Pruitt
    Brent Richardson
    Jason Rose
    Sid Rosen
    Brad Smith
    Jessica Smith
    Andy Swann
    Karrin Taylor
    Dr. Skip Watters
    Quinn Williams
    Jon D. Willis
    Chris Zaharis

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