Conservative Arizona Women on the Move!

Two great conservative women blogs to add to your reading list!

Real AZ Women actually debuted back in February (I should have plugged it back then!) and features a number of conservative women who have been active in Arizona politics. According to their subtitle, “Arizona women are smart, witty and ready to lead. We love working and learning from men and women and invite anyone with a point of view, interesting news or insight into how we live, love and work…”

The newest social networking blogsite is also up at Smart Girl Politics – A Conservative Woman’s Movement. (This is part of the growing “NING” blog formats that anyone can join.) According to Teri Christop, the site’s creator, “SGP is a grassroots organization that promotes the opinions and principles of conservative women. We are dedicated to the advancement of conservative women in all levels of public service. Men are more than welcome to join.” And although SGP is a national blogsite, several prominent Arizona women are contributing to its content.

If you haven’t figured it out yetSonoran Alliance has been an incubator for several of Arizona’s conservative blogs. In fact, I could give you a long list of Arizona blogs whose writers got their start right here and are now leading the way in their own regard. Congratulations to these women and may their blogs be widely read and highly influential!


  1. Come on over to SGP as we’ve a nice Arizona contingency. Colleen Nolan and all volunteers worked their hearts out yesterday registering more voters, handing out fliers–I thank you gals one and all.

    We’ve an AZSGP group on the site, so do join us!!!


  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Registering voters, hopefully you only registered Republicans?

    You can bet the farm that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now doesn’t register too many Republicans.

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