Congressman Trent Franks Speaks Out for Life

Today was the annual March for Life here in Arizona. This day was a day to commemorate the millions of precious lives lost and affected by the wanton violence of abortion which breaks the sacred bond between a mother and child.

It has now been 37 years since Roe v. Wade started us down the path of 50 Million lives lost.

This video currently appears on the front page of Arizona Right to Life’s website.

(There are also some great photos taken by Jennifer Wright posted on Facebook and Flickr.)

Congressman Trent Franks is one of my biggest Pro-Life heroes in the movement and he deserves our thanks for standing many years firm on this issue.

Please take a moment to watch this video. It may be a year old but it is still as important in 2010 to out survival as a nation.

Thank you Congressman Franks.


  1. Just wish he had not been the tie-breaking vote on CAFTA and Medicare Part D. Unfortunate.

  2. Trent Franks is the soul of the Republican Party on the Life issue.

    We ought to count our lucky stars to have a man with the character of Trent Franks serving the citizens of CD2 and Arizona.

    BTW Observe –Just in case you had not noticed there were a few other so called GOP “tie breakers” on those votes you have recalled in your response.

    I think I can speak for at least some of us who reside on CD8 who would give our right arm for a man like Trent to serve us in the Congress. ( There is someone who is running who might fit some of the same criteria ).

  3. Fair enough. But those two tiebreaker votes he cast were not small things.

    Part D was the single largest government spending program in the history of the nation at the time. His vote in favor was a HUGE letdown.

    CAFTA was no small thing either. It has contributed to the rotting out of American jobs and the dollar and submitting Americans to legal authorities under treaties under which Americans have no representation. His vote in favor of that was a DEVASTATING letdown.

    There’s no way to forget votes like that Bruce. Those kinds of votes are called “selling out to corporate interests” in about as major of a way as could possibly EVER happen.

  4. Observe–Rick Santorium also voted in favor of the part d . He felt strongly about his vote at the time being so right because he felt we got many other good things from the bill. He now feels this was his WORST vote he ever cast.

    I think when we look at Trent we would both say he has served us well in the multitude of his votes and is rather well tuned in to how all of us out in the high grass look at the world.

    I am sure Trent does not mind the criticism . He can take the heat and probably learns from what he hears from folks like you and me.

  5. 2010 to Win! says

    Who else was on hand at the Rally?

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