Congressman Marsha Blackburn In The House

Congressman Marsha Blackburn will be in town next Monday as a guest of Congressman John Shadegg for a special fundraising event.

Both conservative congressional Republicans will be at the Biltmore hosted by a several Republican women including the Honorable Mary Peters, Brenda Burns and Laura Knaperek.

Named a ‘rising star’ by the Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, only three years ago, U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn has quickly earned a renowned reputation as one of America’s most articulate and engaged political leaders. The National Journal described Congressman Blackburn as a ‘top House conservative’ in recognition of her conservative voting record. Americans for Tax Reform called the Congressman a ‘taxpayer hero’. The National Taxpayer Union named her ‘taxpayers friend’. She received the ‘Best & Brightest Award’ from the American onservative Union for her 100% conservative voting record.

And yes, she does prefer to be called “Congressman.”

If you plan on attending, please download and print the linked invitation. We hope to see you there!


  1. We are looking forward to the event. Would you please join us.
    Horst & Gigi Kraus; PC’s from LD-6

  2. She certainly looks like a congressman.

  3. Why is Mary Peters an “Honorable”?

  4. Does this mean we can expect Marsha Blackburn to endorse RINOs running against conservative Republicans in state legislative races like Mike Pence and John Shadegg did in LD6 in 2008?

  5. Maricopa GOP says

    It seems like the word ‘conservative’ is now being used to describe any Republican candidate who is running for office in Arizona.

    The three Johns all claim that title, but all have left their conservative supporters in the lurch – Johnny Mac decades ago, and the other two johns following in his footsteps this decade.

    That Horst and Gigi are proud partners with them speaks for itself.

  6. Pick…pick…pick…

    We wonder why the media makes such a big deal every time a Republican stubs his/her toe…much less actually causes a self-inflicted, mortal wound.

    Maricopa GOP once again shows that we have set the stage for such deliberate focus on all things negative, real or imagined. We get what we give.

  7. Maricopa GOP says

    Right Ann. It is unreasonable to hold someone accountable walk their talk. It is really unreasonable from your perspective.

    I suppose you are in favor of social promotion in schools and absolutely oppose the use of red ink to demonstrate failure in course material.

    Bottom line, do you believe in situational ethics? If so, you probably think that any criticism of Sanford and Ensign is just being picky too.

  8. Heavy sigh. No use in trying to speak with reason or for something beyond a disconnected reach for a gotcha.

  9. Hey Maricopa GOP,
    Don’t worry about Gigi and I. You’ll get your turn partnering with any of the nut jobs who predictably lose against the Democrats.

  10. Maricopa GOP says

    The number of true conservative “nut jobs” in the legislature are a testament to the fact that if one clearly state their conservative core values and then actually follows through with actions that validate those values, the voters will elect them to office. The “moderates” (dare we say RINOS) like you are the vanishing breed based on the results from the voting booth.

  11. Oh yeah? That is why we have a Democrat in the White House, a 60/40 split in the US Senate in favor of the Liberals, and a Democratic Majority in the US House.
    I guess in the mind of every always, solid, family value, Reagan, platform, conservative Republicans [did I miss any adjectives?] the names of office holders like Gifford, Grijalva, Kirkpatrick, Mitchel and Pastor can be safely ignored.
    Keep on thinking in terms of “Rino Hunters” and “Party Cleansing” and you will wind up being the absolute minute minority.

  12. Maricopa GOP says

    Oh yeah? Oh yeah?

    We have a D in the White House, a 60/40 split in the US Senate and Democrat majority in the US House because too many Democrat lite Republicans got their moderate butts kicked in large part due to your kind of Republicans bringing us the largest increase in the size of government since FDR.

    Gifford, Grijalva and Pastor beat moderates, and Kirkpatrick won because of the ethical questions about the moderate incumbent R combined with the RNCC bailing on a conservative candidate.

    Reagan platform conservatives across the country were re-elected and moderate/RINO candidates accounted for over 90% of our losses.

    Keep on thinking that being Democrat lite is a winning strategy and you will become more and more irrelevant!

  13. All right you two.

    Let’s get back on target and make sure that we hold on to CD-3 and that means supporting John when Marsha arrives to help out.

    On another note, and I know this is a lot to ask, please make sure you meet Ruth McClung who is one sharp young lady running in CD-7. She may be at the Shadegg/Blackburn event.

  14. DSW, hold your thoughts, just for a moment, you are talking to two individuals, one is a total nut job and I will tell you in a moment why, the other one is I, Horst Kraus the most transparent conservative Republican in all of Arizona.
    You ask for us to get back on target.
    I have never ever been off target, not when Kyl was overwhelmed by Pederson’s money, not while Shadegg was overwhelmed by the DNC in their monumental financial support of Mr. Lord, not when Schweikert mustered his offensive against Mitchel, not when the AZ GOP Chair Randy Pullen called on me to serve on the Finance Committee (write a check friend). Go Google me on Huffing ton or anywhere else.
    I and my conservative wife and life’s partner of 64 years (and counting) were always there, from the time when Fannin was AZ GOP Chair, and Liddy was MC Chair to financially and with timely deeds support the principals of fiscal conservative causes and candidates.

    Listen up now DSW. Here is why Maricopa GOP is a Nut Job. He starts his thesis with: “too many democrat lite republicans got their moderate butts kicked in large part due to your kind of republicans bringing us the largest increase in the size of government since FDR”
    First, I must conclude he is regurgitating a statement, he most likely heard or read at a Klan’s meeting or copied it from the Heritage Foundation or the John Birch Society, or any other xenophobic organization.
    The truth is, that I, Horst Kraus, after being granted U.S.Citizenship joined the Republican Party, became a Free Market Entrepreneur, elevated myself to become elected chief negotiator for the Cook County (Chicago) Labor Negotiator on the Contractors Site for the Plumbing Heating and Cooling Industry and fought for Conservative Principles for as long as I held this position.
    So where does this guy come off with accusing me for bringing big Government into place?
    Next; this guy (Maricopa GOP) implies that the Dems. won against “Moderate” Reps, and thereby suggests if we had chosen more right wingers, we might have won. Well, if the Dems had no problem cleaning the clocks of moderate Republicans they would have no doubt made mince meat of whacked out right wingers. You follow me?
    Remember, that after Salmon lost to Napolitano, the wackos concluded if they only had a more forceful male put the Arizona women in their place, they could have won the 9th floor. They did and Munsil got his clock cleaned even more.
    Did you know in America women, unlike some Moslem Countries may drive their cars?
    They also are allowed to tell good conservative icons of the ilk of Gingrich and Limbaugh to Efff off, and pursue their own life’s happiness, that is after they were rudely abandoned?
    In the end, this Idiot, (Maricopa GOP) concludes in hopes that I become irrelevant. That takes the cake. If I would, or the likes of me did, Arizona would become a Blue State.
    Finally, if Ruth McClung attends Shadegg’s meeting, please introduce me to her, I have given support outside of my district many times before, and I will double “Maricopa GOP say’s” contribution to her run to unseat a Democrat that is a promise.
    Sorry for the long post
    Horst & Gigi Kraus, Conservative Partners for Life, Yes indeed.

  15. Maricopa GOP says


    I will not go into the Horst’s Histrionics. Mine will be shorter.

    When anyone attacks mainstream Republican Party Platform advocates as being the reason for Democrats winning more races, I believe it is responsible to set the record straight. After all, it is those “right wing nut jobs” who are actually the mainstream of the Party, otherwise the Party Platform would read very differently.

    There are 12 new Republican State Representatives this year – many of them taking seats from Democrats – and ten of them are the “right wing nut jobs” Horst eschews. Without them, we could add our Legislature to the list of Democrat controlled entities.

    Horst and his friends believe that it is perfectly acceptable for Democrat lite Republicans to work against and withhold their votes from conservative candidates, but that the reporting of those facts causes division. I have NEVER seen him post a complaint against the WISHies and their supporters who signed up as “Republicans for Janet” that caused Salmon to lose that race. His assertions are a crock and should be exposed for what they are.

    I am now out of this post in deference to you, DSW. Thanks for all your hard work.

  16. Maricopa GOP is why we Republicans are loosing our ass everywhere. Todays GOP claims the Reagan mantle, but honestly Reagan was not near as whacked out as Arpaio, Pearce and half the Arizona Legislature. RINO as you call them was the base of the Party. They adapted to Reagan. RINO was Reagan’s base plus a lot of conservative Democrats.

    The God-boys are killing the Party. Wake up before it is too late. There are only so many Mormons and Evangelicals and guyslike Trent Franks cant carry John Shadegg’s water. Shadegg is a true Rep. Paid his dues, took no shortcuts like JD and deserves every Republican’s support. If you even half way care about the future of the country, support Shadegg all the way.

  17. Maricopa GOP says

    I agree with Rancher that he and his people are loosing their ass. Anyone who thinks that RINOs were Reagan’s base is either misrepresenting the facts by intentionally revising history, or he is unknowledgeable about even the basics of political reality and should have loose bowels.

    Reagan defeated the Rockefeller liberal wing of the Party in a hard fight. He was clear in his beliefs as his supporters crafted the forerunner of today’s platform philosophy.

    To bolster that fact, remember his words: A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs, which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell it’s numbers…. And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these conservative principals, then let them go their own way.

    Those are not the words of a person who believed that liberal RINOs were the base of his political success.

    I will support Shadegg when he comes back to the grass roots that he aligned himself with in 1994. I was there in the little house behind the family homestead. He has moved a long way from those days on Missouri Avenue with Newt to where he is today in ways other than geographical.

  18. Sovereign says

    While you all are sniping, Rome is BURNING!

    I am a Conservative… I became an Independent after watching the Republican Party abdicate it’s role as the party of smaller government, lesser spending, and values I can feel comfortable exposing my children to… Don’t worry, I voted Republican in the last election, but it was a vote for the “lesser of evils.”

    Until the Republican Party develops the spine to stand up for what the Founders envisioned for our country — until it begins stand RELIABLY, DEPENDABLY, and CONSISTENTLY for positions based on Principles — until it STOPS trying to pander to ‘special groups’ of prospective voters — until it stops trying to curry favor with the Statist-Run Propanda machine of the MSM, — and UNTIL IT DEVELOPS A LOUD AND PUBLIC VOICE to articulate what it is supposed to stand for in this country, the Republican Party WILL NOT fare well — and NEITHER WILL THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

    As long as Republicans continue to count on our current Democratic Administration to provide the incentive to vote for us, then I fear we won’t recognize our beloved country in a very short few years.

    How appropriate that the spacer between the comments here is BARBED WIRE!!! WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!!!

  19. John Shadegg has been in Congress too long. He is more focused on making government work and getting re-elected than on dismantling government programs.

    He has gotten so disoriented ideologically that he thinks proposing government regulations that aren’t as bad as what Democrats propose is a strong, positive step. He has forgotten that he should be articulating solutions that promote freedom, market solutions, and limit government. He talks about doing that, but his specific proposals fall short of that.

    The sad thing is that he actually understands Conservative values and used to really support them. He has gradually morphed into a big government Republican without even realizing it.

    The Republican voters of CD3 deserve a real choice in the primary rather than just having the option of not voting for John Shadegg.

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