Congressman John Shadegg Tosses The Bill!

This is awesome!

Thank you Congressman Shadegg for demonstrating how the majority of Americans feel about the travesty taking place in The People’s House!


  1. He should have done that with the Bailout bill.

  2. Perhaps we should just buy a red-nose and some clown shoes for the good Representative:

    That or an intervention. Either one.

  3. And we have contempt for Congressmen like you who stood by happily while millions of illegals turned our hospital emergency rooms into free clinics. That was good business for your campaign contributing buddies but set America on the path to socialism we see today.

    Wish we could toss your lard a** with such ease!

  4. Freethinker says

    Uh – ahem. For more measured commentary – including criticism – on the Democratic House Health Care bill, see the relatively conservative Washington Post editorial from Saturday:

    For their critique of the Republican Health Care bill, see:

    If you want to keep the status quo, see the following article about health care premiums going up 15% this year – when prices in the broader economy are either flat or falling:

    As to whether the majority of Americans want health care reform passed this year, I quote Bruce Merrill’s recent poll of Arizona voters (more conservative in general than the country as a whole, who found:

    “On another topic, Arizona voters want the U.S. Congress to vote on a health care reform bill this year. Sixty-seven percent said it was important for a vote to be held, 30 percent said it was not important and three percent were undecided. When asked if a public option should be included in a health reform bill, 44 percent said they want the bill to have a public option, 49 percent were opposed and 7 percent said they didn’t have an opinion.”

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