Congressman Flake to Introduce Legislation Targeting the Central Bank of Iran

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 21, 2011
CONTACT: Genevieve Frye Rozansky

Bank is the Primary Financier Responsible for Iran’s Illicit Activities

Mesa, Arizona – Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today along with Congressman Mike McIntyre of North Carolina will introduce a bill aimed at preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons by allowing the President to levy U.S. economic sanctions on foreign financial institutions that conduct business with the Central Bank of Iran, the financier primarily responsible for facilitating Iran’s illicit activities.

These sanctions would include a prohibition on the opening or maintenance in the U.S. of an account by a foreign institution that does business with the Central Bank of Iran and would freeze any assets in the U.S of those institutions. In an effort to avoid a dangerous spike in oil prices, transactions pertaining to petroleum would be subject to sanctions six months after the legislation takes effect. The legislation also contains a national security waiver and a provision to ensure efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Iran are not hampered by the sanctions law.

The International Atomic Energy Agency issued a report on November 8th that found Iran has developed technologies and conducted research to produce nuclear weapons and deliver them. It was announced today that the United Kingdom and Canada will be levying economic sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank.

“With Iran being so dangerously close to acquiring nuclear weapons, anything we can do to isolate the funding sources for the regime’s illicit activities could be meaningful,” said Flake. “The targeted sanctions in this bill have the potential to tie off funding for Iran’s nuclear programs and to stymie a growing threat to the Middle East.” 

Last week, Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois filed identical legislation as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which is currently under consideration in the Senate.




  1. Conservative American says

    It’s fascinating that we see all sorts of press realeases from Flake but not ONE of them has addressed illegal immigration and illegal aliens. Ain’t that something! I wonder why?

    Could it be that as Flake seeks to run for U. S. Senator he doesn’t want to discuss his recent John Kerry like “flip flop” on illegal immigration and illegal aliens? He was for it before he was against it! Why, one would think that Flake was getting advice from John McCain!

    Flake wasn’t just “a little” for illegal immigration and illegal aliens. He was for it in a big, BIG, way!

    Flake co-authored the STRIVE Act along with U. S. “progressive” Democrat Congressman Luis Guitierrez of the 4th congressional district of Illinois, the most gerrymandered congressional district in the U. S.. Yup, that just happens to be… Chicago! Who would have thunk it!

    I’m sure you remember Gutierrez. He came here all the way from Chicago to prostest SB1070 AND he called for a boycott of Arizona. How could we forget?

    As for the piece of legislation itself, it had not one but rather three distinct amnesty provisions in it! One of the co-sponsors was then U. S. Congressman Rahm Emanuel who went on to become B. Hussein Obama’s White House Chief of Staff! Nice going, Flake!

    Fortunately, conservative congressional Republicans defeated Flake’s amnesty legislation. Thank goodness that there are conservatives standing in Flake’s way!

    Flake is Mormon. Here is an excerpt from the NEW LDS Church statement on immigration:

    “Immigration: Church Issues New Statement”

    “10 June 2011 — Salt Lake City”

    “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is concerned that any state legislation that only contains enforcement provisions is likely to fall short of the high moral standard of treating each other as children of God.”

    “The Church supports an approach where undocumented immigrants are allowed to square themselves with the law and continue to work without this necessarily leading to citizenship.”

    So not only would Flake have us believe that he has done a Kerry “flip flop” on illegal immigration and illegals aliens, but he would also have us believe that he would defy the “loyalty” and “obedience” to the LDS Church which the Church so strongly emphasizes. You know, he would have us believe that he is not a “good Mormon” like Jerry Lewis is.

    Sorry, Flake, we don’t buy your “miraculous transformation” which flies in the face of your past history and the position of the LDS Church.

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